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Digital Currencies in Development: A Conversation about Bitcoin’s Real-World Applications

Digital currencies, such as bitcoin, have the potential to transform the way we think about development. Though still new, global leaders are beginning to discover the power of bitcoin’s underlying technology, the blockchain, to revolutionize the way we:

  • Deliver humanitarian assistance and track foreign…

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Horrifying photo of Syrian child leaves tough choices for journalists

By Steven Youngblood, director, Center for Global Peace Journalism

The first time I saw the picture, I looked away quickly, shocked. The second time I saw it, tears welled up in my eyes.
If you haven’t seen the image, consider yourself fortunate, because it will haunt you. The photo is of a small boy, a Syrian refugee, who drowned and washed ashore in Turkey. The New York Times said…

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Gaming for peace in Georgia by Heather Yundt

Local game developers recently teamed up with Elva, a Georgia-based NGO, to develop a computer game designed to teach children about conflict resolution. And this new approach to bringing youth together is being tried out around the world, writes Heather Yundt.

This article was originally published on Insight on Conflict. Published by …


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Why Pedagogy Needs Diversity

Education is a powerful tool for diversity. From Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, which tells narratives marginalized from most American history curricula, to using teach-ins as a form of education as activism, education plays an important role in building empathy and understanding that can promote greater diversity. Read more…


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Language policy in Georgia – bringing people together or keeping them apart? by Sandra Veloy

The complex linguistic politics of the South Caucasus are especially evident in Georgia. Managing the relationship with its minority groups is a tricky task, says Sandra Veloy.

This article was originally published on Insight on Conflict. Published by Peace Direct,…


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Please Consider Advertising on the Peace & Collaborative Development Network

Is your organization involved in peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, development or international affairs issues?

Are you responsible for recruiting students, seeking candidates for jobs/consultancies , advertising for trainings, courses, events, postgraduate degrees?

Do you want to effectively reach thousands of interested individuals and organizations from around the…


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TechChange’s newest initiative: A Diploma Program in Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation

Over the past five years, we’ve been providing skills to over 6,000 alumni in more than 170 countries. During this time, we’ve been asked by both alumni and the organizations we work with: how can they get more? As a response to the crippling costs of graduate school tuition and the desire professionals have to get the hard skills they need to be successful, we’ve created this diploma program. Read more about the diploma…


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Interested Knowing Your Status?

Within its campaign "Participate. Raise Awareness in South Lebanon", Think Positive offers confidential, anonymous & free HIV…


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Hospitality Employees Learn Life Skills Underwater

The International Youth Foundation collaborated with Hilton Worldwide to ensure industry and brand relevance and TechChange, a technology for development company, to build colorful and fun activities to bring the online learning experience to life. IYF has a long history of adapting PTS to meet industry and…


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Peace Makes the Cut

People – Planet – Prosperity – Peace – Partnership


These 5 P’s form the basis for the Sustainable Development Goals, the revolutionary new framework that the United Nations has established to govern global development until 2030. The SDGs will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that expire at the end of the year. While the language is still being finalized, the 17 goals set forth in the SDGs represent a…


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Young Peacebuilders Forum 2015

As we celebrate the adoption of the Amman Youth Declaration written by young peacebuilders from all around the world, we would like to invite you to attend the UNOY Peacebuilders’ annual Young Peacebuilders Forum. The Forum will take place in The Hague 11-15 November 2015 and will bring together…


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Meet #Lucie! One Of The #Most #Extraordinary Team #Member of #HEEALS

Meet #Lucie! One Of The #Most #Extraordinary Team #Member of #HEEALS

Lets Work Together To Provide #WASH And #Education To Those Who Need Most! .

What Lucie Is Saying At :

To Know How !Contact us at :




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Meet Our Most Extraordinary supporter ‪#‎Nevena‬!

Meet Our Most Extraordinary supporter ‪#‎Nevena‬!

Come Join Us & Be A Part Of Our Most Extraordinary Supporters ‪#‎Team‬…


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Comeback of South Stream?

grafik In my article Turkish, Greek And Tesla Streams Re-routing Energy Supply In Eastern Europe how new Turk(ish) Stream pipeline is re-routing the energy supply in whole Eastern Europe with Greek and Tesla [Balkan]…


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The Middle East: Who says popular quest for change has been quelled?

By James M. Dorsey

A series of recent mass protests in several Arab countries have called into question suggestions that civil wars, brutal crackdowns and military coups and interventions have quelled popular willingness to stand up for rights in the Middle East. The protests, although focussed on specific social and economic demands, fundamentally have the same objectives as popular revolts four years ago that toppled four autocrats: dignity, social justice and greater…


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Fostering Peace and Transforming Conflict, One Barrio at a Time

See original post here

Many know Bogotá as a model of urban development in Latin America. In 1993, the city was in crisis, with a recorded homicide rate of 81 per 100,000 inhabitants. To put this figure in perspective, in 2014 there were 328 murders in New York City, or about 4 per 100,000 inhabitants. Over the next few years, however, a series of progressive…


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Turkish soccer supports Erdogan’s war against the Kurds

By James M. Dorsey

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF), in a demonstration of the inseparable ties between sports and politics, has effectively declared its support for renewed Turkish-Kurdish hostilities designed to enhance the prospects of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party in forthcoming snap elections.

With armed Kurdish youth effectively taking control of at least one predominantly Kurdish city in south-eastern Turkey, Turkish war planes pounding Kurdistan…


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Wives of the Disappeared Hold the Key to Transitional Justice in Nepal



NAIKAP VILLAGE NEAR KATHMANDU, NEPAL: Shobha Batta (photo below) has never accepted the loss of her husband Shyam in 2001. One moment he was tending the family shop, the next he was being led away by a group of Maoists cadres, never to reappear. His wife was left to grieve with her two small children.

Adding to the family's woes, the recent earthquake in Nepal tore off the top of the family house. Ms Bhatta received…


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Critic: Peace journalism=not objective, achievable, realistic. I beg to differ.

This reply is in response to a blog post from Stephanie Bosset, a photographer and journalist based in London, who “disagrees with the concept of peace journalism.” 

Dear Stephanie:

I’d like to thank you for your thoughtful post on peace journalism. While we don’t agree, there is certainly value in the discussion, and in the issues you raise.

First, like many critics of peace…

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