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Attribution Bias

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation

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As conflict resolvers, we are suppose to notice the things that others can not because we are trained to do so. We are also trained in knowing the terms of certain traits, characteristics and actions. Knowing these terms does not make one smarter than the other, or display a sense of superior mediator skills when compared to others but rather I… Continue

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change the world - betterplace !

transparent giving on betterplace.org,
the platform for social projects.

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Our kind of WAR

Our kind of War

As we go into print, the war is ranging on. It seems neither the Government of the Republic of the Philippines nor the Moro Islamic Liberation Front would go back to the negotiating table without first letting off steam the suppressed anger, frustration and tension as the long drawn out peace process, finally expected to have gained a triumph with a signed Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) suddenly vanished into foul air. The initially approved MOA… Continue

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I've recently launched a web site about a new paradigm of law practice focused on peacemaking and healing conflict. Not only for lawyers, it tells the story of a movement in law that includes restorative justice, collaborative law, problem-solving courts, therapeutic jurisprudence, holistic law, etc.

For more than a year, I've been on the road, interviewing these pioneering lawyers. Take a look at the site and watch some of the videos to learn about this exciting movement.

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Serbia's ICTY Obstacle

Originally posted at - http://www.transconflict.com/News/2009/June/Serbias_ICTY_Obstacle.php

In spite of largely positive assessments from the ICTY's chief prosecutor, the USA and Amnesty International concerning co-operation with The Hague Tribunal, The Netherlands remains unwilling to soften its stance towards unblocking Serbia's SAA and interim trade agreement with the EU.

By Ian Bancroft

Despite signing a Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU… Continue

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Mediate.com Announces Certificate Program

Originally Posted at Enjoy Mediation

Mediate.com Announces Certification Program

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I am sure many readers already know about this as either a) you also read other blogs and/or b) you read mediate.com.

Below I will post a roundup of all the coverage it has received, as well as opinions. The only comment I have is from the Q & A (first… Continue

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East Timor Legal News 9 June 2009

Dili court stops Pualaka Company's activities - Parliamentary Committee A has not sent final report to the President - LABEH considers adviser for civil society abused power - Absence of MPs a negative implication for the parliamentary plenary - Fretilin concerned about the condition of the border post in Oecusse - Borges calls on the Parliament to discuss Chega report - Democratic Party never stops the duty of Deputy PM Mario Carrascalao - PDHJ establishes an investigation team for… Continue

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Mindfulness Training Reduces Stress

Originally Posted at Enjoy Mediation (note: for active links below, click the above link)

Mindfulness Training Busts Stress

For all the negotiators and mediators- you know the saying of the best way to promote a practice (effective listening, communication skills, etc.) is to set the example by doing it yourself?

Well, have a read:

The study included 103… Continue

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Yes President Obama

Sure! "Our history has always been the sum total of the choices made and the actions taken by each individual man and woman. It has always been up to us." But what choice poor people, mainly in Africa, had mad? To be poor?

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East Timor Opposition East Timor Justice Minster of Unconstitutional Interference in Judicial Process

ETLJB 7 June 2009 SYDNEY - The political crisis for Xanana Gusmao’s Parliamentary Majority Alliance government in East Timor deepened yesterday as the opposition Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor accused Justice Minister Lucia Lobato of unconstitutional interference in the judicial processes currently underway against her husband’s company.

In a Press Release issued by Fretilin on 7 June 2009 Fretilin Vice President and Member of the National Parliament, Arsenio Bano,… Continue

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Somaliland: A Trip To The Unknown - I

Written by Emily H, USA

Emily will be writing serially about her experience in Somaliland and will be offering tips to anyone who may want to visit the unrecognized republic along the way-discover Somaliland from a Non-Somali perspective. Below is the first article -

planning the trip.

In late March, the opportunity to spend the summer working in Hargeisa arose. I was intrigued. I had heard that Somaliland is a sort of enclave of stability in the… Continue

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Solidarity with Iranians

Dear colleagues,

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) invites you to join us in a two-part campaign this coming month focused on a tangible act of building peace and solidarity between the people of Iran and the United States. This effort is organized in memory of 290 people who lost their lives on July 3, 1988, when the USS Vincennes, a U.S. navy vessel, shot down an Iranian airliner in the Persian Gulf. (For more information please check our website at www.forusa.org or our blog… Continue

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Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation

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Jump in The Discussion!

Over at Mediation Channel, there is a very good discussion going on about the issue of a mediator being certified and the term 'certified' being used.

Should anyone be using it? What criteria should be used?

I mentioned over at that site that I am in fact certified! These are the steps… Continue

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Peace and Collaborative Development Network May Monthly Highlights (New Member Interview Feature Coming and Suggestions are Welcome)

Peace and Collaborative Development Network Monthly Highlights

Greetings. Welcome to what we hope will be the monthly or bi-monthly highlight of key postings to the network and announcement of new features (for this month we will be launching a monthly member interview section)

In May 2009 2009, the network had over 70,000 visitors from almost 200 countries for a total of over 185,000 page views.


The Peace and Collaborative… Continue

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Australian of the Year

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation (note: for active links below, click the above link)

I was lucky enough to be present last week at the Australian Consulate to hear 2009 Australian of the Year, Mick Dodson, speak. Very special thanks to the Consulate for the invitation, especially Fiona Gosschalk. (pictured left is me far left, Mick Dodson, near left. Photo by Michelle Lee, Australian… Continue

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New book on conducting field research in conflict zones and repressive states

New publication: Surviving field research: Working in violent and difficult situations

The Centre on Human Rights in Conflict in the School of Law, University of East London, is pleased to announce the publication of an edited volume, developed in collaboration with colleagues at American University in Washington, DC. Surviving Field Research: Working in Violent and Difficult Situations, is edited by Chandra Lekha Sriram, John C. King, Julie A. Mertus, Olga… Continue

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new restorative justice blog

New blog on restorative justice/justice and reconciliation with contributors from around the world. Go to www.restorativejustice.org/rjob

Lisa Rea
Rea Consulting
Government Relations
Victims-Driven Restorative Justice
California, U.S.

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The long-term C5 crisis: Argument & readings

TFF Associate Hazel Henderson has written a fascinating account of 30+ years of her own attempt and that of many other alternative economists to get the high priests of market economy and of politics to listen. They didn't, and thus we are where we are now. If you think it is indeed time to question economy as a science, her piece is a good place to begin.

We in the richer parts of the world have lived… Continue

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Condemn North Korea's nukes & question Western responses

There are good reasons to be scared...

Given the serious situation developing around North Korea's nuclear test, TFF offers you 5 articles by two world experts on nuclear weapons and policies.

Gunnar Westberg, May 29, 2009

Questions about North Korea's nuclear weapons and the international response to it

David Krieger, May 29, 2009…


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Call for Papers: Assessing the state of human rights nine years after 9/11

Call for papers: joint ISA-APSA-IPSA human rights sections conference:

Assessing the state of human rights nine years after 9/11

The Executive Council of the ISA Human Rights Section, the Steering Committee of the APSA Human Rights Section and the Council of the IPSA Human Rights Research Committee announce their first joint Conference, "Assessing the state of human rights nine years after 9/11," to take place on 19-20 June 2010 at Roosevelt University in Chicago,… Continue

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