Multi-Generational Trauma Healing,Forgiveness and PeaceMaking.


Multi-Generational Trauma Healing,Forgiveness and PeaceMaking.

Somatic and Kinesitic Cultural Spiritual Rituals and Shamanic Religous Practices that Promote Common Ground,Healing,Forgiveness and PeaceMaking.

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Comment by shyam tosawad on January 15, 2011 at 11:30am
Dear friend
"Vasudev kutumbkam" entire world is a family, this was a teaching of our Indian culture and tradition.
We created countries, boundaries,religions.But this is the time to realize that we are one, our source of life and breath is same , we naturally interconnected with each other.When we understand this simple thing then we must understand how our and other's life is equally important, valuable and respectable.God has given us a human life to look after the wellbeing of all living life in this planet.
Comment by St.Thomas SpreadingEagle on July 16, 2009 at 9:24am
Bradford Keeney Work with Global Shamanisn has given academic Merit and Medical and Pyschatric implications for Healing Body, Mind and Soul.Shamanism is the Oldest Spiritual Practice on the Planet.It predates all other Religions by atleast 10,000 years.On every Continent on the Planet you will Find Shamanistic Practice.All Global Shamanistic Practices have Common Ground with each other.I will share some common elements from my own Native American Tradition and Others Later in this presentation.For now I want to Link the symbionic nature of Shamanistic practices to Peter Levine's work in Somatic Experiencing,Trauma Healing and Recovery.Peter Talks about wild Animals and how they deal with Danger and Shock.Indigenous Native Cultures have made the same Observations Peter Levine Makes in there Shamanistic Practices about Wild Animals in Mother Nature in regards to Trauma Healing and Shock.Global Shamanism has known this, like I said for over 10,000 years.Reference Peter Levine's Book;"Walking the Tiger",things we can learn from Wild Animals about Trauma Healing and Recovery.Peter's Observations When wild animals go through Shock to thier Recovery,they go through a stage called Trembling,shaking,and quaking.This step in Trauma recovery is so important it helps Disapate the Frozen stuck energy of Fight,Flight,and Frozen response to Danger.It is observable in Wild Animals and Human Beings.It is important for traumatized Human Beings who survive Plane crash,Car crash,Huracane,Artelery or Arial Bombardment of War.To Tremble,Shake,and Quake,to get over the shock.Important if this step is not allowed to express it natural inclenation.Soldiers,Freedom Fighters and Cilivians could carry PTST in there Bodys on a deep cellular level for weeks,months,and years.In dealing with multi-generational Trauma 20 or 40 or 60 years.affecting individuals,Tribes,Clans,Communities and Whole Nations.Bradford Keeney studing Global Shamanism,developed Shacking Medicine where trembling,shacking,and quaking associated with ecstatic experience of bliss can lead to healing and processing Trauma Recovery.Bradford Keeney Shaking Medicine Shamanistic Practice can work well with Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing.Some Important Links to Bradford Keeney Web Site is; Peter A. Levine Somatic Experiencing Site Link; Now the Rest exerpts from Bradford Keeney Shaking Medicine;

“Bradford Keeney is a man on a mission . . .
The implications of his work are staggering.“


Shaking medicine is the trembling, shaking, and quaking associated with the experience of ecstatic bliss. This major transformative experience is an entry into the numinous – the mysterium tremendum et fascinans. Arguably all religions and pre-religions initially felt this ecstasy and regarded it as an awakening of the original mysteries, the most extraordinary experiences possible for a human being.

The emergence of social institutions to house ecstatic rapture - whether as temples, ashrams, churches, synagogues, medicine societies, shaman guilds, or pagan societies - resulted in the quieting of the originating experience in exchange for uniform narrative understanding and maintenance of social hierarchy. The ecstatic experience was sacrificed for normalized belief and group conformity. This was true for shamanism as well as the major world religions.

In the sociology of religion this social process is called the “routinization” of the founding charismatic experience. Wild ecstatic experience is replaced by standardized ritual that overturns spontaneous play and improvisation. Guided imagery, clichéd patter, and loyalty oaths overtake raw unadulterated creativity, free expression, and heightened emotions.

The shaking traditions propose that we most deeply thirst and hunger for an ongoing immersion in ecstatic experience. The source of this shaking bliss is what the Ju/'hoan Bushmen call n/om. They wisely never give a totalizing definition of n/om, but respectfully allude to it being a mystery responsible for bringing forth life’s vitality and acknowledge that its root is open-ended limitless love. When you have n/om, it makes you shake with ecstatic delight. For members of textually constrained cultures, it is often difficult to loosen the cognitive habits and tightly constructed belief systems that inhibit fully awakened feelings.

We rarely are encouraged to stand under the sky with raw and naked presence, available to be hit by ecstatic lightning. Even most shamanic cultures, old and new, became “tamed” and conducted in a calm routinized manner. The shamans of old were wild, unpredictable, and appeared out of control. No one, including the shaman, knew what would happen in a ceremony. The so-called “spirits” took over. The same is true of early religious ceremonies. Then Buddhism chased out the Bon shamans, Christians went after their ecstatics, and shamans became reduced to hereditary entitlement or homogenized, standardized training.

Shaking medicine is a call for wild ecstatic experience. It is shamanism, spirituality, religion, and transformational performance in its fully improvised elemental form. Ecstatic shaking radically encourages the practice of wild shamanism, wild religion, wild spirituality, and wild transformative performance. This does not refer to trivial, irresponsible, or unethical behavior. The deep wild involves hyper-complexity, the greater mind of nature that holds our psyche as a small part of a more encompassing interdependent though always-changing network of relations.

We can choose to move toward the unpredictable, unknowable, and untamable wild. The sacred lives in the wild. The sacred constitutes the wild. The problem began when someone said that words and meanings must explain, domesticate, and cover up wild experience. Within this hegemony of words, we demystified whatever was mysterious and walked away from the wild in order to become semantically tamed. We sacrificed our link-to-the-universe-heart for a delusional body-less-head-trip that has imprisoned us far too long.

Consider a re-entry into the wild. Become a wild shaman, a wild pagan, a wild Christian, a wild Buddhist, a wild Jew, a wild agnostic, a wild artist, a wild performer, a wild whatever you want to call it because the name is less important than the experience of being wild in this natural though always uncommon way of giving priority to mystery over mastery.

In these challenging and complex postmodern times, shaking medicine is arguably best held by the aesthetic freedom granted by the performing arts. Some explorers of the human spirit are walking away from overly rigid institutions, explanatory frameworks, and reductionist training (whether spiritual, therapeutic, or educational) in order to invent a shape-shifting stage and ceremonial ground for the liberating performance of wild ecstatic transformation.
Comment by St.Thomas SpreadingEagle on July 16, 2009 at 1:04am
Please Check Peter Levine's Youtube Video out.The Importance of Healing Multi-Generational Trauma in Regards to War and Conflict.Most of the Time in PeaceMaking and Conflict/Resolution.The Somatic Component Trauma is left out.Most people deal with the Mind in Conflict Resolution,neglecting the Frozen Stuck Combat Energy in the Body.Many People are PTST from war and Conflict and don't even know it.Most Goverments concerning Military PTST and Cilvian PTST intentionally support Mental Denial and Supression of this Health and medical Reality.To admitt it would make the Existing Goverment Politic Look Bad and Responsible.They Like to play the Game of Plausable Denialbility and Multi-Generational Trauma does not Exist. Example;Its the same with Global Warming does not exist.2nd and 4th tour Combat Solders coming back from Iran,Irack,Afganiststan.Are deeply Scared and Traumatized.US Military and Government Policy is, it does not exist or it is Denied.The Biggest Sick,criminal,disfunction is the Denial of Civilian Causuties and Death.Take this a step further The Multi-Generational Trauma whole Countries Carry in there Bodies Unhealed and Unprocessed.What a set up for the Cycle of Violence to go on.Even in America the Families of Soldier the Children carry the Unhealed Trauma on top of that they are Taught Rascism,Zenophobia,future fuel for the cycle of Violence.On the Passive aggressive aspects.Passive side we get Alcohol and Drug Addiction Suicide.On the Aggressive side we get Family Abuse,Wife Beating and Child Beating.Teenagers join Gangs.Or they see mass Government Comrecials on TV and Internet,Join the Army.This is the Result of Multi-generational Trauma,Grandfather,Father,and Son.This is a Global Problem all over the World.It does not Matter If its Isreali or Palistanian both sides carry Unhealed,Unresolved Multi-Generational Trauma.To Have a Win/Win,Peace on Earth.We must Heal the Multi-Generational Trauma that both sides Carry to break the Cycle of Violence.Somatic Experiencing and EMDR along with Alternative Conflict Resolution Practices and NonViolent Commmunication and Cultural Shamanic Spiritual Religious Ritual Practices that Have The Common Ground,of healing,Compassion,NonViolence,Kindness,Forgiveness and Global Solidarity.You can argue for your Limitations and buy your Government's Policies of this is Impossible.I personally don't Buy it.Nonthing is Impossible.Small Thinking and Small Minds can Leave the Room Plaese.The Universe is so big it won't fit into your Mind.Its time to think outside the Box.It time to Think as Big as the Universe,Nonthing is Impossible.We can Have Global Peace and Healing in our Life Time.I was once a Freedom Fighter and I carried a Assault Rifle and a Micro Nuclear Weapon.I have been There done That.Now I choose NonViolence Peace and Healing Instead.I melted my Assult Rifle and Micro Nuke down to a Plow Sheer and Garden Tools and I grow a Organic Garden for Peace.I ask myself what out there Greater then myself can I do and Give to Man/Woman Kind.I looked all over the World and say the Little Children in Every Country,all the Pain and Suffering,the biggest victums of War and Conflict.My Goal and Objective is to Provide a World in Peace and Safty where all Children,Red,Yellow,Black and White all Colors of the Rainbow can Play,Laugh,share Joy and Love Together.For the Future our Children and all Generations,St.Thomas SpreadingEagle,Shaman/Minister.

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