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Sardar Tahir Tabassum appointed as Advisor Human Rights with PM AJK

Prime Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir had appointed Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum President Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) and Former Secretary Information Muslim Conference as Advisor for Human rights. The Official notification from Govt. of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has been issued.

Mr. Tahir Tabbasum working on Peace, Human Rights, Kashmir and Dialogue in Pakistan, Kashmir and abroad since long time.…


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This article is republished to stress the contention for a stronger region of Southeast Asians.



Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Good evening! Magandang gabi!


The dark clouds of the electoral contests are now getting clearer in the Philippines. With our polls settled and our elected leaders about to begin their mandates, I’d now depart from election-related advocacies and move back to…


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Mladic in Hague, Serbia towards EU, reopening Srebrenica

From historical perspective the Mladic'n arrest and the Hague trial serves as formation of a more comprehensive picture of events in the Balkans in the 90's after the procecutor and the defense have made their case. Issues related to the underlying policy objectives of Srebrenica, events before Srebrenica and the number and the PR game around Srebrenica. Realization…


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A UN Secretary General against Freedom Flotilla 2

It is expected that at the end of June, Freedom Flotilla 2 will set sail for Gaza, carrying various forms of humanitarian aid, including medical, school, and construction materials. This second flotilla will consist of 15 ships - including the Mavi Marmara from the first flotilla - sailing from Istanbul, but also vessels departing from several European countries, and carrying as many as 1,500 humanitarian activists as passengers. If these plans are carried out, as seems likely, it means that…


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Palestinian Reconciliation: Conditions Required for Success

The signing of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement is just the beginning of the internal reconciliation process on the national, political, strategic and tactical levels. Nassar Ibrahim writes that for reconciliation to be successful, two crucial conditions must be met.


Fatah and Hamas did not solely give in to the pressure of the people’s demands, but recognised the non-viability of the current political path


The concept of reconciliation (sulha or musalaha…


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Fear is driving Israelis to obtain foreign passports

More and more Israelis apply for a foreign passport, not for easier travel but because something has gone terribly wrong here…


The numbers are climbing rapidly and the phenomenon is intriguing: Many Israelis are longing for a second passport. If Shimon Peres (now president ) once promised "a car for every worker," a second passport is now becoming the object of desire. If our forefathers dreamt of an Israeli passport, there are those among us who are now dreaming of a…


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5 Tools for Building a Next-Generation ‘Hybrid’ Class Website

(cross-posted from )


[Nicholas C. Martin is a visiting professor at American University and the United Nations University for Peace. He is also co-founder and president of TechChange, an organization that trains…


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Conflict Resolution Quarterly Colloquy on Group Identity and Conflict Resolution





Conflict Resolution Quarterly


Special Colloquy on Group Identity and Conflict

Volume 28 no 3, Spring…


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Conflict Resolution Quarterly Call for Papers on Environmental Conflict Resolution






Conflict Resolution Quarterly


Call for Environmental/Public Policy Submissions

Conflict Resolution Quarterly publishes scholarship on relationships…


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Is That Even Legal?

If the U.S. Constitution says one thing, a treaty ratified by the United States says another, a law passed by Congress yet another, and another law passed by Congress another thing still, while a signing statement radically changes that last law but itself differs with an executive order, all of which statements of law conflict with a number of memos drafted by the Office of Legal Council (some secret and some leaked), but a President has announced that the law is something completely different… Continue

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Insight on Conflict Newsletter - June 2011

A monthly selection of the best new research and resources on local peacebuilding worldwide, as chosen by Insight on Conflict. 

To receive the email newsletter each month, please email

DR Congo: Support Community-based Tools for MONUSCO

In this report Refugees International discusses how the… Continue

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"Children In Coal Mines"

A large no of  Children’s are working in mines in Jharkhand (Hazaribagh) ,these illegal  mines are just like a rat hole , by just mear slip of the foot u will die.

The Social Impact  - These children started to work early in the morning and they came out when there is dark ,they usually work more then 12 Hour,then they drink and gamble instead of playing sports and studying.

There right… Continue

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May 31 is observed as World no tobacco day.the killer weed tobacco continue to grow and rolled into are flowrishing at the cost of human lives. 1billion somker are worldwide.thousands of teenagers are getting into smoking cigarette contain more than 4000 cancer causing chemicals .its addiction is just like cocaine .lighting a cigarette means nictone reaches the brain and has its transient salutary is every five deaths are is causally related to smoking… Continue

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" Learn From Chernobyl Disaster "

The 25th anniversary of the accident at Chernobyl   Nuclear plant ,its the world’s worst nuclear catastrophe ,a 30km exclusion zone around the plant from where 350000 were evacuated after the accident  .is still close for habitat and farming .

The Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disaster caution us against the use of nuclear energy in India ,it is a threat to our extremely rich biodiversity ,how can they say that nuclear energy is cheap and  safe .This nuclear energy is…


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Shaab: A Teashop in Sulaimani That Survives All Political Upheavals

In the often politically tumultuous climate of Sulaimani, one place has endured numerous crises and developed a reputation as a meeting place for people of different convictions: Shaab Teahouse. 

Founded in late 1940s, Shaab was opened near Sulaimani’s historic Sara area by tea maker Wasta Sharif, who gradually turned it into a place for people from all walks of life to gather. Intellectuals, writers, artists, and journalists are among those who frequent Shaab (Arabic for “people”),…


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Multiculturalism in Europe - Integration through Sport

This week in Germany, I am visiting sites and interviewing practitioners with the Germany-wise program, “Integration through Sport” (in German, “Integration durch Sport”). IdS, which is financed by the German government, administered via the German Olympic committee and implemented locally through youth programs and sport clubs, is a wonderful example of the intersection between sport and conflict resolution.

Today I was privileged to visit the state headquarters of IdS in the German… Continue

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Students speak about joint MS/MA program on Conflict Resolution in Malta

Hear from the first group of students to receive two Master's Degrees in Conflict Resolution and Mediterranean Security from George Mason University and the University of Malta.

Students who successfully complete the program and who satisfy the requirements of both Universities are conferred with two degrees:
  • Master of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason…

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True Strength Comes from Nonviolence

True strength comes not from the use of force, violence, or coercion, but rather it comes from the ability to be nonviolent when confronted with violence.…


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My dear countrymen and women, being a Nigerian is a blessing. It is also a great responsibility. We must make a vow that, together, we will make the Nigerian Enterprise thrive.

22. The leadership and the followership must strive to convert our vast human and natural resources into the force that leads to a greater Nigeria. The Nigeria of our dreams must be built on hard work and not on short cuts. Let me salute the Nigerian workers… Continue

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Whats Happening In Conflict Resolution 06.01.11

Theory vs. Practice

"Direct experience is not enough. Virtually any method of resolution may prove effective in addressing one or two situations of conflict. But we often do not know why. It might be because they are sound methods, because the particular method happened to work well with a particular type of conflict, because the…


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