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Reaction to President Obama’s War Speech on War on Terror

Recently, President Obama announced a troop surge to Afghanistan which will bring the total of American troops in Afghanistan to 100,000. Meanwhile, NATO has decided to send some 7,000 troops more to Afghanistan. President Obama gave no exit date and stated that troops will start a pull-out in mid 2011. The pull-out completion date was not known. President Obama did not listen to wise counsel from within his circle of close advisers who had cautioned him on such a dangerous course of action.… Continue

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Vote For!

Originally Posted @

Vote For Mediation Channel Please!…


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Darlington Ojy Onwukwe, Peace and Justice Crusader, Founder, Crusade for Positive Change CPC, Nigeria.

As a member of Peace and Collaborative Development Network, I have used the privilege of my membership to call on diffrent peoples around the world who see themselves as peace builders to join the network and explore how the instrumentality of peace and non-violence approach can help humanity in its endless quest for peace. This action is mostly wanted in Africa where tribal conflicts, political instabilities, wars and democratic face-offs have created hunger, starvation and corruption among… Continue

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Uganda: ‘Anti-Homosexuality’ Bill Threatens Liberties and Human Rights Defenders


Proposed Provisions Illegal, Ominous, and Unnecessary

OCTOBER 15, 2009


This Alien Legacy

This draft bill is clearly an attempt to divide and weaken civil society by striking at one of its most marginalized groups. The government may be starting here, but who will be next?

Scott Long, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program at Human Rights Watch

(Kampala) - The draft… Continue

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U.S. Senators Ask Americans to Observer International Day of Peace and Sharing On January1, 2010 - Please Spread the Word

Senators Reid and Inouye Ask American to Observer Globalfamily Day, an International Day of Peace and Sharing on January 1, 2010

Washington, DC (December 1, 2009) - In the midst of the health care reform crisis, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Daniel Inouye took time to introduce a resolution urging all Americans to come together as one on January 1 to recognize and utilize a potentially powerful tool for greater human unity and understanding. S. Res 357, “A… Continue

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Uganda proposes death penalty for HIV positive gays

While I'm not a proponent of international aid dollars being tied to morality clauses that inhibit cultural practices, I stand behind the countries who will refuse aid to Uganda if it accepts death/life in prison as a feasible way to punish homosexuals. This witch-hunt cannot be tolerated. Leaders who support this must be questioned so that they can explain why one constituent has less value than another.

This bill must be abolished. Such draconian laws threaten all of us, not… Continue

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Wanted, 1000’s of People, schools and students in the following related fields.

Wanted, 1000’s of People, schools and students in the following related fields.

Attention to all Inventors, machine builders & designers, engineers, industrial designers, architects building & systems designers aerospace designers

Mathematicians, program & soft ware designers, robotics, rail & transportation, IT & Telecommunications and researchers in all fields.

Farmers & fishermen, greenhouse designers & all types of… Continue

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Hi friends

do you know about my new social enterprise/

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Rakhshi(Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen)

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Arun Gandhi's Thought

I am interested in discussing the following two quotes from Arun Gandhi:

Arun Gandhi said: "You can quote me as saying Mahatma Gandhi would disagree with the Plowshares actions because they employ tactics of secrecy and destruction of property. I also think locking up the most courageous and devoted peace leaders for long prison terms is a way of weakening the peace movement. Those leaders could do much more for peace outside of jail than in it." ( The Jesus Journal - Summer 1995 -… Continue

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Revenge, Now That’s Justice-- 9/11 Terrorists Trial Controversy

Fundamentalist Dalleism

The American people have spoken; and, they sound a lot like Glen Beck. Here’s the question people are asking of Attorney General Eric Holder. Why should Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks be given the same rights and protections as serial killers, rapists, and pre-9/11 terror suspects? Timothy McVeigh, the mastermind behind the Oklahoma City Bombing, for… Continue

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Proposal to facilitate global peace and enable Human brilliance for all

I sent this to the Pope, as I have sent this out to everyone who says that they would like to see a change in the world and end the human created suffering, destitution, and death of children, women, and men, our fellow human beings.

As a child, my Mother signed me up as an Altar Boy, and I grew up literally in St.Edward's Roman Catholic Church and School on Arlington Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As I grew older, I read a lot and something I read really made an impression… Continue

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TransConflict - November Review

Dear All,

Please find below links to a selection of articles published by TransConflict throughout November.

- Republika Srpska – after independence - by Matthew Parish - Bosnia's war ended with a partition plan, which the international community subsequently used all its efforts to undermine and create a unified state. Now the west's power in the… Continue

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INCORE Guide to Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland

INCORE continues to update its Guide to Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland which brings together a variety of online resources focusing on new trends, opportunities and challenges in relation to on-going and contemporary causes and consequences of conflict in the region. With the addition of new resources, quarterly, this guide is a significant resource for both peacebuilding scholars and practitioners alike.… Continue

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Burundi Election Warning Project

The upcoming Burundian elections in 2010 will be a crucial test of the state of social and political relations in Burundi and will determine whether the fledging peace process will be consolidated or whether all progress achieved to date simply dissolves. Many Burundians hold out hope that the ongoing peace process will put an end to the more than 300,000 deaths that have torn communities apart along “ethnic” lines, traumatized citizens on all sides, and made Burundi one of the materially… Continue

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Request for Proposals - Sophomore Summer Policy Institute


The UNCF Special Programs Corporation (UNCFSP) is requesting proposals from colleges and universities for administration of the Sophomore Summer Policy Institute (SSPI). SSPI, the first component of the Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) Fellowship Program, is intended to introduce minority college students to concepts and careers in international affairs. As the first of six IIPP Fellowship Program components, SSPI provides an introduction to international… Continue

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the Drcongo is dying because of the corruption :how to fight against this virus?

the Drcongo is accross the third republic , with the young president top of it , new generation of people , but as well the people of the famer president mubutu surounding the new president . not to help me to build up the country no , but to enfonce and burry the ancestors country , by installing the bad system of corruption.

we say the corruption is anywhere , anytime . and this with a great consequences of weekness the power. the judiciary system is down no act , even the new change of… Continue

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