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India as a Culture of Peace

This chapter is forthcoming in the Handbook of Ethnoconflict published by Springer.  I will be happy to send a soft copy  to those who are interested in the paper.

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Spirituality and Indian Psychology, Springer 2011

"Spirituality and Indian Psychology: Lessons from the Bhagavad-Gita" has been published by Springer recently (April 2011).  


The book is available on at the link given below:…


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Project: Providing the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) with Support for Implementation of a Regional Project for Peace and Security

Terms of Reference (TOR)

1-    General Information

11- Location: Central Africa: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe

12- Contracting authority: Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)

13-Information on the recipient region


14- Current…


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Peace Direct is looking for a new trustee

Peace Direct is looking for a new trustee to join its volunteer board of directors. As we support and promote locally-led peacebuilding initiatives in conflict areas, we seek someone with at least five years' direct experience of peacebuilding within his/her country of origin, preferably within a context of violent conflict. You should share our passion for the importance of locally-led peacebuilding, be based in the UK for at least the… Continue

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‘Mobile’ Changes in the Arab World

A year ago, Souktel-a non governmental organization (NGO), announced that it would use an innovative ‘voice recognition’ mobile technology in Morocco to connect illiterate job seekers with prospective employers. The country is confronted with a difficult odd; the adult illiteracy in Morocco is among the highest in the world, and as a result there are a large number of illiterate job seekers. The ‘voice recognition’ mobile technology will enable the illiterate unemployed youth to upload their… Continue

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Middle East's Paradigm Shift: Rape is no Longer Accepted Here

Yvette Nahmia-Messinas


“Women and men of the Middle East condemn the rape of our bodies, the rape of our dignity and freedoms.”


Former President of Israel Moshe Katsav was sentenced to seven years by the Tel Aviv District Court on March 22nd for two counts of rape…


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Exploring Indonesia’s peacemaking efforts

Indonesia’s transition to democracy since 1998 has been marred by the eruption of internal conflicts. A new study entitled Conflict Management in Indonesia – An Analysis of the Conflict in Maluku, Papua and Poso suggests this transition has had a direct impact on the way these conflicts are being managed.



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Middle East: Time for a Paradigm Shift

Yvette Nahmia-Messinas


“The only way for us Israelis and Palestinians to succeed as a whole is by seeing ourselves as one. . . . Unless we both succeed we have failed.”

Being Greek, Jewish, Israeli, and a woman, I see the world through a very particular lens. From my woman’s point of view, I see what happened in the open sea outside the coast of Gaza between civilians and Israeli soldiers as a patriarchal manifestation of power and way of doing things, the… Continue

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A New Idea for the Gaza Flotilla

Yvette Nahmia-Messinas


Editor’s Note: This week activists from around the world set out on a flotilla in an attempt to break the blockade of the Gaza strip and deliver humanitarian supplies. On Tuesday, July 5, a Canadian boat was sent back, and a French ship was stopped on July 7. Below, Yvette Nahmia-Messinas describes her idea of what an affective flotilla would look like.


In the best scenario, the flotillas could serve as a place to let go of… Continue

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


World population today is nearing the 7 billion mark. 1/6 of our globe’s population, or roughly 1.4 Billion, is afflicted by a relatively short list of ailments known as ‘neglected tropical diseases’.


Let’s get this straight: such ailments afflict the ‘3rd world’ and emerging markets of today. A cursory review of what causes such ailments would…


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What's Happening In Conflict Resolution [07.19.11]

This weekly blog post tries to make things easier for you- I know all of us are busy working in conflict so I compile every week the top postings from all into one blog post here at PCDN. 
There's a variety of information included such as blog posts, articles, jobs, video & more.

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How is Yoga related to the world (and thus peace?)

I'm not sure how to answer this myself. It's something I want to continue growing and researching and helping others understand too.


Thus, I'm reaching out to you, knowing that together we are better!


I'm looking for academic and non-academic papers and books, blogs, and anectodal stories from well-established mass-media sources (and another other relevant information) related to yoga & the following topics:



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Article about women and peacebuilding in Poso, Sulawesi

Check out a new Jakarta Post article (in English) that outlines the exciting work of Lian Gogali and her organization INSTITUTE MOSINTUWU, a women's rights and peacebuilding pioneer in the post-conflict zone of Poso, Indonesia. Article is by Devin Bramhall.

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


“Are you an under the saya?” is one querry that can put husband off-guard. It is taboo for henpecked husbands in the Philippines to admit to their being 2nd fiddle to their respective wives, and one should share generous thoughts of accolades of one such husband who would make a disclosure of his subordinate state in a marital…


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From Tahrir to Mumbai: Online Tools in Crisis

Cross-posted from TechChange Blog


During the protests in Tahrir square, one Egyptian activist tweeted: “We use Facebook to schedule the protests, Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell the world.” A similar phenomenon is happening with the response to the most recent…


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What North and South Sudan need now: more women at the negotiating table

Read the new op-ed by Jacqueline O'Neill of The Institute for Inclusive Security in the Christian Science Monitor.

Added by Inclusive Security on July 18, 2011 at 3:25pm — 1 Comment

Media set stage for vigilante justice

Would anyone be surprised if some crazy gun-toting vigilante killed the most hated woman in America?


I am not predicting this, nor am I advocating it. In fact, I sincerely, fervently hope it doesn’t happen.

However, if mob justice does prevail, a good portion of the blame should rightfully fall upon the media, and especially the inflammatory rhetoric that has aired, and is still airing, on HLN. Especially noteworthy for its wallow in the gutter is the nightly program…


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Prisoners Have Nothing to Gain by Eating

Prisoners risking death by refusing food in the Pelican Bay supermax, and those hunger striking in solidarity in prisons around California are a judgment of our sickness. "The degree of civilization in a society," said Dostoyevsky, "can be judged by entering its prisons."

Civilization is something we no longer seem to aspire to. The United States locks up more people and a greater percentage of its people than anyone else. We lock them in training centers for anger and violence. We…


Added by David Swanson on July 18, 2011 at 9:52am — 1 Comment

Reflective Practice For Mediators & Research Results

Reflective Practice

Being a reflective practitioner is critical to being an effective mediator, ombuds, conflict coach, and any other conflict resolution role. The preceding statement is nothing new- I have said it many times on this blog as well as many others having said it in many other outlets.

A reflective practice can,…

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Expressive Arts in Peacebuilding: Creating Safe Space & Empowering Challenges

Discussion Thread

Wow.. great responses in a short time on that little blurb!


A few people had asked about more information and just wanted to share a few links that were requested:

For more info on EGS & the new program for Conflict Transformation: please visit EGS and/or contact Mary Beth…


Added by RootsLove on July 18, 2011 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

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