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The Other Side of Night

(This article excludes the United States of America)

In general,  when we think of a Country, we imagine the Central government and the Capital City of that Land.

We see regularly a highly positive images, medias .... from most countries with the focus on the Central Authorities and the wide Cosmopolitan appeal that they project.…


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Paris Climate Conference Must Include Women's Voices

The world expects an historic agreement to be reached at the Paris COP 21. 

World leaders must recognize that climate change is not just an environmental issue, but also a threat to security and stability, and a human rights challenge. It is an issue without borders and the most adversely affected are not the ones who created the problem. 

In today's negotiations, we must call on world leaders to recognize and include the voices of women who have been battling…


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Thailand’s nonviolent activists and the struggle for democracy by Janjira Sombatpoonsiri

Anti- coup activists in Thailand are employing nonviolent tactics to express their discontent against the junta and military rule. Janjira Sombatpoonsiri discusses the methods used, and asks whether these nonviolent protests have born any successes in the struggle towards democracy.

This article was originally published on…


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Human Rights Matter

(Please note this article has been modified today November 30. Thank you for you understanding)

The article is the continuation of previous paper.

The Uncontrolled Globalization and combined World-governments, various cultures, religions, political ideologies  even though,presumably, it could have a number of limited positive outcomes-- at the governmental…


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COYPED, Friends of Liberia Launches WASH Club in 20 Schools in Liberia

The Consolidated Youth for Peace & Development (COYPED)…


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6 Keys to Enjoying Losing your Mind

There are countless posts on how to achieve more success in life, but very few on how to embrace the downward path of losing your mind.  We have success tips for leaders, but very few for 46.8 million people worldwide who have some form of dementia.   With worldwide numbers of  people living with dementia set to rise to 131.5 million by 2050, this community needs some pithy keys for what could be called demented success, or keys to enjoy losing your…


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Reflections about the Dam Burst in Brazil and the (in)Visibility of Structural Violence

(This post was originally published at my blog, Peace Reflections. I am reproducing it here because I think the topic has not been given as much space in the international media as it should)

About three weeks ago, on November 5, a dam burst in the district of Mariana, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In a…


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JustPeace: A Journal of Creativity and Multivocality Vol. 4, No. 1 Fall 2015

We have just completed our Fall 2015 edition and are excited to present it to you! In this edition:

William Sheehan, “What is the Value of a Life? The Rise of the Issue of the Abductions of Japanese Citizens by North Korea and Its International Implications”

Bibhusha Karki, “We Return Home in Boxes”

Jessica K. Kratzer, “Focus on Peace: A Photo Documentary Series of the Peace Day Philly March on September 21st, 2013”

Paul Wilcox, “Strengthening the Democratic…


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What Doth the Lady Say Now?

Posted on by kathiemm…


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Interview with a Muslim peacebuilder in Central African Republic by Tamanna Kalhar

Tamanna Kalhar from Conciliation Resources interviews a female Muslim peacebuilder in Central African Republic about her work and the role of women in building peace in CAR.

This article was originally published on Insight on Conflict. Published by Peace Direct, Insight on Conflict is…


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Songs of Love and Exile in the Sahara

- Bluesy riffs from guitars and lutes, mingled with the wail of plaintive voices, carry over the desert. This is the sound of exile for Malians living in southern Mauritania.

Musicians in Mberra refugee camp, in the arid region bordering Mali, are among more than 130,000 people who have fled Mali since violence erupted in 2012. Their songs often focus on exile, struggle and love, but the overall message is one of unity aimed at encouraging people not to…


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Op-ed on Paris Aftermath: I’m a Muslim — ask me about Islam.

The Boston Globe published an article I wrote about some of my thoughts as a Muslim-American regarding the recent events of terrorism and their aftermath. Please read and share so that this kind of perspective may be better known and understood amid the present public discourse around Islam, the West, and terrorism.…


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An interview with a leading Colombian intellectual on the peace process by Alana Poole

Alana Poole speaks with Fernán González about the ongoing peace process and hopes for an end to the conflict.

This article was originally published on Insight on Conflict. Published by Peace Direct, Insight on Conflict is the…


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What Could Creative Commons Mean For You

mPowering Frontline Health Workers is delighted to introduce a new video, developed with TechChange, that explains how publishing content under a Creative Commons license can maximize the reach and impact of health training materials.

This video gives more information on what Creative Commons licenses are, how they work, and why they matter. TechChange…


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New Article from Dr. Zelizer on Careers in Social Change, The role of conflict resolution graduate education in training the next generation of practitioners and scholars

Dear Colleagues

Greetings. My latest article on careers in social change has been published. 

The Article is Zelizer, C. (2015). The role of conflict resolution…


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Who is my neighbour? The power of inter-religious peacebuilding in Nigeria by Fr. Justine John Dyikuk

Fr. Justine Dyikuk tells the story of how the simple gesture of helping a neighbour in need has led to friendship between a local Muslim farmer and two missionary priests in the town of Miya, setting an example for inter-religious peacebuilding in Nigeria.

This article was originally published on Insight on Conflict. Published…


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Resolutionary Diaries #2

Meet Padre (Father) Vilson Groh. Padre Vilson lives and works in the community of Mont Serrat which is located in the hills overlooking the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  Padre Vilson is the embodiment of a true resolutionary - one of the discernable characteristics being that there is always a line…


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“Rwanda is for All of Us”: Modern M&E and Traditional Community Building Come Together in Rwanda

Innocent was working with a reconciliation project that brought together widows of victims of the Rwandan Genocide with widows of perpetrators of the genocide when he questioned, How do we know we are bringing community relationships to the next level? During group discussions and interviews, he asked the women if…


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What Is Your Life Worth?

“What is your life worth?” 

This is the question an Aboriginal Elder has been asking me again and again over the last several months.  If the question came from a financial planner I would know how to answer.  I would know the intent behind the question.  But this Elder lives in an economic kind of poverty.  In my experience, the wisest elders don’t talk too much about money.  He must mean something else.

 Each time I reflect on the question of what my life is worth, I…


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