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Agriculture, Energy, Eco-Enterprise, Environmental Protection, Health, Education

Location: New York, NY - Haiti
Members: 25
Latest Activity: Feb 1, 2015


Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the Earthquake in Haiti. And yes, it has been a while since this page got updated. BUT you can read up here on our activities or view a snapshot of what our volunteer effort did and achieved in this 2012 Wall Calendar.


However, today's story is this - let's remember:

On this day two years ago, a devastating Earthquake shook the country of Haiti into shambles. Already plagued by poverty, hunger and many other social and economic ills, the country lost an estimated 320,000 of its compatriots and many more were displaced. To date, two years later, many still live in overcrowded tents with inadequate access to food, water and sanitation and under perilous securityconditions. To make matters worse, the Cholera epidemic is still ongoing and environmental degradation creates looming catastrophes waiting to happen.

Today, our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones, to those who continue to live in camps, to all those who help and support with whatever means they can muster, and to those we pledged to help and work with in our volunteer efforts. Today, we will not forget, and today we unite with the Haitian people in spirit and in action. Today, be reminded that it is through our compassion and assistance that we can help the people of Haiti to lead healthier and more prosperous lives, elevating them to a point where they can take matters into their own hands and live sustainably and economically liberated.

We express our sincere gratitude to those who assist us in our endeavors and to those who continue to remember. We express our sincere condolences to all who lost friends and family, and we pledge to keep working for the better of those we are seeking to serve. We are educated people living in an affluent society. Not all are this fortunate. And education, good health, and material wealth - the fortunes bestowed upon all of us here - are but tools at our disposal to tangibly and empathically assist others in their struggle and to thus derive for ourselves the greatest pleasure of all: Knowing that we do what we can to help, that we will not cease, and that our efforts yield results that are being appreciated.

Please remember. Do not forget. Your compassion is needed and appreciated. In the name of CDI, its volunteers and in the name of the Seguin community, thank you for your continued support.


In late August CDI returned to Seguin, Haiti. We also launched our Miles of Trees project, finalized our community garden and more. Check out our September newsletter edition or visit us on 



Hear what Seguin has to say about our latrine project (Jan '11) and other needs of the community in words of Pastor Felix. Please consider supporting some of the initiatives in the pipeline:


CDI's February 2011 Newsletter:



We have returned from a successful and, once again, inspiring trip to Seguin, Haiti. We constructed a six-person public latrine (the first) by the busy marketplace, educated about Cholera prevention and general health, saw and medically treated an average of 80 people per day, distributed arts&crafts materials and hygiene supplies to children, started a pilot program on a new ecological soil enhancer and more. Read our report here


We will talk about our mission and future projects at the upcoming screening of the documentary movie "Dirt" on Sunday Feb-20





Happy Holidays from CDI !


CDI Video Footage is here on International Peace and Conflict and on Youtube !


Find out what CDI is planning for January - a medical team mission to Seguin, Haiti!

International Donors and Friends of Haiti: Where is the money?

CDI is currently working on final details for an upcoming humanitarian and medical trip to Haiti. Details will be forthcoming. Here is how when and where you can help us:




CDI Newsletter October 2010
Find it online in English, German, French and Spanish !

CDI aims to build cross-cultural and international bridges between individuals and groups concerned with issues surrounding international collaborative and sustainable development. By leveraging resources and volunteer experts for a variety of projects, both local and international, CDI facilitates the implementation of ecological, targeted and participatory socio-economic development projects. Our vision is to be a truly “bottom-up organization”, to advocate, to provide a forum for dialog and hands-on opportunities for people to volunteer in these projects which span the areas of health, education, agriculture, eco-enterprise, energy and environmental protection.


CDI was created by a group of passionate and motivated young professionals from around the world. We are currently registered in New York State and are looking into opportunities for domestic and international expansion.

HOW did CDI come about?

All active members of the United Nations Association, in November 2009, the three CDI-founders Matthias, Kevin and Veronica traveled to Haiti together as part of a year-long program they had been working on with the UNA. Each of them had travelled widely before and had seen some of the worst off places in this world. They all had previous professional, volunteer and academic experience in the fields of international relations, development cooperation, poverty alleviation, and human rights.

After the Earthquake on January 12th, 2010, the three quickly banded together and formed a volunteer team who would travel to Haiti and assist one of the communities they had gotten to know through their previous work and trips. Four weeks after the disaster, they led a team to Haiti that provided medical and humanitarian relief to over 1,000 people. Inspired by what had been achieved, on a volunteer basis, the motivation was born to continue “to get things done”, “to do things differently” and to encourage others to commit some of their time and resources to providing assistance and support to the less fortunate people in poor and developing countries. The result is CDI – an organization that includes many volunteers we already had the pleasure to work with as part of the humanitarian relief team. At CDI, above all, we intend to be inclusive, participatory, ecological, sustainable and truly “bottom-up”. At CDI, we value solidarity, our common humanity, dialog, focus, respect and compassion.

WHERE does CDI’s inspiration come from?

The earthquake of January 12th destroyed most of Port-au-Prince and other major cities, killing over 200,000 people and leaving millions displaced. Once the news arrived, my friends and I immediately started our internet campaign and relief drive. Over the next days we strategized our response. Soon we had our first fund-raising event—to the benefit of our targeted partner: A small school project in one of the worst-affected areas of Port-au-Prince. We had been partnering since the previous year when we worked on a year-long campaign raising awareness about Haiti and its issues in New York City.
Late in February, our team of 14, including medical professionals, arrived in Port-au- Prince. We had spent a month and a half collecting donations, advocating at events, networking, sorting and packing goods. We were joined by dozens of volunteers— strangers who came together offering their time, their cars and their networks. We flew in eight pallets of priority goods—about 7,000 pounds in 110 boxes—and brought 26 large crates filled with supplies, like blankets, diapers, water, food, sanitary products, towels, sandals for the children and flashlights. Several hundred of boxes of clothing which were shipped by sea also arrived in Haiti since then.

The response that we and this project received was overwhelming. Some of my work colleagues knew of my strong and dedicated volunteerism. Others were taken by surprise when they heard about my plans. In any case, our commitment to serve this small and neglected community in Haiti triggered great interest. We received lots of verbal, material, and even financial support and for that I wish to express my sincere gratitude.

On our daily ride to the site, we got used to seeing entire street blocks flattened. We passed the remnants of the National Palace and the Cathedral. In most cases, the scene was a pyramid of debris on top of which a single person worked the rubble with a hammer. Children played in what seems to be the greatest adventure playground: Cuts, falls and trips are a constant danger. Our medical team spent considerable time treating injuries large and small that resulted from accidents. During our stay, the dead continued to be pulled out from the devastation.

Few of the people we came to assist had tents. There were no toilets. On site, we set up a medical tent, a registration station, and a play-tent for the children. We divided roles among the team: registration, child-care, medical care, translation, logistics/supplies etc. Apart of our own presence throughout the week, there was little other visible help in the area. Only one organization maintained two large water bladders in the community. The local population had not been beneficiary of the “rice surge” which had been orchestrated during February.

We registered most of the students. Many of them lost relatives and, to this day, it is not uncommon to find teenaged children seeing after the wellbeing of their siblings. When we arrived, the kids were thirsty, starving, and feverish. We gave them water and food. We sang songs and did arts and crafts with them. We provided medical attention to hundreds suffering from injuries, infections, scabies and symptoms of malnutrition. We rushed two pregnant women to the general hospital’s maternity ward. We fostered partnerships and laid the groundwork for future reconstruction of the school. Our work may have been but a drop in the ocean. Yet, it is grassroots actions like this that amount to significant change, that show alternatives and that can inspire us to act together and create real and tangible impact for the people we work with. THIS is what makes CDI.

CDI aims to serve as a catalyst to combine cause-specific forces into results-oriented coalitions that will stimulate societal and economic activities in developing urban and rural locations. Ultimately, CDI aims to assist those in need to overcome the financial and environmental constraints of today’s inequitable global system, and work towards the betterment of living conditions, human and environmental health, social cohesion, peace and justice throughout the world.

A world in which the dignity of human life and the sanctity of environmental health, and the interconnectedness of these, is upheld through the development of self-sustainable communities that provide opportunity, empowerment and economic activity while creating a mindset of environmental stewardship and social equity. We envision communities that provide for adequate and sustainable allocation of resources and public services to the world’s most disadvantaged populations.

CDI's pilot program is located in Seguin, Hait. We will be working to help build this region to increase the capacity and ultimately create a sustainable, environmentally friendly community with available jobs, education, commerce and health care. Extensive demographic and physical research was completed in July/August 2010 in the area of Seguin and a preliminary report is available on our website. Check out the Projects page for more information and details on the first projects in the area. Through CDI's extensive international network we have been designing future projects in other areas such as the Philippines and Nepal as well as locally in New York City.

CDI has exciting current and future volunteer opportunities both with work in the field and with fundraising, event planning, grant writing and more. Please review the below information and check our CDI idealist page for current availabilities. Those interested or with questions can contact us at

Volunteer information:

At present, CDI is defining pilot projects with experienced local implementation partners in the rural town of Seguin, Haiti. A fourth post-earthquake trip is being planned for January 2011 which will provide medical attention and serve to conduct further needs assessments and feasibility studies. In addition, opportunities are being explored for small-scale green initiatives at a local level here in the United States. CDI is further committed to bringing up-to-date information on matters of international development and ecology to audiences through newsletters and events such as art exhibits, panel discussions and movie screenings. CDI’s initial international focus is on Haiti. However, we will be looking to expand as time and resources allow.

At this time, we have great opportunities for you to get involved on a volunteer basis. Join our team now and become part of an exciting new organization which will allow you to bring in your talents and ideas proactively and according to your interests. We are seeking volunteers to assist us in the following capacities:

Event Planning
The applicant should have experience organizing large and small scale advocacy and fundraising events; should be committed to the cause of international development and cooperation, have a network of contacts in varying professions in and around NYC, and possess strong outreach and communication skills in addition to knowledge about catering and venue options in NYC.The volunteer will work in a team with others to plan and execute regular events that all focus on aspects involving international cooperation, development, sustainability and ecology. We are looking to use various event formats and mediums to raise awareness, to cultivate supporters and donors, to educate and provide updates about CDI’s work, and to produce both informational and socially entertaining events, at least once a month.vWe seek to develop a structured and coherent strategy for our 2011 event year, and to collaborate with new and existing partners on these events. Major components of the event schedule will be the screening of movies, art exhibitions, scholarly and expert lectures and the creation of opportunities for public dialogue.

Fundraising / Grant-Writing
CDI needs experienced and resourceful grant-writers to produce institutional, corporate and foundational budget support for specific projects in the fields of health, education, environmental protection, energy, agriculture and eco-enterprise.
CDI also needs assistance in creating income sources for program and operational expenses that complement income from event-revenues and donations from the currently existing private donor pool. Grants research on possibility for mid to long-term stipends for field work, whether through foundations or academic institutions are needed to deploy a program and monitoring & evaluation specialist to the field. Excellent writing, research and editorial skills are required. The applicant should further possess or be willing to create sound knowledge of CDI’s projects, its mission and vision. The applicant should also have contacts in and knowledge about local and national foundations, government grant-writing opportunities and academic sponsorship programs

Legal Assistance
CDI may require the assistance of experienced legal professionals on an ad-hoc basis as regards incorporation, federal and individual state-recognition of 501(c)3 status, audit and tax requirements, drafting of MOU’s with partners, and organizational development / expansion.

Marketing & Promotion
CDI is also looking for experienced marketing and PR volunteers. The volunteer(s) will work in close collaboration with the event planning team and well as with the program specialists.The position will require the proactive promotion of CDI’s mission, vision, and concrete events and projects, locally and internationally. The applicant should be a self-starter who is able to produce opportunities for public engagement, media presence, co-sponsoring and partnership development.This position will also be involved in the design and editorial review of CDI’s newsletter.

Partnership Building
CDI is looking to create a network of partners, individual and organizational, who would collaborate with CDI on local and international projects and events.
Partnerships may take the form of co-sponsorship of programs and events, the solicitation of funding and expertise, cross-promotion, general and strategic collaboration. Partnership outreach encompasses private sector organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and academia. In addition, partnerships are required with individuals and experts in various specific fields and subjects and a on a per-needs basis.

Corporate Sponsorship Outreach
In close collaboration with the event and promotion teams, this volunteer position will aim to create corporate sponsorship opportunities for events and local and international projects. Corporate contacts may become strategic partners and are sought to secure specific or general funding, in-kind donations of needed project materials (medical, educational, construction supplies etc.) and to sponsor advocacy and fundraising events (food or beverage, venue, art space, items for silent auctions, gift bags etc.) or to assist with travel and other logistical arrangements. In addition to short-term project or event-specific support, CDI is looking to for an individual who will proactively fashion this position in a way that takes a strategic approach in forming lasting ties between potential corporate partners – financial and technical. The applicant should have experience with corporate outreach and corporate foundations. He or she should have a large network of contacts in various industries and be able to reach out to specific corporations depending in short-term needs of CDI

Accounting / Bookkeeping
CDI may require the assistance of an experienced accountant to maintain the highest degree of accountability and transparency, to prepare financial reports, to field request from the IRS or the NY State Department. The volunteer should be an accounting professional with experience in non-profit accounting.

General Research
General research support is needed to collect and process information on technical aspects of various projects. This involves secondary research and the compiling of reports, identifying of experts, product review, compiling information on sourcing prospects and detailed research on a per-needs basis. The general research volunteer may be asked to support other volunteers, specifically the Corporate Sponsorship Outreach volunteer and the Grant-writing volunteer. The volunteer should proactively identify possibilities for partnerships, competitions and other fundraising opportunities, event dates, specific initiatives and events of third parties that would be beneficial for CDI members to attend.

Graphic Design / Artistic Support
We are looking to position CDI as a young, dynamic, creative team and as a unique organization that makes use of the arts and culture to promote and support its mission and vision. Design work may include graphic illustrations, logo(s), newsletters, t-shirt prints, event and promotional flyers, formal and informal presentations etc.

Online Support
CDI is looking for support in its various online and social networking activities (Facebook, Twitter, CDI website etc.) Most importantly, CDI needs assistance with the updating of its website and respective content management. On occasion, new links, videos, pictures and reports will be added to the website and we are in need of a volunteer who is knowledgeable in web-design and HTML. Our website has a members corner, a corner for CDI internal documents, and an area for interested individuals to subscribe and register with CDI. These components will require management by the online support volunteer.

The above tasks and position descriptions are general in nature and indications only. Requirements may change and additional / complementary volunteer support may be required on a per-needs basis. The above also share many commonalities. This overlap provides for the possible merging of volunteer positions depending on the time commitment each individual volunteer can make. Note that we expect all applicants for all positions to be passionate, resourceful and committed to serving the mission and vision of CDI. Consistent attendance of monthly team meetings will be required.

In addition to the volunteer positions above, CDI is also looking for expert volunteers to assist in feasibility studies and technical program support in the following areas:

Organic Farming Experts / Agronomists
Honey, Fruit Trees, Jam, Agave, Mushrooms, Flowers, Coffee, Bamboo

Organic and Artisanal Food Processing
Honey, Fruit Trees, Jam, Agave, Mushrooms, Flowers, Coffee, Bamboo

Food Import/Export and FDA specialists
Eco-tourism specialists
Construction specialists and Building Engineers

Medical Professionals
Renewable Energy specialists
Wind, Solar, Biomass etc

Should you be interested in any of the above tasks and positions, please contact us at your earliest convenience at


Discussion Forum

Community Development for Indigenous Peoples of Negros Occidental

Started by Leonisa A. Impil Nov 9, 2011. 0 Replies

      Hi good day. Am glad to join this organization as a gateway to post my data about indigenous peoples in Negros Occidental.     We need community development as a source of knowledge and…Continue

Community Development for Indigenous Peoples of Negros Occidental

Started by Leonisa A. Impil Nov 9, 2011. 0 Replies

      Hi good day. Am glad to join this organization as a gateway to post my data about indigenous peoples in Negros Occidental.     We need community development as a source of knowledge and…Continue

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You need to be a member of CDI - Community Development International to add comments!

Comment by Alison L. on March 3, 2011 at 9:34pm
Community Development International will be hosting a variety of events to advocate and celebrate the UN 2011 International Year of Forestry. Please stay tuned for more info and for details on our environmental protection projects to save the National Park "La Visite" in Seguin, Haiti, as well as local (NYC) community projects for green and responsible urban living!
Comment by Matthias Resch on January 3, 2011 at 6:59pm
As we are readying ourselves to depart for Haiti on Jan-21, we are busy raising funds and collecting in-kind donations of art supplies, OTC and non-medical supplies for our clinic and more. Objectives of our trip are:

- to provide medical clinics and health / hygiene seminars
- to construct public latrines and to revitalize a decrepit school building
- to provide art therapy classes with elementary school children
- to lay the foundations for successful and sustainable projects in 2011

In our effort to raise awareness and funding, we invite you to join us for our Benefit Concert for Haiti on Jan-16 at Favela Cubana in NYC
Comment by InternationalPeaceParkExpedition on December 12, 2010 at 2:49am

The work you're doing looks incredible! Some of the students that are part of this group may be interested in the academic expeditions we're offering. Go to Costa Rica over Spring Break or the Balkans this summer for hands-on experiential learning on eco-enterprise, environmental protection, and so much more. To learn more about our program and to sign up, visit!

Comment by Matthias Resch on November 14, 2010 at 12:02pm
Education, as we are aware, is crucially important to development, to a life in dignity and with opportunity. Equally important is human health, which is why CDI is again putting on the ground a team of medical and relief workers in January 2011. Education, Health, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Eco-Enterprises are the areas CDI is and will be involved with.
Comment by Sohail Mahmood on November 11, 2010 at 2:34pm
education needs to be the focus
Comment by Matthias Resch on October 16, 2010 at 5:36pm

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