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Bipartisan questions on Eisenhower's policies

Started 4 hours ago 0 Replies

President Eisenhower was one of the best Presidents for a stable peace since World War II yet the lack of fondness in Hillary Clinton's speeches about the Middle East resulted from 3 major blunders…Continue

A type of mediation in my memos to Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi on visit of President of Italy, 5-point plan

Started 4 hours ago 0 Replies

I was pleased when Speaker Paul Ryan sent me an e-mail to say he and Nancy Pelosi had a bipartisan meeting with the President of Italy last week. I reciprocated with a formal statement that I…Continue

Evemts of mpnth: President Carter at House of Lords, Colombia peace talks, Feb. 12 on cessation of Syria hostilities

Started 4 hours ago 0 Replies

Thanks to the Carter Center for informing me about President Jimmy Carter's visit to the House of Lords.  I was pleased he gave a speech about the Guinea worm disease and health with democracy work…Continue

Peace talks need to go on despite Saudi-Iranian crisis

Started Jan 5 0 Replies

I am not able to access a button where I can usually edit previous entries I made on this network. It is best if I do not re-edit my Dec. 31, 2015 entry on the Carter Center peace talks in Syria…Continue


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Joseph George Slovinec posted discussions
4 hours ago
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Peace talks need to go on despite Saudi-Iranian crisis

I am not able to access a button where I can usually edit previous entries I made on this network. It is best if I do not re-edit my Dec. 31, 2015 entry on the Carter Center peace talks in Syria where I discussed them in n unusual grouo meeting session in Washington, D.C. with the D.C. United Nations group. You may have heard that Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic relations with Iran on Iran's criticisms of the Saudi execution of a Shiite cleric: Iran can file a complaint with human rights…See More
Jan 5
Joseph George Slovinec posted discussions
Dec 31, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted discussions
Dec 22, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Columbia honors at D.C. meeting on 70th Anniversary of United Nations

I'm pleased to announce I will attend the Dec. 16 meeting of the D.C. United Nations Group at King Library to discuss this year at the United Nations, Secretary of John Kerry's statement on United Nations and U.S. support for the Libya peace agreement of Dec.13, and President Carter's October 2015 statement on Syrian peace proposals. I will also tell the group the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs will celebrate its 70th Anniversary like the United Nations in 2015 and about my…See More
Dec 14, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Jimmy Carter's health recovery

I'm pleased to inform you former President Jimmy Carter told his Sunday School at Maranatha in Plains, Georgia last  Sunday he is cancer-free and only needs to take pills for his future health.  I recently want to designate Madeleine Albright as his relationship manager with the Obama Administration since she wrote a blog for Organizing for Action.   I e-mailed former President Carter and the Carter Center today on Sunday, December 13:  "Please see my entry on President Carter's health recovery…See More
Dec 12, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Greetings to Carter Center for Dec. 2 event on elections

I e-mailed the Carter Center to wish them success for tomorrow's event on observing 100 elections and note the importance of reporting the event and results to the Clinton Foundation with similar interests on women and girls to the Carter Center film in 2015, the White House, and the future Obama Library.  The Carter Center's election observing mission in Myanmar last month was very important.  The Carter Center film about 2015 had good comments on health in Liberia and the Guinea worm disease…See More
Dec 1, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Message for Hillary Clinton, also Carter Center on groups of countries in democratic elections

I respect the existing model for groups of countries in democratic elections in Wikipedia where the Economist recognizes seven democratic regions and I list them in order of the most democratic to the least democratic: 1 North America highest score, 8.64, Western Europe 2nd highest at 8.60, 3 Latin American and Caribbean, 4. Asia and Australasia, 5 Central and Eastern Europe, 6 Sub-Saharan Africa, 7 Middle East and Northern Africa 3.54, the lowest score. I do not exactly agree with the…See More
Nov 27, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec and J T Mathew are now friends
Nov 25, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

U.S., President Obama welcomes President Hollande: Turkey caution

I want to recognize the importance of President Obama's meeting with President Hollande of France today and a press conference where President Obama stated "total solidarity with France." I called for prayers for the French people after the disgusting attacks.  France is entitled to any actions France needs in its defense.  I want a climate change conference yet if security needs to limit it to one day with only low-level diplomats and high security, I could support it and want no danger. …See More
Nov 24, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted discussions
Oct 27, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Nawaz Sharif gave good speech to U.S. Institute of Peace

Thanks to the U.S. Institute of Peace for information on talks of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan to them during his visit to Washington, D.C. today. I support his call for renewed peace talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban today in comments for the U.S. Institute of Peace, and he noted Pakistan encouraged these talks in July 2015.  Mr. Sharif also had a productive meeting with President Obama where "Pakistan's territory" is "not to be used against any other…See More
Oct 23, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

New statement for Carter Center on Syria

I sent an e-mail to the Carter Center to ask for review of these topics and this is a summary, not the exact words: I prefaced it with a statement I agreed with Carter Center goals for for an interim government with perhaps an interim Constitution, multiparty parliamentary elections, and discussion if Article 155 of the current 2012 Constitution prevents Assad from seeking another term after he was already re-elected to a second term in a June 3, 2014 election that the U.N. said did not conform…See More
Oct 18, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Carter Center meeting on Syria: pre-debate comments

I thanked the Carter Center for inviting me to its meeting on Syria tonight yet I did not try to line up financing and I opted to see Hillary Clinton's first Presidential debate in Washington, D.C. tonight. I recognized the Carter Center's Syrian mapping project and work on southern Syria.  I noted in an e-mail the U.S. should call for a nationwide election in Syria with two names on the ballot, Khaled Khoja and Assad (If Syria does not choose to favor a two-term Presidential limit that would…See More
Oct 13, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

Memorial tribute to Brother Richard Sharpe, U.S. history teacher at Marist High School

I sent this e-mail to the Marist Brothers today:  " I send greetings to Provincial Br. Patrick McNamara and the Marist Brothers with condolences on the death of Br. Richard Sharpe, news I got in a newsletter this week.  Please see this tribute under my name on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network and Br. Patrick, I praise you on your service with the Marist delegation with the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland. I would like to add I hope the Brothers honor Br. Richard…See More
Oct 8, 2015
Joseph George Slovinec posted a discussion

U.S. needs caution after Afghan hospital bombing, reconciliation

The U.S. needs to pay victims from a recent U.S. military attack on a hospital even if Afghans requested it.  The dispute with Doctors Without Borders is bad for the U.S. image for human rights.  President Ghani needs to reactivate peace talks with the Taliban in Al-Jazeera on July 31.  He also needs reconciliation like President Ulysses Grant achieved with the South after the Civil War.  President Obama and Hillary Clinton need to respect that the presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan should…See More
Oct 6, 2015

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Please feel free to provide a short bio about yourself or the work of your organization (no more than 3 paragraphs)
I was born in Chicago in 1958 and studied at Queen of Apostles School in Riverdale where I memorized the Presidents of the United States, Marist High School, and the University of Notre Dame. In 1981-1982 I was a graduate student at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs when Barack Obama was an undergrad there: I hope to stimulate discussion of history of Columbia and its academic teaching when Barack and I went there. I was an intern for Congressman Russo in Washington, D.C. in 1980. After my Master's Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, I wrote about the United Nations and then returned to reside in the Chicago area 1984-2005 near senior citizen relatives with work for the Glenn Presidential campaign in 1984, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County in 1986-1992, and as Adjunct Professor of American National Government at South Suburban College. I was a Chicago Historical Society intern in 1994 and worked on the Paul Douglas Papers including making of catalogs and research on two papers on the role of U.S. Senator Paul Douglas (D-Il.) as author of legislation to create the Area Redevelopment Administration, renamed as today's Economic Development Administration, and on Douglas' papers on Europe including the Dante stamp and Captive Nations Week. I hope the study of U.S. Senator Douglas becomes more popular since he also was a professor at the University of Chicago from President Obama's Hyde Park neighborhood, and his advice to President Kennedy during his transition involved friendships with both business and labor like the tone in calls for reductions in health care costs in President Obama's June 2009 speech to American Medical Association. I got a Master's Degree in History at DePaul in 1996 and worked for the Illinois government. I have resided in D.C. since 2005 and am now involved in D.C. for Obama and Organizing for America with phone calls for pro-Obama positions on health care: I hope to talk to Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine on my interests in both domestic and foreign policy research and advocacy, and I told Tim about my research for Professor Nan who inspired my decision to become a supporter of Alliance for Conflict Transformation on their website earlier today, September 10, 2009.. I did research for Professor Susan Nan, now at George Mason U., at American U. in Spring 2005 on Peacebuilding including her Avruch and Cohen readings, Colombian peace talks with FARC, and 100% grade on verbal talk on Arab League peaceful mediation of 1961 Iraq-Kuwait border crisis and voting for women in Kuwait. In the talk for Professor Nan, I used material from my Spring 1981 International Peace Academy internship on Arab League Ambassador to the U.S. Hussein Hassouna's book on his father's career, The League of Arab States and Regional Disputes. I hope the Peace and Collaborative Development network agrees with my tactful recommendation for a meeting between Vice President Biden and Mr. Hassouna since both remember U.S. diplomacy with Egypt and the Arab League well since the 1970's: Senator Kerry could also help these discussions. White House senior adviser David Axelrod sent me an e-mail about President Obama's trip to Egypt after I sent David a letter with ideas including comments on James Zogby's poll on President Obama's popularity in the Middle East. Egypt deserves praise for work on Palestinian national unity talks with Fatah and Hamas and a ceasefire in January 2009 between Israel and Hamas. I remember well David Axelrod's work on campaigns and clients like Mayor Daley and Senator Simon when I resided in the Chicago area 1984-2004 and we both care about domestic policy goals also. I hope peacebuilders encourage more polite meetings of both parties on health care including desirability of government cost estimates on health care plans.
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I studied in Rome, Italy as a Notre Dame student on the St. Mary's program in 1977-1978 and I visited Western Europe and Greece: travels included Great Britain and France on topics of my reading of many history books, Ireland, Austria, and Spain where I later wrote a paper at Columbia on Spain's potential entry into NATO. I visited Poland and Czech Republic in 1993. I passed an exam in European History for my Master's Degree at DePaul.
I visited Canada and took French language courses.
I also made one visit to Mexico and one visit to Bahamas.
What is your current country of residence (or location of your organization)?
United States of America
What is your current job (and organization) and/or where and what field are you studying?
Unemployed, searching for advice on new plans
How many years professional experience do you have ?
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Which are your primary sectoral areas of expertise (or the primary sectoral areas of your organization) ?
Conflict Resolution, Democratization, Diplomacy, Education, Security
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Advocacy, Communication, Research
What are some of your current areas of research (if any)?
Information on my most recent writing on Obama is available on request and includes his diplomacy in Europe, Middle East, and Venezuela and main domestic issues including the Waxman-Markey climate change bill, economy, and health care: I am revising it as I explore feasibility of continuing in international affairs field until December 2009 in D.C. and Virginia: I also explore Chicago locations in 2010.. I welcome interest in the Obama transition comments and consider an update to them in the autumn of 2009 including asking President Obama to call for only peaceful discussions of Presidential elections in Iran and Afghanistan where we need to respect President Karzai's support for U.S. policies and ex-Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah who could call for national reconciliation and end to violence among Afghan factions..
COMMENTS ON OBAMA-BIDEN TRANSITION PROJECT WEBSITE: Your Seat at Table icon: Joseph Slovinec comments in reverse chronological order: Institute for Policy Studies, Jan. 5, 2009: "The Anderson-Perez-Rocha paper is wise in saying liberals also favor U.S. policies to create Mexican jobs, budget for food, and stable Mexican oil prices. This led William Daley to favor NAFTA in 1993 amid controversy, and the Obama-Biden campaign website wisely led to moderation in call for amendments to please labor and environmentalist.. In a previous paper, I wrote liberal advice for Obama: U.S. Congressmen who favored mediation of the Colombian civil war between government and FARC rebels included Congressmen McGovern and Delahunt who correctly praised the role of President Chavez of Venezuela in successful talks to free prisoners of FARC rebels: Colombian President Uribe later helped these talks after Mr. Uribe unfairly blamed Chavez for reports of funding of FARC rebels which could be exaggerated or false..Raymond Cohen's book, Negotiating Across Cultures includes Mexican desire for respect in negotiations with U.S." I chose to include the Cohen book on Professor Nan's reading list for her class. A New Map for American-German Relations, Dec. 9, 2008: "ideas..are good..we need more specific advising on history and goals for a summit with President Chavez of Venezuela, passage of Senator Obama's bill on the Global Poverty Act, economic development for Haiti. Although it is tough to end the Afghan war which NATO properly favored, after I read Mr. Obama's books I call for increased sensitivity to the need of President Zardari (of Pakistan) and PPP for popularity and avoidance to damage to civilians like the 1970 Nixon Cambodia border raids near South Vietnam: ex-President Musharraf deserves credit for an able transfer of power like Marcos and Suharto" in Philippines, with condolences for Corazon Aquino, and Indonesia." After the 2008 Ecuador crisis, President Obama needs to reassure Mr. Chavez of his peaceful intentions. Center for Strategic and International Studies, Dec. 8, 2008: "On specific ideas, the Armitage-Nye combination gave the CSIS Commission on Smart Power fine leadership on alliances, global development like health and finance, and public diplomacy including NATO and G-8 goals. The transition lacked major comments on history of individual nations and the contrast between Jimmy Carter's diplomacy to encourage peaceful election observers and two examples of the only wrongful U.S. and Republican interventions in Middle East succession or power struggles with encouraging the Shah of Iran to oust democratic Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953 and invading Iraq to oust Saddam in 2003....I praise CSIS with great ideas..on NATO and public diplomacy..Congratulations to Hillary Clinton..I hope she and President-elect Obama read materials from and honor my past Columbia professor Dr. Brzezinski, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad, Professor Nissan Oren..Senator Biden did fine work on obtaining testimony from Dr. Brzezinski who wanted a gradual end to Iraq war..Jan. 30, 2007."
If appropriate feel free to list several of your (or your organization's) publications
Assistant Editor of Issues Before the General Assembly, United Nations Association of the U.S.A.,of chapters on Arms Control and Disarmament, Dispute Settlement and Decolonization, New York, N.Y., 1983: wrote article on non-nuclear arms control with supervision of Fred Eckhard and Ed Luck. Wrote initiative on United Nations military budget accounting system, World Without War Council, Chicago, Illinois 1984, with interview of Dan Gallik of U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. DePaul Master's Degree in History 1996 thesis topic; "The Algeciras, Spain and Portsmouth, New Hampshire Peace Conferences: Cooperation Between President Theodore Roosevelt and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany" where Theodore Roosevelt talked to Great Britain, France, Germany, and Russia to build peace including resolution of the Franco-German Morocco crisis of 1905. "Second Term Presidents in U.S. History", in a note in introduction to Winter 1997 edition of Presidential Studies Quarterly. My research describes several categories of second-term Presidents: coasting-along with less vigor than first term (Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, and Eisenhower); worsening scandals like Grant, Nixon, and Iran-contra under Reagan; wars; and recessions with passage: Clinton, Republican Congress like Cleveland: "In a second term, Clinton could probably coast along like Eisenhower with a stable peace and popularity, and Clinton's continuation of the most prosperous Presidency since the 1960's with no recessions."
Mr. Zelizer's guidelines indicated your organization could harmoniously enjoy the above current research of foreign policy comments: if you also want to read about my work in domestic policy, Obama-Biden Transition Project Website: Your Seat at Table: include Joseph Slovinec comments on Illinois state budget for National Association of Attorneys General, Dec. 19, 2008; and for U.S. Conference of Mayors: Immigration Reform, Dec. 15, 2008: "I would like to hear more from mayors...on ending delays in legislation for climate change, increases in Community Development Block Grants, and increases in community policing funds." On media and journalism: National Cable and Telecommunication Association, Jan. 5, 2009: "I was trying to find a media-related entry to discuss my desire for Obama Administration guidelines to avoid a repetition of the tensions in the Valerie Plame Wilson case where she told Congressman Waxman's oversight committee in 2007 of damage to her career for revealing her identity as a CIA agent to the media. Bush-Cheney staff were spiteful after Valerie's husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, honestly made a trip to Niger to support the case Saddam was not guilty of weapons of mass destruction or a violation of United Nations Resolution 1441. I wrote U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald with respect of his handling of the case and my hope for these guidelines: since Washington Post reporter Glenn Kessler went to Columbia University when Barack and I were there, I hope for Columbia Journalism School and Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs interest." I perhaps was the only Chicago-area Democrat of 1984-2005 to attend Columbia when Barack Obama transferred in as an undergraduate and I wanted to compare our viewpoints: I was elected to Columbia University Senate and had more traditional view of working at United Nations Association of U.S.A.
and learning about Glenn's work on Journal of International Affairs.

Joseph George Slovinec's Blog

Equal access to network: Notre Dame and debates, Romney in Europe

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

I would like to emphasize I support free access to this network in a bipartisan spirit and I recognize the election of Father John Jenkins, President of my alma mater Notre Dame, to the Commission on Presidential debates.  My entries on this network appear on the 61 index pages on President Obama and appear to dominate the 2 pages on Governor Romney, a result I did not intend.  This is an incumbency effect for President Obama who won the Nobel Peace Prize and is popular in Europe in recent…


Middle East Comparative Government

Posted on May 13, 2010 at 5:43pm 0 Comments

I am pleased Professor Zelizer e-mailed me on David Smith's work at U.S. Institute of Peace as National Educational Outreach Officer. I hope Mr. Smith's office works on a Comparative Government study of European Union and Arab parliaments for this year's peace talks of George Mitchell between Israelis and Palestinians. The news media covered the Israeli settlements issue. In addition, I hope Mr. Mitchell asks the Egyptians for an update on progress on Palestinian national unity talks between… Continue

U.S. Institute of Peace welcomes President Karzai May 2010

Posted on May 11, 2010 at 8:08pm 1 Comment

I call your attention to the U.S. Institute of Peace forum with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan on May 13, 2010. I encourage your comments since we hope for a valuable discussions of peace talks after my earlier January 2010 call to support Mr. Karzai's tribal assembly for peace. On the Obama-Biden transition website under Center for Strategic and International Studies, I called for study of ideas of my Columbia Professor Zalmay Khalilzad who… Continue

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At 10:07pm on October 13, 2009, Joseph George Slovinec said…
Please see UN Parliamentary Assembly group website for my comment on President Obama's receiving of the Nobel Peace Prize: I hope to add later,a and I will tell the Democratic group Organizing for America I am pleased you added my message.
At 2:22am on September 24, 2009, Joseph George Slovinec said…
I praise and welcome President Obama's speech at the United Nations today including arms control, Israeli-Palestinian peace, and climate change. I noted a report President Ahmadinejad of Iran is also in New York today, September 23, and at 6:56 PM I express an interest in a
meeting or brief greeting between President Obama and President Ahmadinejad. I was pleased with a moderate tone where President Ahmadinejad told Associated Press he "urged President Barack Obama to see Iran as a potential friend", not a threat. The U.S. was fair to negotiate with Iran when the Shah left in 1979, yet Americans have moral criticisms of U.S. alleged support for the Shahs's coup against Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953 and Mr. Rumsfeld's alleged 1980's meeting with Saddam Hussein when the U.S. said it was neutral in the Iraq-Iran war. In addition to my intent to send comments to Craig Zelizer on improved reading materials about election recounts, I would encourage Mr. Zelizer and Alliance for Conflict Transformation to review additional issues on both 2008 campaign and my transition comments. The U.S. could encourage Mr. Ahmadinejad's opponent Mir Hossein Mossauvi to go into exile since many of us oppose his arrest yet an Iranian recount supports the United Nations decision today to recognize Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of Iran and he told AP correctly he was sorry post-election violence occurred: the U.S. also needs a consistent policy when the United Nations commission ordered a recount in the election for President of Afghanistan between President Karzai and ex-Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah where I respect both candidates' integrity and desire to improve Afghanistan's international friendships and in Congress, U.S. policy should not, or cannot, exclude peaceful national reconciliation among Afghans who favored U.S. demands for a Soviet exit in 1989.
OBAMA IN 2008: Canada Free Press reported on November 10, 2008, Obama got criticisms "on the campaign trail when he agreed to meet with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea -with no preconditions." Perhaps these goals could occur if a high-ranking American like President Bill Clinton met with North Korea rather than Obama. Syria implemented the Taif agreement to leave Lebanon and Syria has legitimate concerns for peaceful talks with the U.S. on an end to the U.S. invasion of neighboring Iraq which started in 2003. President Chavez of Venezuela needs stronger signals from Obama he supported the Organization of American States peaceful negotiation of the 2008 Ecuador crisis when OAS persuaded Colombia to state Colombia would preserve peace with Venezuela and Ecuador: U.S. military aid to Colombia should not see use for an anti-Venezuelan policy.
When my schedule improves, I hope to encourage Luis Matias-Cruz' group to discuss a peaceful resolution of the standoff when Honduran President Zelaya is at the Brazilian Embassy there: President Arias of Costa Rica was correctly praised by President Chavez of Venezuela for his work on the Contadora peace process to end Central American civil wars in the 1980's, and the U.S. needs fact-finding on Mr. Arias' talks with both sides in the Honduran crisis, policy goals of the Honduran Congress, and talks of new elections. I had not wanted to comment on Honduras with uncertain plans for Sept.-Dec. 2009, yet it is urgent: that's all for today. Please comment. Joseph George Slovinec
At 4:24am on September 15, 2009, Joseph George Slovinec said…
I, Joseph Slovinec, wanted to add a comment to thank U.S. Senator George McGovern (D-South Dakota) for answering my question at an Archives Feb. 12, 2009 event honoring the bicentennial of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln from my native and home state of Illinois. I said, "My mother and I admired you as a dove during the 1968 Democratic National Convention: I put something about you on the Obama transition website (on his plans on withdrawing troops from Vietnam) Did you have a plan to withdraw troops from South Vietnam if you became President in 1969?" Sen. McGovern: "Yes, in six months."
I said: "What advice would you give Obama's moderat-to-liberal coalition on withdrawing from Iraq?" Sen. McGovern said he wants the U.S. out of Iraq and law and order in Iraq got worse after 2003. He also called Afghanistan Moscow's Vietnam, and hopes for peace there.
Since I voted for Senator Obama in peace-loving Illinois in 2004 and he gave a victory speech in 2008 in Grant Park, site of anti-Vietnam War protests in 1968 where the Chicago police were not at fault for war strategy, I hope President Obama listens to Senator McGovern's wisdom during his peace plans to end the Iraq war by May 2010 and Senator McGovern deserves respect as a courageous World War II U.S. bomber pilot and Director of the Food-for-Peace program where his running mate Sargent Shriver also worked on the idealist Kennedy causes as Director of the Peace Corps and during the Johnson years as Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity and Vietnam peace negotiator.. Notre Dame students and alumni respected Sargent Shriver, also a role model for the Obama years.

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