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This Week in Asian Conflict… June 15th-21st, 2011

Hello, hope all is well!

Sorry, several of the This Week in Conflict reports are a little late this week, as I have been without power or Internet since Tuesday, one of the side-effects of living in a conflict zone. As such, stories are only updated until Tuesday evening. I will try to keep to a consistent posting schedule, as much as my access to the Internet allows me.




This Week in Conflict is now being divided…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


The rugs under our feet are changing fast. Even before the changes, brought forth by globalization and rising new economic powers, took place in the early 1990s, this analyst was already of the mindset towards building a (a) strong ASEAN and (b) re-engineer the global context towards multipolarity.


At that time, the Soviet Union just collapsed, with…


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Recap of TechChange Course at George Mason School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

(Cross posted from TechChange Blog)


Over the weekend TechChange had the opportunity to teach a two-day course on Technology and Peacebuilding at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) at George Mason University. This was a first for S-CAR students and we were excited…


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Obama, pull troops from Afghanistan! Costs Are Too High and Goals Unachievable

In my professional opinion as a reconstruction expert, I fully support the Obama Administration with their bold move to withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year, and all 33,000 surge troops by September 2012.


If America had unlimited resources, time, and funding it would be ideal to continue rebuilding Afghanistan.


But, the reality is that the American, and global, economy are largely dictating the direction of the mission activities in…


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Canada have revealed how Corruption gripped the African Continent.

On Monday 7 March 2011, Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice, tabled the Freezing Assets of Corrupt Regimes Act in Parliament aimed at freezing assets that former repressive foreign leaders may hold in Canada. Minister Lawrence Cannon said that “Today I tabled the Freezing Assets of Corrupt Regimes Act in Parliament to give the Government of Canada new and more robust tools in our fight against corruption and the misappropriation of state funds…


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UK Government wants to lead on Conflict Prevention

'We want to be the world leader in terms of making a real impact in this absolutely vital area.'

The words of Henry Bellingham MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, speaking for the government during the Westminster Hall debate on 21 June…


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Peace & Security Report - 06/24/2011

In this week’s PSR: India & Sri Lanka; Congo sexual violence; Senegal politics; New Somali PM; Zimbabwe to export diamonds; Brazil slum clean-up; Mexican drug wars; Venezuelan prison riots; Cambodia genocide trials; China/Vietnam tensions; South Korean refugee centers; New Belarus sanctions; Russian opposition party banned; BBC journalist detained; Bahrain opposition leaders; Anti-Israel app; Jail break in Yemen; Afghan troop withdrawals; India/Pakistan peace talks; Nepal’s…


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The Lingering Governance Crisis in Pakistan

The Global War on Terror has taken its toll on Pakistan. The country has been shaken badly by it. Meanwhile, Pakistan is faced with a serious political economy crisis. Unmistakably, the Army and also the Gillani Government has been paralyzed by recent terrorist incidents. More importantly, the paralysis is because of incapacity and lack of vision. Sadly speaking, the Gillani Government does not even have a counter insurgency strategy of any substance…


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Pakistan’s serious governance challenges and required next steps

Pakistan is faced with a serious governance challenge primarily manifested through the continuing complexity of fighting the Global War on Terror and the ailing economy. The Government has been paralyzed by terrorist incidents and the Abbotabad incident. It does not even have a counter insurgency strategy of any substance to fight off the terrorist challenges. The Pakistan Army is exhausted because of the Global war on Terror actions. Another looming conflict is soon going to appear when the US… Continue

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I believe that the United States has come to the same realization as all other nations that have tried to occupy and/or tame Afghanistan. That is to say, to assume Afghanistan is a sovereign nation similar to many other nations of the world, is a mistake, and often a costly one. When the history, culture and long paradigm of Afghanistan is examined it comes to light that it is only assumed to be similar to other nations because the Western powers drew a border around a large territory and…


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The WWF and the industry-What role for environmental organisations in the age of multinationals and biofuels?

On Wednesday the German public broadcaster ARD showed the  documentary 'The pact with the Panda-What the WWF is not telling us' on the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and its close links to international companies, especially in the areas of biofuels (soy beans and palm oil). The documentary focused on Indonesia and Argentina, but there…

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Communication Crisis

I am currently running a blog site called Communication Crisis.   The blog is running alongside ethnographic research into the ways in which people and organisations in political crisis situations are effected by limitations in communication and the ways and modes in which people bypass these limitations:  This might be because various forms of telecommunications are not present/are limited generally and/or it might be because…


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The Exit Strategy in Afghanistan?

President Obama did the right thing to order an accelerated troop withdrawal. Definitely a good development for an eventual end to the prolonged war. We are anxiously waiting for the day when the ISAF leaves Afghanistan. Global War on Terror must end. Only a negotiated settlement can achieve it. Meanwhile President Karzai welcomed the accelerated withdrawal announcement. The Global War on Terror has to be winded down. This is no war at all. Such conflicts end up on the negotiating table. The US… Continue

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Evidence Project Internship Opportunity - The National Security Archive

Evidence Project Internship Opportunity - The National Security Archive


The National Security Archive* is seeking an intern to work on its newly founded Evidence Project for the fall 2011 semester in Washington, DC. The internship entails providing support on researching human rights cases and gathering documents to be used as evidence in human rights trials around Latin America and in Spain.

Internship tasks may include:

  • Research details…

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Conflict Voices is now


Ahead of the Kazan meeting between the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents, although it's by no means clear what will happen (and when) even if the Basic Principles are signed, Conflict Voices is now Please update your…


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Leveling the Playing Field

Do you ever wish the world was equal? That regardless of race, class, caste, religion, age, or even experience, you were valued as much as everyone else?


This is what yoga does. I have some experience in yoga, having taught for a few years and practiced before then. That doesn't mean I am any higher than anyone else.


I remember my first "student-teacher" class, my Yin instructor, Aradhana Kaur, was taken aback with the number of new students who came into what…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Good day to you fellow global citizens!


Just recently, a team from the British diplomatic corps made an unusual pronouncement in Manila: that Philippines is an emerging power. For a world power that once conquered Manila during the world war between the empires of Spain and Britain, the UK remark is truly unusual.


Cordially and tactfully…


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Identicide in the Balkans

Conflicts are understood as “any situation in which two or more social entities or parties (however defined or structured) perceive that they posses mutually incompatible goals” (Mitchell 1981:17).

War has always been barbaric and civilians have always been involved in warfare, either willingly or unwillingly. Yet, the rising number of intrastate wars attests that the UN Charter preamble… Continue

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The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted: Why the Mobile Phone is Still Critical to Reaching the Masses in the Middle East


(Cross-posted from TechChange Blog)


The revolutions sweeping the Middle East and North Africa have captured the collective attention of the world, and with good reason: the images of millions mobilized in Cairo, the thousands protesting under threat of gunfire in Syria and Bahrain, and the…


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Working Lands Conflict

Since Paul Collier began to work on the economic correlates of conflict a lot of attention has been focused on extractive industries.  A fair amount of attention has been focused on mining and its relationship to violent conflict.  Conflict diamonds, conflict focusing on the mining and trade in minerals such as tantalum in the DRC, and the impact of large mining projects such as the Panguna mine in Bougainville.  I think there’s a good case to be made that mining done irresponsibly or badly…


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