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Comment by Dr. surendra pathak on October 11, 2011 at 7:10am

Subject:  Invitation for the “International seminar on Teacher Education for Peace and Harmony”.

Respected Sir/Madam,

We are happy to inform you that IASE deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahr, Rajasthan, India is organizing an international seminar on ”Teacher Education for Peace & Harmony” from Feb 11 to 13, 2012.
We are pleased to invite you in view of your institutional work and your rich experience in the field of peace & harmony development and Teacher education. Your participation will immensely contribute towards improving the quality of the Teacher Education and more importantly achieving global Peace through harmony.

We will appreciate if you could kindly respond to our invitation at your earliest.

Thanking you,
Warm regards,
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Surendra Pathak
  Seminar Convener

Note:    Please visit

for the details of the seminar.

Comment by shyam tosawad on January 15, 2011 at 11:34am
Dear friend
"Vasudev kutumbkam" entire world is a family, this was a teaching of our Indian culture and tradition.
We created countries, boundaries,religions.But this is the time to realize that we are one, our source of life and breath is same , we naturally interconnected with each other.When we understand this simple thing then we must understand how our and other's life is equally important, valuable and respectable.God has given us a human life to look after the wellbeing of all living life in this planet.
Comment by Sie.Kathieravealu on August 16, 2009 at 11:12am
It has been officially declared that war is over in Sri Lanka and that terrorism has been crushed fully and that it will not raise its head again. good News.

But the way this are happening in Sri lanka does not make people aware that it is true with all the restrictions that is being practiced in the country. Freedom of travel, speech and so on does not seem to be there. Civil society must wake up first to know the extent of losses and find ways and means of getting it back.

I have already made some suggestions in this regard. Many have received it. But none, including Sri Lankans, seem to have commented on it.

If a genuine attempt is made to seriously discuss those suggestions we might be able to present a good set of suggestions to the "professional politicians" and the public of Sri Lanka for due consideration on the need for corrupt-free good governance in Sri Lanka.

The "professional politicians" are hiding the most important fact that one of the real causes for the problems that are being faced by the people of Sri Lanka is CORRUPTION coupled with injustice and discrimination.

Those suggestions were framed with the idea of minimising and then eradication of these evils so as to REAWAKEN SRI LANKA AS A PARADISE ISLE.

It is hoped that everyone will contribute their mite in this mission.
Comment by Sie.Kathieravealu on April 7, 2009 at 4:20pm
“People who value democracy, equality and equity needs to pressure the Sri Lankan state to take immediate action towards a meaningful and just power sharing arrangement. That is the only way to ensure security and the dignity of the peoples of Sri Lanka.
If peaceful coexistence through power sharing is not achievable, the only other solution that would be available will be secession.”

So said Lionel Bopage in an article on the future of Sri Lanka.

There is a vast difference in the policy of the ORIGINAL JVP to which the author belongs and the policy of the present JVP.

A new concept on “towards a meaningful and just power-sharing arrangement” is given below for the comments of everyone.

The concept outlined is a very great deviation from normal thinking on "devolution" or "power-sharing" and might well fit in with the arguments placed by the Author.

Many, who call themselves as ‘moderates’ are not willing to consider this concept which gives a certain degree of ‘power’ with ‘responsibility’ to everyone including the poor and voiceless silent majority.

Now, one word, for those who are actually and sincerely interested in fostering a united country by supporting “devolution” as a means to achieve sustainable peace, please avoid thinking in terms of “devolution” and instead please try to think in terms of “sharing” of powers, rights, duties and responsibilities that cannot be taken back at any time by any government or individual by any method.

The best political solution would be to DILUTE the powers of all elected representatives by separating the powers of Parliament and empowering different sets of people’s representatives to administer the different sets of separated powers. It has to be devolution HORIZONTALLY where every set of representatives would be equal and NOT VERTICALLY where one set of representatives would be above the other which is the normal practice in this power-hungry world. It is because of “devolution” being done “vertically” we have all the trouble in the power-hungry world. So for sustainable peace it should not be “devolution” but “dilution of powers” or “sharing of powers” in such a way that no one - other than the common people - is superior. This system would eradicate injustice, discrimination, bribery and corruption - the four pillars of an evil society - and establish the “Rule of Law” and “Rule by ALL” for sustainable peace, tranquility and prosperity and a pleasant living with dignity and respect for all inhabitants in the country. Everyone must have “equal” powers, rights and most importantly duties and responsibilities.

A detailed version of the concept, which is quite long is available for discussion by interested individuals with an aim to change the hearts not just a change of mind of the citizens of this country with the aim of preserving a UNITARY form of Government with every section of people from every part of the country PARTICIPATING in the GOVERNANCE OF THE COUNTRY in a practical way. In a way it may be termed “participatory democracy”. In this system the country is NOT DIVIDED but the “powers of governance’ of the Parliament is separated.
Comment by JPV on March 25, 2009 at 8:06pm
I wish peace and love will spread every where and the curruent war will end soon.. war always kills innocents and it stops the country still. I have lots of Friends from Srilanka and they all are looking for a peacefull life ahead. Apart from the issue Tamil and Srilankans...The most beautifull country with its integrity the world look at great passion. I also wish Indian Gov should take action join with Srilankan Gov to stop that anything against peace of the people and the country.

Have great days ahead ...
Comment by Sie.Kathieravealu on March 5, 2009 at 3:39pm
Everyone is talking about the war and the problem and the causes.

But very few are talking about peace and action to restore peace in the country.

Rather than continuing to express and analyze the problem of the day we must move towards a solution.

For my part I have prepared a set of suggestions and am circulating it in any platform available.

One of them is the proposal to split and separate the powers of parliament now exercised by a group of PARTY representatives, and empower small groups of people's representatives to exercise each of the separated powers. This suggestion is put forward to eradicate the corruption that is eating the entire governing system due to the concentration of power at a point.

There are many other suggestions that together go to make good governance, basic need for sustainable peace, serenity, prosperity and a pleasant living for ALL the people in the country.

The other suggestions inclusive of those listed below would be given in a separate article, if permitted.

In Sri Lanka, the trouble started due to discrimination and injustice to the minorities and this continues due to bribery and corruption. These may be the reasons for troubles in other countries too.

Current wars have to be ended and new wars have to be prevented. To achieve this goal the present system of Democratic Governance has to be changed to one that is really democratic in its true sense.

In the present democratic system it is only those - who possess the power to attract people through speech (or worse inflammatory speeches), have enough money and muscle power - can join the ruling class to suppress or convert all others as their subjects and is thus a fertile ground for "corruption" in various forms to thrive.

In my opinion "Corruption" includes any kind of waste, neglect and every form of malpractice, dishonesty, abuse, misuse, unreasonable exercise of power, failure or refusal to exercise power, anything and everything left undone which results in the right of the people being denied or impaired.

Without a "just society" in existence much talked about "terrorism" cannot be eradicated. For the creation of a "just society" there should be "good governance" in the country. For the creation of "good governance" in the country "corruption" in ALL its forms must be eradicated. And to eradicate "corruption" the present democratic system of governance, where full power to make final decisions ultimately rests in the hands of one person, must be changed.

So the only way to salvage a country is to change the present system of governance to one that is truly democratic where the final decision-making power will NOT be in the hands of ONE person BUT shared by as many people as possible and thus restricting any individual to rush into hasty decisions that might lead to trouble everywhere.

To make a country truly democratic, the powers of the Parliament (the decision making supreme body of a country) should be split and separated and each of the separated powers must be handled by different groups of persons selected and elected by the people for the purpose of administering EACH SET OF POWERS or duties as the case may be so that no single group has the full power. All the groups together will make the whole. The country is not divided but the powers of parliament are divided/separated. The World would become united. The people would have sustainable peace, prosperity and a pleasant living with dignity and sovereignty for everyone is guaranteed.

Different groups have to be elected for such purposes as administration, fiscal management, planning, implementing, policy and law making, auditing and for any other function that may be deemed necessary.

It has to be ensured that people are treated equitably regardless of their gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, age, disability, socio-economic background, religious or political beliefs and affiliations, marital status, family responsibilities or other inappropriate distinction;

The decision-making powers with regard to each and every set of powers must be spread through-out the country.

With such system in practice discrimination, injustice, bribery and corruption, the four pillars of an Evil society might become history.

When the above four pillars of Evil are eradicated, the people would be living under a system that would guarantee sustainable peace, prosperity and a pleasant living to everyone in any country.

Comments on the above views are solicited from everyone with a view to prevent future wars and end current wars.

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