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The Next Village - "Democracy and the Congo"

The Next Village - audio resource and radio series

Democracy and the Congo

November 2011.

The second set of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the end of their long-running war. Beyond Skin's Maurice Macartney met Mimi Unamoyo, a Congolese human rights activist, to find out just how democratic the DRC is.…


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how to be happy!

Ex: Jonathan Power,

Subject: The search for happiness.

Date: November 22nd. 2011


Want to be happy? Read on!


Sigmund Freud, the great psychiatrist, said that people can never be fully happy. But most people are reasonably happy, according to numerous surveys. Even in the slums of Calcutta a majority are. Read “The City of Joy” by Dominique Lapierre. According to one survey Nigerians are the happiest. (But other surveys say it is…


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Kashmiri Children detained illegally in Indian Controlled Kashmir: ACHR Report from India

This fact finding report after field visits to Srinagar, Budgam, Shopian, Pulwama, Islamabad, Kulgam, Ganderbal and Jammu districts from May to July 2010 followed by subsequent updates exposes the rotten juvenile justice system is in Jammu and Kashmir. The juveniles detained at R S Pura Juvenile Home have been being detained without trial while juvenile girls must be sent to police lock ups or prisons as the State does not have a single Juvenile Home for Girls. The most…


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Asian Centre for human Rights releases its latest report: Torture in India 2011.

Torture in India 2011 which is only online states that a total of 14,231 persons i.e. more than four persons per day died in police and judicial custody in India from 2001 to 2010. This includes 1,504 deaths in police custody and 12,727 deaths in judicial custody during the year 2001-2002 to…


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Feature documentary looking for strategic partnerships with peace, gender, and justice organizations.

To the community,

I am posting this in hopes of starting a great partnership between my upcoming feature documentary The Peace Agency and organizations that are committed to empowering women and ending conflict.

The Peace Agency is about a grassroots women’s school for peace and equality in the conflict zone of Poso, Indonesia. Featured in the film is Lian Gogali, the founder of the school, who faces seemingly insurmountable professional and personal struggles…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Ukraine, that once mighty component state of the Soviet Union, hasn’t seen much of the light of day of the new republic post-USSR. The once imperious and grand USSR was the world’s 2nd largest economy during its heyday, but historical mills have rolled on and the rugs under the feet of the Union peoples had drastically…


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Thomson Reuters Foundation launch a new series of "Business News and Tracking Down Corruption" courses in BiH

Thomson Reuters Foundationand the Mediacentar in Sarajevo have just announced a series of fully-funded Business News and Tracking Down Corruption courses in Sarajevo.

In these days of global economic crisis, business and financial news have moved from the back pages to being the lead stories. But that’s not much good if you don’t know the difference between Equities and Futures, and think a Bond is something to do with…


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Would we be better off with the open sourcing, open sharing, kibbutz type society for the future to reduce stress on the environment and foster peace on Earth?

Conversation: Do we have to change our priorities and move away from the goal of amassing great wealth and a collection of bigger and better items that the production of which harms the environment?

Should we move away from individual benefit and toward collective benefit of the work that we undertake and the rewards that we expect?

Can we consider the person who contributed most to the benefit of humanity the richest rather that the one who has the most…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Overall budget appropriation pattern in the US Congress has shown an increasing cuts of aid to other countries. The US $4 Billions given each to Egypt and Israel were squeezed down a mere $3 Billions for both countries.


The rationale given by the mentally bankrupt US legislators is that priority for allocations should be domestic needs rather than those that fit…


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There are many websites calling for Bush and Cheney to be put on trial for war crimes and to still be impeached. What do you think?


Do you think that G W Bush and Cheney should be placed on trial for war crimes given that their justification for war that was presented to the United Nations turned out to be based on unsubstantiated information that the weapons inspectors were disputing at the time? 

Before both Gulf wars I called the White House Comments line and organized prayer groups requesting the then presidents just request a trial of Saddam Hussein for crimes that he may have been guilty of…


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Somali media leaders united to expand media coverage for climate change

What a historic day today in the Somali media activities as the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) organized one day national media conference for expanding media coverage on climate change.


The conference was held today at Tre-piano Building conference room in…


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intractable conflicts?

i have read a lot about intractable conflicts, but the more i read the more am convinced that conflicts are tractable. It takes bold steps,strategy and time to pacify things. with relation to rwandan conflict, what is your take on the tractability of israel-palestine conflict?

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Occupy Planet EARTH and Occupy Earth’s Militaries Peacefully!

Just some questions to think about: 

I am asking is humanity capable of demanding our leaders lead us to peace not war? 

Is humanity capable or refusing to be lead into war?

Could humanity just collectively decide to become conscientious objectors to war and collectively say "No Thank You" when invited to participate in war? Do we have the courage to JUST SAY NO?

What would happen if mothers cried out and said: "Not With My Child"

What would…


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Relationship Wellness

There are various schools of thought on relationship wellness. Some believe that we have no control over what kinds of relationships that come to us, and others believe that we help to create our life relationships. While some believe that we attract certain people into our lives because we need to learn what they bring to our life. I tend to agree with all of these to some extent. I believe that though we may not be conscious of the relationship choices we…


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May Peace Prevails on Earth.

Peace is not an absence of war; it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, and justice. Human beings are the wonderful state of mind. It has been molded with diligent manners. It’s an eternal nature of human beings to pamper love with peace and harmony. The soul of heart and body remains intact with peace and prosperity. Philosophically we can say human nature composes with love, peace and likes the progressiveness of life. These are…


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Great Intern Opportunity: UN COORDINATION INTERN via UN Job List

This is a great opportunity: Deep insights into the UN system, a great team and a challenging task:

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Responsibilities:  The internship will be tailored to the intern’s skills and interests to the extent possible.

I.     Facilitate a global community of practice of UN staff working on UN co-ordination issues (CPN).
  • Take care of the membership maintenance and…

Added by Sebastian Rottmair (UN Job List) on November 18, 2011 at 6:08pm — 2 Comments

This week at TrustMedia! (18/11/2011)

Panelists at the 2011 Kurt Schork Awards for international journalism, 17th November 2011. Credit: TrustMedia/Magda Mis…


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Ugandan students shine in online peace journalism course

I always learn more from teaching than my students learn from me.

This was certainly the case with my just-completed online Advanced Peace Journalism course. The online course was the last activity of a 16-month, $270,000 US State Department/USAID-sponsored peace journalism project in Uganda.

The eight week course, team taught by myself and Ugandan peace journalist Gloria Laker, was “attended” by 10 radio journalists who had prior, face to face PJ training in Uganda. The…


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Peace & Security Report - 11/18/2011

In this week’s PSR: Syrian crimes against humanity; Constitutional referendum in Equatorial Guinea; ANC leader suspended; Swaziland in economic trouble; Rio’s favelas raided; Colombian student strikes successful; “SlutWalk” reaches Lima; Crackdowns on Occupy camps; Australia to sell uranium to India; Burma separatists; Ai Weiwei pays bond; APEC forum in Hawaii; Neo-Nazi murders in Germany; Kazakhstan terrorism; Violence in Poland; Diplomatic tensions in Russia/Tajikistan; Oman…


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An Open Letter to All World Leaders and Followers: Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With You and Me!


RE: Establishing Global Truce and Peace On Earth.



My plea is being sent to the world leaders as listed:




This is an open letter to:


To USA President Obama,

Secretary of State Hilary…


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