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Major challenges facing the Arab Spring

Rarely have the leaders of the Arab world — its rulers, opposition activists, intellectuals, economic planners, bankers, major businessmen — faced so many challenges as in this summer of 2011. Everything is changing before their eyes, both in Arab societies and in the world outside.

Among the host of bewildering problems, two stand out. The way these problems are tackled and resolved will affect the Arab world for decades to come. They demand careful reflection and bold…


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International Diplomacy Working Group Upcoming Webinars

Greetings!  Join us for our upcoming IDWG webinars!  See the attached document for information on the topics and dates.  Please feel free to forward this to others in the community that may be interested in joining us.  Email us if you are interested in sitting in on the webinars and which webinars you would like to join. 



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Peace & Security Report - 07/08/2011

In this week’s PSR: Millennium Development 2011; Senegal riots; Foreign aid allowed into Somalia; Southern Sudan independence; Chilean education reform; Guatemala vigilante justice; Zeta leader arrested; Burma asylum; Hong Kong arrests; Food aid in North Korea; Thai Female PM; Dutch culpability in Srebrenica; Unity talks in Cyprus; Russian criminality; Serbia/Kosovo cooperation; Egyptian protests; Israel tensions after UN report; Bangladesh clashes;… Continue

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PhD Programme: Conflict Studies and Management Programme (CSMP)

Conflict Studies and Management Programme (CSMP) at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Erfurt – Scholarships for PhD Students

In line with the special focus of a public policy school, the research programme at the Brandt School looks at conflict management with a…


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My Thesis... In 3 Minutes! (Mediation & Nonverbal Communication)

Well, most of 'loyal' readers know by know that I am doing a PhD on Nonverbal Communication. Have a look at my YouTube submission for Griffith University's "3 Minute Thesis Contest" in which each contestant has to describe their thesis for an academic audience in, you guessed it, only three minutes.

The three main concepts of my research, and described below, are Nonverbal Communication, Mediation, Semiotics,…

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Burundi: from contested polls to increased insecurity by Landry Ninteretse

Every week in Burundi, some 20 people die in political killings. The hit rate is worst in Bujumbura-Rural, a province surrounding the capital city, where political violence and targeted assassinations have grown in the months since the disputed elections of 2010.…


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Gangetic Dolphin , most threatened mammal.

Gangetic dolphin referred to as susu in some parts of the country . Ganges river dolphin one of the world's most threatened mammal are good from the banks of Chambal . There is very rare sighting of gangetic river dolphin in chambal river. Ganges dolphin are long -beaked ,stocky with rounded bellly and large flip pers. Their eyes lack lens and hence they are at times referred to as blind dolphin . Ganges and brahmaputra river system together have a a population of 1500-2000 dolphins . In… Continue

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Could Peace Talks Ever End The Climate War?

Leo Hickman

The climate debate rages on without progress, but a ‘meeting of moderate minds’ might be the answer

Leo blog : A pro-peace activist holds up a peace symbol during a demonstration
A pro-peace activist holds up a peace symbol during a demonstration. Photograph: Eric Thayer/Getty Images

We learned something last month many had long suspected: the US …


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Occidental Southasian!

On the way up

The Occidental Southasian July 2011

By Kanak Mani Dixit

altIf Southasian-ness is a sensibility, then anyone can be a Southasian. The requirement is having respect for the history of the Subcontinent and empathy for its people. You can be a native or a non-native. Of course it helps to be born in any one of the countries of the region, but you can also be a naturalised Southasian due to the empathy you develop for this region and its populace.

In contrast,… Continue

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Crisis in South Kordofan. Fast option for international assistance

Crisis in South Kordofan

Fast option for international assistance


The crisis in South Kordofan shows the limits of outside influence by the…


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The Indus Equation

Strategic Foresight Group, a political think tank based in Mumbai-India, has released a report called ‘Indus Equation’ that provides clarifications on the water issues between India and Pakistan.

Key findings of the report:

Pakistan’s water supply is not simply predicated on Indian dam building. Water shortages in Pakistan are also a result of poor demand management and the increasing effects of climate change.

  • Pakistan’s irrigation…

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Open Society Fellowship - Deadline : August 1st

The Open Society Fellowship supports individuals who are developing innovative solutions to pressing open society challenges. The fellowship program seeks applicants eager to communicate original and provocative ideas to a broad audience, as well as to shape policy and inspire critical debate among activists, intellectuals, decision makers, and the public. Deadline for applications: August 1, 2011.

The program also aims to sharpen the Open Society Foundations’ thinking, question its…


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Does the presence of the United Nations have an impact?

Last week, Reuters reported that The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday renewed the mandate of UN peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, further emphasizing they would remain present until Kinshasa can show more signs of being self-governed.


Follow the link to read the full story



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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Magandang araw! Good day!


I have just discoursed on ultranationalist hegemony in domestic China and the repercussions of this extremism on foreign policy. China’s neighbors are now ‘crying wolf’ over Chinese military intrusions into their claimed island territories, which could be just but test-casing the extent and limits of the military option in…


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We Just Stopped Congress From Giving the Power of War to Presidents

"What's the point?"  "We never win!"  "Why bother trying?"


This time we won.

This is the point.  Congressman Buck McKeon and Senator John McCain proposed to give Obama and all future presidents dramatically expanded powers to launch wars.  They wanted to do so as part of the same "Defense Authorization Act" in which the House was restricting Obama's warmaking in Libya. 



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Terrorism and Pakistan's security dilemma by Zahid Shahab Ahmed

It has been a week since I arrived back in my home city, Islamabad. However, I do not feel the same attachment for the place, as it feels alien to me now. The city, being the capital of Pakistan, has perhaps the largest number of security checkpoints in the country, manned by both police and army personnel. The scale of security apparatus has both pros and…


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Domestic violence against children: Poem and Visual arts for Peace


Text 'Rage': Michael Cusack

Illustration: Xaro Sánchez: 'Rage'


For an exhibition about 'Human Violence' after a several childhood domestic violence from…


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Music and technology as peace tools

Sharing music as a way to understand and break down cultural barriers has become so much easier with the use of digital and media technology. Fans from around the world can download and play their favorite band’s latest music or videos.

News stories can reach one side of the globe simultaneously as events occur. Beyond these technological advances, is the ability to disseminate information to the masses in an incredibly short amount of time. And such swiftness and transmission of… Continue

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Good day to you fellow global citizens!


In previous articles, this analyst articulated on Chinese bullying of its neighbors over disputed territories and the rise of the ultranationalists within the Chinese state and communist party. I will add the matter of ‘blue water’ navy to the discussions, as the ultranationalists are now working triple…


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Whats Happening In Conflict Resolution 07.05.11

Nicole Bohe- OK, I love art. I think it should be conserved, supported, used, observed, etc. So when stories pop up about museums deaccessioning pieces (i.e. selling off pieces in their collections), it's concerning. What if the object disappears into a private… Continue

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