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Sara Kruzan - Break the Silence on Human Trafficking Victims


There are approximately 225 juveniles in California serving a life without parole sentence. California has the worst racial disparity rate in the nation for sentencing juveniles to life without parole. Black youth are given this sentence at 22 times the rate of white youth.

A number of California cases have recently been highlighted…


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Body Snatchers

Because being a child shouldn't hurt

Child abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of children.[1] In the United States, the…

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For true peace, first there must be justice

In the heart of Putumayo, one of the most troubled regions in Colombia, a coalition of grass-roots and human rights organisations held a two day event offering an opportunity for reflection, analysis and the highlighting of the reality being lived in the region. The 'Citizens' Assembly for Truth' offered an integral space to the region’s many victims of the conflict. Human rights lawyers offered their assistance taking record of the hundreds of cases as the victims of Putumayo seek an end to…


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weaponcratie or democracy imposed to ivory coast

what a pity for the so-called democratic countries of the world. all of them stay blind , and look France ,rebels and UNO killed the real democracy and installed weaponcracy in ivory coast.

who can accept in his country such kind of injustice in the name of human right? they said that they are acting according the UNO resolution to protect civilians but their bombing killed more civilians they are supposed to protect. as student i learnt that democracy is the power of people by people…


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World Development Report 2011 – creating a ‘non-place’ for development debates?

When the French philosopher  Marc Augé coined the term 'non-place' he was not exactly talking about international development. The places ‘which cannot be defined as relational, historical, or concerned with…


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Whats Happening In Conflict Resolution 04.12.11

From Featured Blogger Jason Dykstra

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Having Peace With Being A Woman


Would women in Egypt really walk freely and be peaceful with the fact that they are women.


By Raghda El-Halawany 


Sexual harassment…


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World Development Report 2011 focuses on Conflict, Security, and Development

Not really sure if many of you have had this:

The WDR 2011 which is entitled' Conflict, Security, and Development' has been released recently. The report highlights that some 1.5 billion people live in countries affected by repeated cycles of political and criminal violence, and no low-income fragile or conflict-affected country has yet to achieve a single Millennium Development Goal. Fixing the economic, political, and security problems that disrupt development and trap fragile states in… Continue

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Lies About the U.S. Civil War 150 Years Later

Tuesday marks 150 years since the start of the U.S. Civil War.  Newspapers everywhere are proclaiming it the deadliest war in U.S. history, the costliest U.S. war in terms of the loss of human life.  That claim, like most things we say about the Civil War, is false.

Most humans, it will surprise our newspapers to learn, are not U.S. citizens.  World War II killed 100 times as many people as the U.S. Civil War, with World War I not far behind.  U.S. wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq are… Continue

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Let me follow through on the hunger report by reflecting on poverty once more. Ph is an economic boom episode and its chief exec Noynoy Aquino has been in power for almost a year since installation. Yet hunger grows amidst relative abundance!


Government statistics has to be massaged anew so as to make it appear that poverty has been going down. The ‘doctorates of statistical massage’ should better do their jobs well, as the…


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Internship re: child soldiers/Uganda in DC with Grassroots Reconciliation Group

Interested in social media and marketing and want to help former child soldiers in Africa? See

Grassroots Reconciliation Group, a non-profit that works with former child soldiers in Uganda, seeks a Marketing Intern for Summer 2011

The Grassroots Reconciliation Group (GRG) seeks an intern for Summer 2011 to assist in developing its marketing, social media, and fundraising strategies and to organize… Continue

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Is GroupMe the Next Big Thing for SMS and How Might It Support Social Change?

Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of this years famed South By Southwest Conference (SXSWi) was the GroupMe app. And since there’s basically an app for everything, we need to wonder what is so special about this one. What has captured the attention of tech nerds, and social network junkies all over the US?…


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April 6 A Day of Remembrances and Reconciliation in Rwanda and in the World


April commemoration of victims and survivors of wars crimes and genocide, as a consequence of conflicts between Tutu and Tutsi of Rwanda

Love, Truth and Wisdom

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Jenin Creative Cultural Center -Palestine -Jenin

Jenin Creative Cultural Centre

EMAIL : Tel –FAX : 04-243 42 42

Jenin Creative Cultural Centre is A non governmental association , established in 2005 by a group of Jenin youth, for the purpose of providing cultural and educational services for the local Palestinian society in… Continue

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SwiftRiver: Where Software Meets Social Change

You land in a country that is recovering from a long war.  The infrastructure is limited, but there is a nascent democratic government.  To make up for the lack of infrastructure, citizens use text messages sent to a central receiver or Twitter feeds to let government officials know what they need.  I’m describing E-Democracy, and using a platform like Swiftriver, these text messages and Tweets can be organized by time and geographic location.  It provides information to elected leaders,…


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World Bank and IMF, Don’t Just Develop Capacity – Unleash It

The World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings start this week. My colleague, Tom Grubisich and I have put together a panel during the Civil Society Policy Forum entitled, "Winds of Change: Will it bring a new development paradigm?" It will take place on Friday, April 15th at 2pm EST (6pm GMT). The session overview, webcast links, and bios of participants (an exciting group if I do say so!) are featured below.

A livestream… Continue

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


The Social Weather Stations or SWS just recently conducted its regular national survey on hunger, with the alarming conclusion of growing poverty incidence. A 20% hunger rate was the bleak turn of the survey, which is indeed gruesome to the stomach given the economic boom years.


It seems that the only people benefiting from the economic boom are the likes of SMC’s Ang,…


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