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East Timorese Deputy Prosecutor-General resigns over political interference in the judicial system

ETLJB 21 April 2009 SYDNEY - The East Timorese Deputy Prosecutor, Mr. Ivo Jorge Valente, is reported to have resigned from his position in protest over the recent appointment of Maucau lawyer, Paulo dos Remedios, as a Deputy Prosecutor-General. A leading national newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosa’e, reported today that Mr. Valente said the reason he had chosen to resign was because of political interference in the judicial system.

Mr dos Remedios, who is reported to have been a former… Continue

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East Timor Legal News 23 April 2009

Judiciary Council members meet with Horta Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 23 April 2009 - The Timorese Judiciary Council members have met with President Jose Ramos Horta discussing administration, human resources and discipline in the Court of Appeal.

Paulo Remeido says rumors on his nomination is causing instability in the judicial system Timor Post 23 April 2009 - International Jurist Paulo Remeido said the recent rumor-mongering on his nomination to replace current… Continue

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East Timor Legal News 24 April 2009

Justice Ministry manipulates company Suara Timor Lorosae 24 April 2009 - Wesupa Company was the company that won the public tender process undertaken by the Justice Ministry for the supply of boots for prison guards but the boots that were purchased were kept in the warehouse of the Pualaka company which belongs to Justice Minister Lucia Lobato's husband.

Council of the Ministers approves decree law on the Order of Timor Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 24 April 2009 -… Continue

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Urtak news - April 23, 2009 - The environment

Dear friends,

The Urtak project's rate of growth is accelerating. Many new participants have joined, and their contributions are bringing us closer to making collaborative public opinion a reality.

Top 5 - The environment

Climate change and environmental degradation will continue to affect us all in the coming decades. These problems clearly require collective and global solutions. What are the views of the Urtak community? This week's Top 5 tries to shine a… Continue

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Book Review

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation on 04.19.09

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Book Review

Making Money Talk: How To Mediate Insured Claims & Monetary Disputes

While at the ABA Spring Dispute Resolution Conference the past few days, I heard many people talk about this book and not only how good it is, some people… Continue

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Darfur: Yet, another Chapter in the Humanitarianism and Political Discourse

In view of the evolving humanitarian situation in Darfur, one is compelled to reconsider various aspects of the relations between aid and politics. At this junction, my strong conviction is that humanitarian Aid agencies need, very seriously, to rethink their inherent discourse and dialectical status and motives, and has to make the right choices between international humanitarian aid "as an industry/ business linked to international foreign policies and globalization", and between the rhetoric… Continue

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QUERY: Do No Harm Principles in Aceh-Examples, Experiences. Reply by 30 April 2009

Moderator’s Note: Dear Members, we are re-posting the joint query from Pak M. Nur Djuli, Director of the Aceh Peace and Reintegration Board (BRA) and the co-chairs of the Peace and Reintegration Cluster of the Aceh Recovery Framework-USAID and The European Commission. Given the relevance of the query, it will be cross-posted to all seven Communities of Solution Exchange Indonesia. The query will be open until 30 April 2009 and we look forward to your responses. Regards, Teuku Dalin,… Continue

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Negotiating Justice: A guide for Mediators

Originally Posted at Enjoy Mediation on 04.22.09

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Negotiating Justice: A guide for Mediators

Guide for Global Mediators

This gem of a guide/report is written by Priscilla Hayner, Director of the ICTJ Program on Peace and Justice and part of the HD Centre's "Negotiating Justice: Strategies… Continue

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The Godzilla of Racist Bloggers

On Feb. 3 2009 I had made a blog post which expressed my opinions about this blogger.


Little did I know that the blogger's intention was the site is a joke. However, there isn't anywhere claiming that it is a joke and that the blogger intends to be joking, so I took it seriously. A few of her blogs I do not find funny, and in those I found offinsive, she is convencingly serious. Whatever.

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Back home from Guinea Bissau

After 13 months as Peace and Development Advisor in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, I am now back home. Not sure what in store for the future - but looking for the next adventure. Welcome any leads and tips! Thanks. Janet L. Murdock

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Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution - April 2009 Newsletter


Vol. 3, Issue 2, April 2009


Editor: Lori-Ann Stephensen, lstephea@gmu.edu


Al Jazeera Forum: "Power, Media, and the Middle East"

By Solon Simmons, ICAR Faculty

CRDC Leads at ALLMEP Summit

By Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution… Continue

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America Gets a D+ in School Violence Prevention

Community Matters - an organization whose mission is to "collaborate with schools and communities to engage, equip and empower young people to become change-agents and peacemakers" - has released a 10-year Report Card on School Violence Prevention… Continue

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Lagos State Ministry of Education Approves the Founding of Youth Peace Alliance Clubs in Public Secondary Schools

Good day to you and compliments. The Lagos State Ministry of Education has approved our organization's proposal to found our Youth Peace Alliance Clubs (Y-PAC) in Lagos State Secondary Schools. This is a pursuit of close to six years, started precisely in Year 2003. Beginning with our street peace rally to usher in the peaceful Year 2003 General Elections in Nigeria, we have saturated the entire six education districts in Lagos State with our school-based peace building initiatives. The Lagos… Continue

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Problem Solving Profitable?

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation on 04.20.09

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Problem-solving surprisingly Profitable

It began as an experiment in local problem-solving. Making money was the farthest thing from anyone's mind.

Today, it is one of Toronto's most successful social… Continue

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Twitter revolution – no coup d’etat but big drama anyway

Twitter revolution did not change government in Moldova but created big drama instead including a couple of conspiracy theories and “fast-track” mini enlargement of EU with one million new EU citizens while Moldova possibly losing a quarter its citizens with same deal. So a relatively small improvised demonstration can lead its (mis)use for possible purposeful utilization of multidimensional aims of different players.

In my post "… Continue

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Non Profit in Natick Massachusetts needs Workshop facilitators and Interns for Youth Violence Prevention Village-July 6-10


Villager Elders (Facilitators), Interns and Volunteers for Summer 2009

We are hiring Workshop Facilitators/Village Elders and Interns for the Youth Empowerment Village and Multicultural Village -Jamaica Village Programs. Applications will be available until the end of May. Volunteers are also needed on an ongoing basis to assist with operations. Limited Unpaid internships are also… Continue

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Con los ojos abiertos: El Archipiélago de San Andrés

Entre miles mares de palabras, muchas veces, lo más importante es lo que nunca se menciona. ¿Quién (no) dijo «sanandresano, ¿qué piensas tú?»?

Preguntas equivocadas, respuestas equivocadas

Hace unos 76 años, en el año 1933, Dinamarca y Noruega llevaron sus reclamos por la soberanía sobre Groenlandia delante de la entonces Corte Permanente de Justicia Internacional. Parece que en la disputa sobre la isla más grande del mundo, se olvidaron de algún detalle, aquellos… Continue

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Cómo evitar el hambre en Nicaragua

No es ni tan complicado. Algo supieron los países que hoy día son ricos, décadas y centenarios atrás. Son esos aprendizajes los que ahora se les están prohibiendo poner en práctica a los países pobres. Se está prohibiendo que ellos hagan lo mismo que los ricos hacían desde antes.

Cómo hacerse rico

Cuando se hicieron ricos Estados Unidos, España, Francia, Holanda, Inglaterra, Italia, etc., no habían «mercados libres». Al contrario, ellos solían implementar amplios… Continue

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Election will bring Peace to Madagascar crisis

Dear Readers,

I am a young Malagasy blogger who have lived the crisis of Madagascar during these several weeks.

If you need to know the whole story of this Madagascar crisis, here are few links from my blog DagoTiako, I tried to cover it (as much as I could).

Tana on a strike: January24th, 2009…


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East Timor Legal News 17 April 2009

CPD-RDTL criticises justice sector in Timor-Leste Radio Televisaun Timor Leste17 April 2009 - CPD-RDT [a political organisation that denies the legitimacy of the present Republic) has strongly criticised the justice sector in Timor-Leste and says the State is not pro-active seeking solutions to the problems being faced by the country.

F-FDTL removes heroes’ bones Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 17 April 2009 - The Timorese Defence Force (F-FDTL) Command in cooperation with the State… Continue

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