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Welcome to foundation Deegaan

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جمعـيـــــــة ديغــــــان للاعمــــــال الحيــــريـــــــة و التنميـــــــة
Foundation Deegaan is non-governmental, non-political, and non-partisan organization, seeking organization Support peace building and development in Somalia.
levels through literacy programs encouragements. helps people in the world’s toughest places turn the crises of natural disaster, poverty and conflict into opportunities for progress. Driven by local needs and market conditions, our programs provide communities with the tools and support they need to transform their own lives.
The organization has its own written polices and procedures, and strategic plans; example (financial, personal police and by laws etc)

provide basic services to communities and further strengthens governance by linking communities,
foundation also supports influential leaders to resolve local disputes and supports community projects that address the root causes of conflict. foundation also supports assists displaced families who have settled in camps in and around towns and cities to establish a new life by addressing emergency needs and providing training and jobs.
foundation also supports peace and governance, with a focus on basic service delivery and accountability.
Work with Somali communities to improve their well-being through the introduction of integrated livelihood support initiatives in the areas emergency, recovery, capacity building and development with particular focus on education, agriculture and health and WASH in a participatory manner.
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Foundation Deegaan targets is Improve access to Emergency humanitarian intervention
• Water and Environmental Sanitation “WES”
• Food security
• Education
• Economic development
• Environment
• Human Rights & Democrats.
• Peace promotion and conflict transformation.
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Somalia and Nederlands
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Anti-Corruption, Development, Education, Human Rights, Organizational Development, Peacebuilding
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Information Technology
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NGO Contact person
Ali Moalim Mohamed Abdiwali Ali/ Mogdisho
Abdurahman Ahmed / Abdullahi Abdulle /Nederland
Tel 00252 61 5 5275427/ 00252615459090/ 0031641933726
Head Office OF Foundation Deegaan:
1. Head Office in Mogadishu, the Somali capital
2.Branch office is in Adado/central Somalia
3. Branch Office in Rotterdam Nederland

our success is your success


Healthy families are critical to any productive society.

Foundation supports governments and communities to provide health care services, especially mothers and children, in order to combat infectious diseases and promote development.

Foundation Deegaan has organized workshop and seminaries to rise up awareness on good health of women, elimination harmful traditional practice such as (FGM). Prevention of HIV/AIDS awareness campaign through media, posters and short time training for vulnerable women in the town.


the Foundation carries out periodical mobile Medical Convoys and emergency health care services to affected populations in villagers and rural areas of Somalia. Each year, approximately 5 medical convoys are administered by volunteers and the staff of Foundation, benefiting well over 5.000 people each time.

Build TB Centers

In our efforts to eradicate and/or reduce diseases in Somalia, the Foundation need established  and operates   tuberculosis treatment centers in the country.

They include the TB Centers of Godinlabe and Bahdo districts of the Galgaduud region in Somalia.


The environment underpins and defines all aspects of humanity. Environmental degradation most strongly impacts vulnerable communities, primarily because these places lack the coping mechanisms that normally protect lives and livelihoods. In Somalia, environmental degradation and shrinking natural resources can be the underpinning cause of conflict. Foundation  works to improve natural resource management in order to foster peace and development in Somalia.

Food and Nutrition

When war and crises occur household production of food can stop, trade routes can be disrupted and limited incomes can prevent families from accessing food.  the Foundation  supports families to access food through supporting production, providing jobs, encouraging traders and – as a last resort – distributing food. This holistic approach both ensures families don’t go hungry while also looking out for their health needs and long-term economic prospects.


Life can change for millions of families in just an instant: natural disasters can take loved ones and the outbreak of conflict drives families from their homes. When the unthinkable happens, Foundation delivers rapid, lifesaving aid to hard-hit communities in Somalia.

Economic Development

Foundation Deegaan  fosters market-driven economic development in order to support families support themselves and to build peace and stability in Somalia. the Foundation  runs a handcraft classes as an incomes generation activities, in which more than 24 women are involved. The school produces items such as mats, baskets; garments etc. about ten women teachers taught vulnerable women different subject’s such s weaving, sewing and other necessary skills suitable to females. The school is a place were real skills transfer takes place to women so that they can able to cover some of their basic needs at household level.

Peaceful Change

Somalia has been ridden with conflict for decades.

foundation supports a wide range of influential leaders in Somali communities to come together to resolve conflict and support community projects that address the root causes of conflict. Productive dialogue and sustainable development can lead to mutually beneficial solutions for change.

Government should support families and communities to grow and prosper in peace. foundation helps facilitate collaboration between government officials, local leaders and the people they serve, leading to more accountable and productive leadership and governance throughout the country.

Citizen Involvement

Societies are more peaceful and prosperous when citizens are actively involved in decision-making. foundation  supports communities in Somalia to advocate for their needs and engage productively with their government and increase accountability and participation.


Education is the foundation of progress, but it is interrupted by extreme poverty, conflict and other crises in Somalia. As a result, individuals and their communities often can’t reach their full potential. the foundation works with local governments to bring access to education to girls and boys.  Foundation  Deegaan has succeeded to build two  schools primary and secondary schools in Galgaduud. Foundation Deegaan cooperates with its partners in the building of schools, educational & cultural centers and support educational institutions in the various provinces in somalia


Foundation Deegaan has established

Bowda Dhogore primary school we have 150 students.

Godinlabe  secondary school: we have established 3 years ago there have been further unforeseen changes for we have 350 students of all economic backgrounds to help ensure a better future for all

Water and Sanitation

Water is essential for life, good health and economic development. Yet, throughout Somalia, thousands of households lack access to clean water.

Foundation established  Two wells for safe water in Somalia by constructing water supply systems, rehabilitating water sources and installing drill  water well.

fulfills water needs through supporting urban water infrastructure and developing new rural sources of water by tapping into groundwater and harvesting rainwater to support healthy families, strong animals and productive farms.

We value the power of empowerment in providing technical know-how and the transfer of technology. In the Horn of Africa.


Human rights issue of recording and documentation,

advocacy and investigation is the key role of Foundation Deegaan;

 because it stood up to carry out such important activities of recording and documentation all abused occurring in Somali in generally particularly these targeted to female. Foundation Deegaan promotes protection of human rights situation among local communities in Benadir region through workshop and training. Foundation Deegaan also produced press statements condemning the involved human rights violations in Benadir and its neighbor regions.


In order to effectively to respond  floods  emergency disaster or war. This is the reality for thousands of families in Somalia, who languish in overcrowded camps or on the margins of cities and towns.  Foundation assists these families to establish new homes, find jobs and support their children to go to school and play in safe spaces.

Provision of shelter materials (such as plastic sheets, blankets, mosquito nets and mats, etc)

Provision of other WASH related NFIs [water storage containers, households utensils, and cleaning and hygiene items such as (cooking utensils, cutlery, soap, etc

foundation also  provides  support for people, especially women, who have suffered from abuse during their journey or in their new homes

Children and Youth

Youth have a bigger stake in the future than anyone else and the energy and motivation to work towards a better Somalia. the foundation  works with communities in Somalia to nurture children through innovative education and health programs and supports youth to access educational opportunities and jobs.


For most families in Somalia, their animals or plot of land provides for their nutritional and economic needs. Foundation  works with families to ensure quality inputs, good production and fair market prices.


The main goal of this project is to provide build and improve local capacities with regard to best practices and technologies in greenhouse farming

To diversify and enrich domestic food baskets and incomes through agricultural production and marketing

To establish and strengthen institutions that will support and sustain research and resources for agribusiness development


The direct beneficiaries of this project are:

30 farmers with greater women representation all drawn from Amaara  area of Somalia. The identified farmers will come from different villages in Himan iyo Heeb region where Amaaro Farmers Training Centre (AFTC) is situated and would be heads of families without reliable sources of routine income. They will receive life skills training in innovative agribusiness management which will entail greenhouse farming, processing and marketing of both fresh and processed farm products.

The AFTC as a host of this project will be empowered and better placed to train farmers and other institutions in greenhouse technology.


Offering small, affordable loans to people not served by traditional banks has been called ‘a weapon against poverty and hunger’ by the United Nations.

Foundation supports small-scale microfinance for people in Somalia that helps them to build and expand small-scale businesses and engage women youth in productive activities.

Energy  is Livelihoods Project

The overall objective of  Project (SELP)

is to contribute to overall poverty reduction in selected districts of somalia.

Specifically, the Project aims at increasing access to sustainable and reliable energy services by the rural populations in somalia.

SELP is based on joint need assessments which revealed that more than 95% of Somalia’s poor population has no access to electricity and that 80% of the total energy consumption in Somalia is derived from biomass fuels. The report highlighted the need for increased access to energy and its role as a catalyst for development.

The SELP activities have been designed with key stakeholders and target groups to address the increasing need for sustainable and affordable energy sources. The Project plans to strengthen livelihood strategies of Somali people in somalia through promoting use of alternative energy options to meet growing energy needs.

As a result of installation of energy equipment, increased access to clean water, health and education services will also be achieved. This will be done by creating awareness on the effects of bad natural resource management and promoting the use of renewable energy options such as wind, solar and modern biomass. Promotion of productive use of alternative energy options in meeting communities’ needs will be encouraged.

Capacity of local structures will be enhanced to install, manage and support alternative energy options. The Project further hopes to stimulate private investment by creating a supply-demand driven market around local entrepreneurs, private investors, diaspora and public consumer’s alternative energy technologies. The project will seek to address small scale initiatives and strengthen the energy sector management and governance through involvement of state and non state actors particularly women groups who are vocal in environment management initiatives. The Project is aimed at achieving the following results:

1. Increased awareness of alternative energy options

2. Increased utilisation of alternative energy options

3. Strengthened capacity of local institutions to install, manage and promote sustainable use of alternative energy options

4. Established commercialization and marketing and dissemination strategy of alternative energy options in rural areas.


Seasonal (Ramadan & Eid) Celebrations are annual events to reaching out to vulnerable populations of Somalia. The holly months of Ramadan and the two Eids, al-Fitr and Id al-Adha, are good opportunities for the orphans and the poor children and families as well as the fortunate populations who generously donate, as a religious duty, to the less fortunate and the poor during these holy months.

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