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American Journalist Kristen Lombardi's Phoenix Globe Article The "Custodians of Abuse"

Custodians of Abuse

by Kristen Lombardi

IF YOU'RE A PARENT, it's your worst nightmare: finding out that your child is being molested — by your spouse. If you seek a divorce as a result, or are already going through one when you make the discovery, you hope that family court will do the right thing: grant you sole legal and physical custody of your child. In fact, you can't even imagine that there could be any other outcome in the custody judgment. But for many parents — in… Continue

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American Documentary "Small Justice"

The Making of the Documentary Small Justice

By Garland Waller

Diane Hofheimer, a paralegal and child advocate, handed me the VHS tape with a warning: The video would chill me to the bone. She told me itshowed a three-year-old girl clinging to a banister, begging not to be sent to live with her father.As Diane explained, a family court judge had awarded custody of this little girl to her dad despite evidence that he had sexually abused her. The thought of this made my skin crawl… Continue

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East Timor Legal News 2 February 2009

Fretilin threatens to walk out of Parliament Timor Post 2 February 2009 - Fretilin has threatened to walk out of the Parliament if President Jose Ramos Horta officially promulgates the general state budget for the financial year of 2009 which was approved on Friday (30/1) by the Parliament.

Minister Pires calls on Fretilin to support the AMP Government Timor Post 2 February 2009 - The Minister for Planning and Finance, Emilia Pires, said she wanted Fretilin to support… Continue

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€ 2.4 bn propaganda

This post was first published in TH!NK ABOUT IT site 1st February 2009.

EU taxpayers are paying over 2,410 million (€ 2.4 bn) Euros to receive EU propaganda of EU bureaucracy. This amazing figure can be found from recently published study “The hard sell: EU communication policy and the campaign for hearts and minds" (December 2008) made by UK-based think tank Open Europe.

Open Europe is an… Continue

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(posted Sunday at The Enjoy Mediation Blog), note links are only active at the blog.

Today is Sunday, so it will be short.

Enjoy the above photo, and just like in some mediations, you say to yourself, "is this for real???"

Well, like the above picture, yes.


Btw, the (true) story for the above picture is [here]…


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The Conflict Resolution Pros Are Ready!

Note: this was posted originally at the Enjoy Mediation Blog on January 30th, 2009 View the original post [here]

The following is written by Diane Perlman and is an open letter to President Obama.

Have a read and let me know what you think. I highlighted a section that I think is pretty… Continue

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Mediation is Cool Now!

Mediation is Cool Now!

Posted Yesterday in the Enjoy Mediation Blog Note, for active links, go to the blog

Mediation is Cool Now!

Hey, if the NBA is using mediation, I think we can finally say mediation is going mainstream now. And no, I did not have to use this particular picture, but I thought I it was… Continue

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9 Fearless Change Makers Brave The Cold To Network!

Haven't you ever wanted to be a part of creating a "safe and welcoming environment that supports Equitable Learning and Social Justice? Well that is what 9 Fearless individuals gathered to build last night. The Event allowed Prominent Fundraisers, Educators, Business Owners, and Politicians to Improve the delivery of services to underserved neighborhoods. Some of the Careers represented were: Development Director, Teacher, Tour Bus Driver, City Councilman, Marketing Director. We are happy to… Continue

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'Right' and 'Wrong' in 'Saving the World'

Scene: " Stumbling Again in Saving the World and Soul Enterprises"

Do take into account the "quotation marks"

Linking inner and outer work again, finding a place for ‘righteous’ anger, frustration, hurt and for making judgment a bit more relative and humble. Dealing with the pain and frustration the state of the world or a new found-and-lost-friend causes in a new ‘us’, the light warriors, those who are on the way of becoming

endangered by our own righteous thinking on what… Continue

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Post on "World March for Peace and Nonviolence"


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