Earth Pyramid Global peace monument


Earth Pyramid Global peace monument

The aim of this group is to generate support for the creation of a Global peace monument  that the whole world can contribute to. 2 Nobel peace laureates and 25 governments have already shown support.

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Comment by Stephen Ward on November 21, 2011 at 7:07pm

Hello Michelle.

                        Thanks for the Maripo links .We are already on there under Pyramids as monuments and future monuments.Its a great site and Edward who runs it has been very supportive. We are currently supported by Arup who built the Beijing and Sydney Olympic stadiums and with their help the whole venture is starting to gather momentum.We still have a long way to go but considering we started with a simple idea things are going well.All our efforts are going into this at the moment  but the idea of other monuments around the world is a good one.The Global peace initiative is attempting to build one on every continent and The John Lennon peace statue in Liverpool created by Lauren Voyers is part of that venture. If you get a chance to see our website which launched on 11/11/11 it is being updated with our progress on a regular basis.Hope to chat again soon.Great profile!!

Comment by Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW on November 15, 2011 at 1:52am

Please see these peace monuments around the world:

Comment by Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW on October 30, 2011 at 3:58pm

Dear Stephen, This is a great idea.  Maybe they can build a global peace monument in each country as well. All people can contribute to making each one similar yet different based on the location it is being erected. What do you think?  Is this possible? How far are you along at getting the first monument funded and built? Please check out my blogs and contests. Michelle

Comment by Stephen Ward on May 22, 2011 at 6:06pm

Hi Antonia.Thanks for adding your comments and suggestions.We started the project with the simple idea of getting the world working together and a global time capsule seemed like a great idea as it will give people a chance to physically participate in the form of written contributions.The idea for the pyramid came about because its a structure that has proved it can  last for a long time, will be  easy to maintain and would be a fun event as one hasn't been built for thousands of years .I wish i there were more insightful reasons for it but the pyramid design was secondary to the main aim of the project. We originally thought that organising a global competition to design a structure would be good but with no resources this was never going to happen.That is the reason for going down the pyramid route. Your view regarding the religious aspects of the pyramid is something that we have never considered before and its interesting to have that perspective. With the many issues the world is facing our aim was to just create something that was non political and that would maybe prove in a symbolic way that governments can put there differences aside for one moment in time and agree to participate.I know its incredibly idealistic but its a simple idea with a simple goal.

I liked your ideas about balancing the structure and this is something that i will take on board as things progress.The design for the chamber that will hold contributions from the worlds children has yet to be formally designed and an inverted pyramid would make a great space for this.As the project has progressed we have learnt a great deal about pyramids and although most people know them as an Egyptian construction they are actually found on most continents around the world. is a great site and its owner Maxim is supporting our project.Here you will find details of the many pyramids around the world. Like you i originally thought that the pyramids were built by slaves but during our research we have learnt that the were built by skilled craftsmen and much of this research can be found at . Your suggestion for getting ordinary people to participate in the construction is something that we have also considered and we  will, we hope have elements of that in it.

As you have seen the website i guess you will have seen that we still have an incredible amount of work to do so its great when people get in touch and participate as it gives us a chance to throw around ideas and discuss possibilities.I look forward to hearing from you again and if you get a chance to discuss the project with anyone else i would be great to have some different points of view.

Comment by Antonia Zenkevitch on May 20, 2011 at 10:08am

I was only just writing about how I have wanted for years to see a peace monument to balance the many war memorials. The project I have in mind is as much a memorial to those who have 'fought' for peace without the use of weapons; the aid workers, capacity builders, peace activists, civilians, faith leaders, atheists, statespeople and survivors of horrors that have lived and died to bring us closer to peace. What you are doing is different but related and I think you and your family have come up with a great idea. I particularly like the basic internal layout.


I would say just a couple of things but as art and history is viewed subjectively and you cannot please everyone please do not take it personally. You have my support but could a pyramid has difficult connotations for some, including myself in fact. For some Jews and some people of faiths that are the often warring siblings to this faith, Egypt and the pyramids are in part symbols of slavery, oppression. For many feminists and goddess worshipers they can symbolise male dominance. While history and present stand so often in contrast to faith as spiritual freedom approach it is mine and many others belief that the walk away from Egypt by the Jews walked away from the Pharaoh as only conduit of divinity into a 'all made in the image of the divine' identity was a seed of emancipation on every level, even as the seeds of oppression were also carried into the story. All histories as all people's, faiths, creeds, politics are complex, are they not? Although many aspects of religious history are anything but peaceful and emancipatory the premise of that seed of revelation of the equity of humankind at every level feeds much peace-work today and in various religions and humanist thought that often have mixed feelings towards Egypt and the pyramids. Great wisdom was held in Egypt; great steps in civilization and human understanding but also slavery; both built the pyramids, both were carried on by those who fled Egypt and mirrored in other societies. I know now that many orthodox friends, frum Jews, Muslims and some Christians could not support the building of a pyramid and this is a potentially big block for a global peace monument or the way it is viewed. Like the work of the red cross being mistrusted in many Jewish, Muslim and other cultures, perception is a strong factor. The answer is not to do nothing but to perhaps have a receptive, reflective and contemplative aspect to balance the pyramid; a feminine and less phallic part of the whole? This could be an equal inverted triangle or dome outside or under reflecting the stars; perhaps mirrored and/or filled with water, perhaps with 'earth stars' of flowers in and around it that people could plant or mirrored ways in which people could write, draw, create their dreams for peace and reflect this to others, to the sky and to the pyramid? These are just ideas. To me if a pyramid is used it needs balancing, if a dome were used and was balanced it would form a circle in two parts ... the uniting of which could mean peace, a circle being a very ancient symbol. Creating a structure that was only completed by visitors would also be cool ... if, for example, by air two triangles / semi-circles were united by where people had to stand to view them ... thus peace is created by participation as your internal structuring suggests.

Comment by shyam tosawad on February 16, 2011 at 2:35am
Dear friend
"Vasudev kutukbkam" entire world is a family, this was a teaching of our indian culture and traditional.
we created countries, boundaries,religions,cast,race for a genuine reason or a false reasons for any reason.but this the time to realize that we are one and we naturally interconnected with each other ,which we can just realize by watching inhale and exhale of breaths the source is same ,without any discrimination,religion, boundaries, equally for all living life of universe .When we understand this simple thing then we must understand how our and other's life is equally important, valuable ,respectable .we should follow the nature's rule ,non violence .peace ,god has given us a human life not for destruction but for look after the wellbeing of all living life.
Comment by Stephen Ward on February 7, 2011 at 5:15pm

We live in a time where the world needs to start working together and educating our children about peace and environmental issues need to be a priority, not an afterthought.We started this project because to get the worlds attention we need to get ambitious and building a new pyramid certainly fits that criteria. If we can get children involved from start to finish it will hopefully create bonds and connections that will last a lifetime. 

If anyone has any thoughts or questions we would love to hear them.

The link below takes you to a letter sent to us from Archbishop Tutus office regarding the project.

To know we have his support makes all the effort worthwhile.


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