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Male  /  United States
Democracy being the only political system, that we humans have created, that can, however clumsily, ...
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United States
Over Zero, a project of the Hopewell Fund, was founded to reduce, prevent, and create long-term soci...
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Male  /  United States
Osee Lieberman has a multicultural background and is fluent in eleven (11) languages. Osee earned hi...
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Female  /  United States
Recent graduate of University of Oregon with MS in Conflict and Dispute Resolution and background in...
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Female  /  United States
Biography What I do: Diplomacy, political risk, cybersecurity, researcher, writer, strategy, fore...
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Female  /  United States
My purpose is to inspire others to interact in creative ways that supports a socially advanced and c...
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The Research-2-Practice Forum aims to provide a platform for experts/scientists, education leaders, ...
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Male  /  United States
Southern Methodist University
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No available information
The Right to Education Index (RTEI) is a global accountability initiative that aims to ensure that a...
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Female  /  United States
Passionate about helping people and problem-solving. Highly effective at building relationships and ...