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Two Weeks to go until Applications Close for Deputy Director /Associate Professor Tenured NCPACS Otago U

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and Deputy Director (Confirmation Path)


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


World opinion has been moving closer to approving a full intervention to oust Libya’s mad leader Kadhafy. As to what forms of intervention will be adopted, global leaders are still in the dark as of the moment.


I am not wont to see foreign intervention myself in the internal affairs of any country. This is a matter of respecting the principle of sovereignty, mutual respect, and cooperation among nations.




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Body Language & Nonverbal Communication Tips

Hello Friends! If you get the chance, please click the link below.

As some of you know, I am currently in Australia doing research and am giving a presentation at Southern Cross University. The link below is an article featuring me and the talk I will be…

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Peace & Security Report - 03/18/2011

In this week’s PSR: Israel clears landmines; Niger Elections; Somali pirates; Sudan negotiations; Colombia's FARC; Cuba sentencing; Drones in Mexico; Japan crisis; Koreas tensions; Malaysia smuggling; EU nuclear policy; N. African refugees; HRW in Uzbekistan; Bahrain crackdown; Libya ceasefire; Palestine unity talks; Afghan strategy; Maldives security; US contractor in…


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South Sudan and the Challenges of Modern Stathood

Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei


The year 2011 began with remarkable developments for the people of Sudan (both North and South), and this marks an interesting development in Africa. For the North, they have seen the extent of their power and control extensively abrogated, while the Southerners believe they can now boast of ‘real first class citizenship’ in their own country. As a result of a 2005 peace deal Southern…


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Does Twitter kill compassion? An academic institution struggles with the right response to the catastrophes in Japan

A few days ago a colleague of a development studies institute sent out a message to the postgraduate student community about responding to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. He is an academic expert on disaster preparedness issues and he wrote a short message, cautioning people not to make rushed decisions regarding donations and also to think about long-term responses to such crises. Sending money immediately may not be the best choice. What I found a bit ambiguous was that he had a small… Continue

Added by Tobias Denskus on March 18, 2011 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Nothing to Offer

The storm that has devastated Japan is hardly past. But as charities appeal and the public offers up their support, I cannot help but think of the three friends in southern Africa,…


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ACR-GNY Tip of The Month- Active Listening For Mediators

Written by ACR-GNY Board Member Richard Lutringer & originally posted [HERE])

Parties in commercial mediations often reach resolution through the help of a skilled mediat

or using traditional mediation tools, including an inquiry…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Madness masquerades as rational-legal in today’s postmodern context. The fiasco over the collective bargaining issue in Wisconsin, a state in the USA, is strong evidence of the erasure of the boundary between madness and rationality.

Industrial relations modalities of the moment have already graduated to a higher ground since the early days of management science. During those ancient days—of the likes of Taylor, Fayol, Weber—it was still customary to… Continue

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Assessment and Evaluation

I need a one-two page "quick and dirty" guide to assessment to introduce serving military officers to the community of concern.

Added by Pauletta Otis on March 17, 2011 at 3:35pm — 2 Comments

RWANDA: the long path toward reconciliation

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The wisdom of dlalanathi: Reflections on organizational growth

A former colleague recently shared with me a report from dlalanathi (meaning “play with us” in isiZulu), an organization in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa that trains and mentors local community carers of children to use play to have meaningful conversations with children about death.

Founded in December 2000, dlalanathi has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. dlalanathi’sannual budget went from US$3,784.00 in 2000 to… Continue

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eSeminar on Business and Peace

We have just

concluded the first phase of the USIP/GWU eSeminar on Business and Peace, which has focused on questions relating to the business and peace nexus.   Over the past three days, roughly 400 participants from 55 countries have discussed the linkages between business activity and peace promotion and highlighted ways in which business activity could be part of the solution (and not…


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Armenia-Azerbaijan peacebuilding kicks off in Tekali, Georgia

Tekali, Georgia © Onnik Krikorian 2011


The roads have seen better days and probably so too have the villagers, but if plans to establish a regional peacebuilding center in the small ethnic Azeri village of Tekali (Tekalo) come to fruition (See…


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Consciousness and peace

Nature and God has given us a natural lovely planet this earth without any boundary,without any religion ,without any nation .We started creating boundary, nation ,and religion.

The world is one. There are no natural lines dividing nations. Then why do you go on? There is a deep desire to dominate and there are so many people in the world to dominate: they need many nations. Otherwise just a single government, a functional government for the whole world will be enough. What is the…


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Call for Applications, US, Rabbis without Borders Fellowship


To help rabbis to lead the way in bringing Jewish ideas to the widest possible audiences, RWB invites applications for its Fellowship Program. The Fellowship Program will bring together rabbis from across the country and across the ideological spectrum to study with leading thinkers, authors, and influential people working in the fields of media, politics, public policy, American religion, and contemporary…


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Martial Arts Teachers, Working in Rural Alabama, on Behalf of Peace and Education


I read a lot of posts from this site (thank you), however I rarely write any myself ---but, in that I'm about to travel to Greensboro, Alabama for the 7th year, to build another house for someone in need (Ms. Georgia) ---and the…


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New Romeo& Juliet….. Arab-Israeli inter-marriages

“Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet”.

In his wildest dreams, Fareed never imagined that these lines from Juliet’s lips in the final scenes of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet would perfectly describe his situation.


As protecting my source`s rights, I would only be referring to him by his first name, Fareed, 35, and thousands of Egyptian men, had never imagined that an act as normal as…


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ABA Task Force's 4 Elements Of Quality Mediators

Recently while reading Deborah Laufer's ADR Network newsletter, I cam across the following:



ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Task Force on Improving Mediation Quality -…


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Libya ceasefire Appeal

World Citizens call for a Cease Fire in Libya and the start of negotiations on a broadly-based New Libyan Republic


         In a 15 March 2011 message to the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Rene Wadlow, Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, Association of World Citizens, urged the Secretary General to take a lead in advocating a cease fire in Libya that would halt the current fighting and the flight of refugees.  Increased fighting provokes an intolerable burden…


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