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The idea behind this group is to give Peace and Collaborative Development Network members some information about iPeace.

If you believe in iPeace, please join this group and invite all your Peace and Collaborative Development Network friends to it.

First and foremost iPeace is a network that connects like-minded PEOPLE. A place where you can make real new friends, invite your old ones and share your dreams and vision of a better world.

iPeace is not an organization. It's an organism. It's alive, and it's made out of people; It is made from you, her him, them, us and me. It is not for profit and it is not for prestige. It is for peace. Period.

iPeace is a wiki-organism that believes in unity, sharing and love. iPeace believes in the tremendous power of people, when united together, to make a true change in the world.

Sharing Peace. Making A Difference
. If each one of us makes the pledge to reduce pain in out world just by a little bit, our impact will be tremendous. Fight poverty, violence, hunger or prejudice. Help our children get better education or do something for our planet. The aggregate of the little changes will make our world more peaceful.

A wise man once said: "You can't make peace with someone hungry, you can't make peace with someone who has nothing to lose".

iPeace will be a hub to ALL peace initiatives in the world. You'll be able to come here and educate yourself about what's going on and where, and also share YOUR knowledge. We will cooperate and give support to all peace initiatives, as long as they are non violent and non profit.

iPeace is a positive place. We don't need to see the horrors of war. They are posted all over our world.

October 12 at 8:39pm
Here's a tiny bit what iPeace people are saying:

At iPeace you can feel that we are one in our hearts !

In iPeace I feel alive.I find myself dropping into iPeace for a bit of tranquility. I love the connection and communication between friends and the respect that is woven into the very fabric that holds ipeace together.

iPeace means involvement in creating a strand of the fabric humanity is weaving to bring our beleaguered human family to a state of unity and global tranquility.

iPeace shows the meaning of NAMASTE. Whoever you are, whereever you come from, whateyer is your religion or society - here we are one - just humans - just friends!

iPeace is my faith and hope that all true lovers of Peace joining this wonderful place, in their hopeful quest to reach more and more pure hearts, will achieve the biggest task of all times and make Peace become our present !

iPeace means there is a venue for all peace-seeking individuals in all parts of this world; a venue where love, tolerance, acceptance and kindness bind us together and provide a strong network in which to promote peace.

Now is the time - iPeace is the place!
Here we can see the power of our wish for freedom.

iPeace allows every person to put his aspiration for peace into words, in expectation for it to become true. Leaders lead countries to wars but most of the private persons wish for peace and tranquility. iPeace gives us hope to unite under the same goal - to live our lives peacefully, make a living and raise children into a better world.

iPeace helps me in my mission to create a peaceful world through music. It gives me hope and is place where I can interact with like minded peace loving people. I am inspired by the growth of iPeace.

iPeace - Join today

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Comment by Odwe Dennis on September 20, 2010 at 7:04pm
please make me a member of this group.invite me
Comment by AMARA SYLVESTER VANDI BELEWA on May 11, 2010 at 8:08pm
Thanks very for promoting democracy by making me a member.
Comment by Waheed Ahmad on August 28, 2009 at 6:31am
Meeting Minutes

The Jail Reform Committee of High Court Lahore was constituted for year 2009-2010, the primary object of the Jail Reform Committee is to bring reform in the Punjab Jail pertaining to the basic facilities available to the prisoners and to upgrade the frustrated system, which are contributing factor in the miseries of prisoners confined in the Punjab Jails.

On 22-08-2009 the meeting of Jail Reform Committee was held in High Court, the meeting was presided by the Sarfaraz Gondal Chairman, Waheed Ahmad Ch Vice Chairman and Muhammad Usman Ghani Secretary and worthy members have gathered to discuss the problems of prisoners regarding the quality of food, health facilities and availability of electricity to the prisoners in Punjab Jails. It has come to the notice of the committee that the food provided in the jails are unhygienic and low quality beside that the health care centre do not provide proper health care facilities, furthermore the thing which aggravates the problems of prisoners are long hours load shedding in jail. The committee decided to resolve these issues urgently.

Waheed Ahmad
Advocate High Court
Vice Chairman, Jail Reform Committee of Lahore High Court Bar Association
Address: 2/136- A Aman Park baghbanpura
Lahore, Pakistan
Cell# +92-300-4254329
Fax# 0092-42-36844293
Email :

Note: We shall be most grateful if you could kindly include our Committee in to you mailing list and send us your publications. and also inform us about your Conference , Seminar, Workshop and training Programs.
Comment by lyn Davignon on August 27, 2009 at 7:19pm
National Non Profit Party
We at the N.N.P.P.
We would like the people of Canada to know, that our national party does not receive, donations, finical aid or funding of any kind from any corporation, government agency, or special interest groups.

Attention to the people of Canada
The national Non Profit Party is calling on all Canadians and Canadian groups to join our National collation to launch a unified campaign to create a Government for the people.
NNPP is the only party that has designed integrated systems that will solve all the economic and social problems facing the people and the nation. Together we can fix everything.
There are many parties and groups that have limited issue platforms, but a narrow focus does not resolve all the Issues facing the people.
Let’s become friends, join us on Facebook - National Non Profit Party
I invite you to look at our web site – and discover what will be.
If you have any questions contact me Lyn Davignon party leader at
Subject att. Lyn Davignon
Please share this with your friends and become our friends.
Look for us on your favourite sites
Face book, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Zoomers, Orkut, Public voice TV to name a few.

To all those attending the conference in Ottawa on September 11 Please stop by.
I really want to meet you and exchange ideas and make friends.
St Paul’s University auditorium Ottawa Ontario Canada 1800hr to 2200hr

For those who can not attend the conference in Ottawa on September 11 please watch
The video high lights on or YouTube nnppca

We are builders, students, engineers, farmers, parents, factory workers, we are you.
The future is unlimited; together we can do it all. Help us help you.
The well-being of a civilization lies in its ability to respond successfully to human and environmental changes.
The needs of the many outweigh the Greed of a few.
The world is changing fast; those who embrace the future will prosper.
We will do more in weeks than past governments have done in decades.
Our plan is simple, easy, fast and logical.
Thank you Lyn Davignon
It is the duty of Citizen- Journalists to inform the people.
Comment by St.Thomas SpreadingEagle on July 20, 2009 at 10:52am
In Making Peace Possible Now and Not a Concept or Empty Words and Slogan.Is to Heal the Multi Generational Trauma In myself.The Cycle of Violence Stops With me.Continue to do Lojong/Tonglen,Peace,Healing,Compassion Meditation and Practices taught to me By my Lama,Teacher,and Friends.Be the Light that Shines in Darkness of Pain and Suffering and Dispair caused by War and Confict.By my example show others they can Heal and Process there Multi-Generational Trauma.That they can Release the Anger,Pain,Rage,Hate and replace it with Healing,Compassion,Healing and Forgiveness.I was once a Freedom Fighter and I carried a Assault Rifle and a Micro-Nuke.I have been there done That and It is a Dead End.My Friend and Mentors Kalu Rinpoche,Archie Lamedeer,Peter Levine,Bessel Van Der Kolk and The Dalai Lama Help me Become Human Being Again and Reconnect with my Divinity.I am Here to Support and Hold the Space for Other Soldiers and Freedom Fighters to Heal There Multi Generational Trauma and End The Cycle of Violence.Brothers and Sisters of Compassion and Kindness and NonViolence and Healing did it for me.Now I am Here to Pass it on and Witness others Healing Miracles and Spiritual Emergence.Namaste,Om Mani Padme Hum.St.Thomas SpreadingEagle,Shaman/Minister.
Comment by Solomon M. Muin on February 25, 2009 at 8:01pm
Coming out from a community (Liberia) that suffers one of Africa's most brutal civil war, networking and working with others to ensure that the next generation does not suffer the scourge of war is my outmost priority. This makes it compelling to be a part of this initiative to make a difference. Thank you.
Comment by David Califa on October 11, 2008 at 11:58am
Comment by Rúach on October 11, 2008 at 11:46am
I like it David

I like an active site where people are actually chatting to you and not just watching. I like interaction. I like to know that you reach out to a community and someone wil respond and listen.

I like to know who is a "chatter".

So thumbs up from me to all of the new bits.
Comment by David Califa on October 11, 2008 at 11:39am

This is just something that we are trying (like online members and other new features)

Please keep giving us your feedback
Comment by David Califa on October 11, 2008 at 11:37am
Thank you all. Please keep inviting your friends to iPeace

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