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Celebrating life with Joplin tornado victims

As my brother, uncle, a Moldovan friend and I chatted about cars at a Kansas City-area watering hole last night, we were politely interrupted by a 30-something woman who asked us if we wanted to see a picture of her car. We said sure, not knowing what she had in mind. Her white Camry was speared through the back window by a long 2X4. It took a minute to figure out, but we quickly realized she was a tornado victim.

She and her husband lived in a second story apartment block that didn't…


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The novelty, noise, and problem with Twitter: An example from Azerbaijan

Channel 4 anchorman Jon Snow leading the Amnesty International UK campaign

in support of Azerbaijani journalist and prisoner of conscience Eynulla Fatullayev

In a previous post I praised the use of Twitter in…


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Indian Institue of Peace and Development

I am in the process of setting up  Institute for Peace and Development in India with the primary objective of awarding Post Graduate Degree and also Research opportunities leading to PhD. I am looking for people who can help me in identifying universities/institutes in Europe or North America who would  like to twin with our institute both for award of degree and exchange of students. We are  also looking for consultants who can help developing the institute and faculty.

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Review: Popular Resistance in Palestine – A History of Hope and Empowerment

'...the reality is that popular resistance in Palestine developed indigenously, organically, naturally and beautifully. And it has accelerated in the past two decades.'

The author Mazin B. Qumsiyeh is a committed activist and academic in Palestine; this is his third book. I know of the many activities he organizes and participates in; his energy is amazing. Grounded in the present situation of struggle against the occupation, he also has the scholarly skills to present…


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Peace & Security Report - 05/27/2011

In this week’s PSR: Global Peace Index; Ivory Coast; South African IMF; Abyei reignites; Chile protests; Honduras events; Sanctions on Venezuelan oil co.; China and N. Korea; Philippines Migrant workers; India border guards; Belarus panic; Georgian protests; Russian politics; Mladic arrested; Israel / Palestine news; Tripoli airstrikes; Qatar statements;  Yemen violence; Afghanistan peace talks; Mumbai trials; Taliban…


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Nascent Independent Unions Play Key Role in Arab Uprisings

In the Arab world, most trade unions are affiliated to governments, but independent labour organisations are starting to emerge.

In Tunisia and Egypt they have been key in overthrowing corrupt regimes, while in Algeria and Bahrain they are trying to bring people to the street. For Arab unionists, the State must play its role to consolidate the economic transition, and privatisation is not the solution.

"In Tunisia, we say that reversible jackets are out of stock. Some UGTT…


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Saudi Arabia Scrambles to Limit Region’s Upheaval

Saudi Arabia is flexing its financial and diplomatic might across the Middle East in a wide-ranging bid to contain the tide of change, shield fellow monarchs from popular discontent and avert the overthrow of any more leaders struggling to calm turbulent republics.



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The Peaceful Tomorrows' Say Your Peace video contest is your chance to share your ideas for supporting the U.S. Constitution and creating a more peaceful world for everyone. Winners in three age categories will each receive a cash prize of $1,000.


The SAY YOUR PEACE video contest grows out of our desire to hear how individual Americans think our nation can respond alternatively to terrorism and violence.…


Added by Sept11Families4PeacefulTomorrows on May 27, 2011 at 4:52pm — 1 Comment

Teachers Without Borders: Peace Education in the 21st Centurty: Theory, Reflection and Action

Greetings Colleagues!


Please join Teachers Without Borders at the OISE Transformative Learning Center Summer Institute for the workshop"Peace Education in the 21st Centurty: Theory, Reflection and Action."

Where: University of Toronto, Toronto,…


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Mladic arrest: Has the West now learned not to be impartial on war crimes?

In Bosnia, outsiders for too long relied on impartiality to distance themselves from responsibility. Now, with Mladic's arrest, we must send a message that survivors will be at the center of concerns on security.

Read the Op-Ed by Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Chair of The Institute for Inclusive Security.



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Are You Ready for Memorial Day? Are You Ready for This?

Added by David Swanson on May 27, 2011 at 9:37am — No Comments

Whats Happening In Conflict Resolution 05.27.11

Noam Ebner- ...So far as the conference itself is concerned, this was certainly a successful event. New contacts were made, new ideas were voiced, and the borders of how negotiation could or should be taught have once again been…


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Côte d’Ivoire: eyewitness account

We woke up to the steady rat-a-tat-tat of the AKs at barely daybreak. We had been warned the day before that the rebels were moving towards the city, but the violence that accompanied their arrival still surprised us. Looking out our back window, we saw them moving up the street; first the foot soldiers shooting forward with their guns, followed by a large group of excited civilians, including women with their small children, who cheered then ducked behind cars and debris on the side of the…


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UK Parliamentary debate on conflict prevention

Last year the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues secured the first ever debate in the UK Parliament on conflict prevention (watch it here).



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Ameer Makhoul: One Year of Imprisonment

A year has passed since my imprisonment. My share has been more modest compared to other prisoners who are about to enter their fourth decade in Israeli prisons. It’s true, one should not differentiate between the sentences the same way we should not differentiate between the fighters for freedom – the sentence of the judges of oppression is always one of cruelty, terror and abuse. What is most important, however, is that it is always temporal.

Things in Palestine occur according to…


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The Search for War

In times of war, U.S. presidents have often talked about yearning for peace. But the last decade has brought a gradual shift in the rhetorical zeitgeist while a tacit assumption has taken hold - war must go on, one way or another.

“I am continuing and I am increasing the search for every possible path to peace,” Lyndon Johnson said while escalating the Vietnam War. In early 1991, the first President Bush offered the public this convolution: “Even as planes of the multinational forces…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Good news has played harmonious cords for the world’s emerging markets recently, as the World Bank released its most honest forecast that they will equalize wealth production with the richest nations by 2025. This wonderful forecast alone is very good news that is cause for celebration this early, as it means the era of hegemonism by the wealthiest nations…


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White Privilege

NOTE: This is a repost from my blog What About Peace? which can be accessed here. The majority of the

posts on my blog will be from that site.


For quite a while there has been a large debate on the issue of affirmative action being given to minorities (though the debate usually focuses on African Americans). Many argue against affirmative action, saying that minorities bear personal…


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Now, it should be known what is the difference between biological religion and the spiritual religion. Every creature has been given a kind of knowledge and every creature has been given the senses and different limbs. The power to lead the senses and the limbs has been given to the soul within the body. But that is limited physical knowledge. So it can not attain the news of the infinite universe surpassing the…

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Who are the Misseriya, Janjaweed, Mundukuru, Jalaba in Sudan?

Who are the Misseriya, Janjaweed, Mundukuru, Jalaba in Sudan?

In order to understand the entire conflict and war situation in Sudan, you need to know the core reason of the conflict and wars between who and why. Religion, oil and other natural resources are just additional factors. Conflicts and wars are generally caused by land, race, Ethnic, religion and cultural disputes, and Abyei is one of those.

The Abyei area is an area of 10,460 km² (4,039 sq mi) this is…


Added by Francis Okeny Silvio on May 26, 2011 at 11:11am — No Comments

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