This is a space to gather feedback from people/organizations who have made a payment in support of PCDN's work. We encourage everyone to please consider supporting PCDN in any amount that you can via the Support Page (where details of the impact of PCDN's work is also provided)

Dear Supporters of PCDN


Thank you again for very generously making a payment to support PCDN, we truly appreciate it. Your support will help PCDN continue to grow and thrive as we plan to expand our work in several areas including:


  • Expanding interviews with leading practitioners/scholars in the field
  • Increasing the number of resource guides in key areas
  • Soliciting a greater number of job and scholarship postings
  • Advancing our outreach to key organizations and individuals around the world
  • Developing a stronger PCDN identity (including a logo)
  • Increasing our interns and staff to help manage the growing site
  • Improving metrics to measure the impact of PCDN
  • Examining how to start doing offline, live or streamed events on key topics such as careers in the field
  • And many other areas (please feel free to suggest new ideas)


To date about 900 people out of 35,000 have made a payment (which is less than 3.0% of our membership. Our goal is to reach 40% of membership supporting PCDN, in any amount). Please help us increase the number of people who assist PCDN.


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Thanks for your generous support of PCDN, it is much appreciated and glad to hear you find the network of benefit to your ongoing professional development.

I think that before receiving it must be giving. So I believed I had to give my support to the PCDN as soon as I expect receiving the informational support from it in the future, and also because I've got from the network some info I needed before.

Although I never applied for a grant or scholarship announced in the PCDN, I did consider to support the network financially, immediately upon I returned to a paid job after 3 years of volunteering as a president of a charity.  Information available from the PCDN emails is very important for those who are working or planning to work in the development sector in any part of the world. I often forward PCDN's grant or scholarship announcements to the individuals and organizations who might be interested to apply. And, thanks to the PCDN, I've accessed a number of publications that are within my professional and research interests.   

  There are not so many networks similar to the PCDN. So I am planning to continue my support, even if it would be quite modest. Just I hope my and the other PCDN members' contribution will result in the further development and flourishing of the network. And I want this network to exist and to flourish.

Dear Yekaterina

Thank you for your generous support of PCDN, it is much appreciated, as is your feedback. We hope that you find the information, contacts and inspiration from PCDN of benefit to your work.

We would appreciate if you could also let others know about the network.

Hello Everyone...

Many things in life we take for granted... These things just happen to always be there, so they become the least of our worries. We never imagine not having them, so, I suppose the less we contemplate how we are enriched by them. PCDN is there before I turn on my email - at least five to ten times daily informing me of something I didn't know – news; current events about our world, the UN, world peace, the practice of conflict management and peaceful resolution… For me, PCDN is ‘fraternal’... it informs us of our profession - giving us world views on many perspectives... Think about it...what professional association can you join for $19.95? Common! This is a pretty damn deal...






Dear Emmanuel

Thanks for your very kind feedback and support, it is much appreciated. Support from PCDN members is crucial to helping us to grow, thrive and provide this unique platform for engagement, learning and action. We encourage everyone (individuals and organizations) to consider what they can afford to give to help us (and of course realize not everyone can which is why we have the free option).


Dr. Zelizer

I love the information I receive through PCDN daily.  It is a site worth supporting!

Thanks for your support, it is much appreciated.

Dear Jan

Thank you for the very kind words and feedback, much appreciated. If there are any specific programs or opportunities you learned about via PCDN please let us know.

Thank you Craig

I am one of the members who does not do the payment yet. I do not want to lose the connection with PCDN. I want to send US$ 25 , but it seems that the transfer fee is bigger than the amount I plan to send to PCDN.

I hope I can fine the way how to send the fee from Aceh, Indonesia. I am planning to go to Canada tomorrow on May 31. May be I can ask my friend to do the transfer from there.

Please advice me with this.

Best Regards

Tabrani Yunis

Thanks. We know the intl wire fees are very high and some people cannot afford to pay or are located in countries where it is too expensive. That is why we are keeping the free option as we want to ensure everyone has access. If you can send a payment via Canada great, otherwise just request a free renewal.

Thank you, PCDN community, for your dedication and the unknowable hours spent assimilating and posting this treasure resources.

As our peacebuilding world and relationships expand, we treasure all the new relationships the PCDN community gives us the opportunity to establish.

Several times a day, we simply go through the content-rich messages to keep learning and initiating new relationships on every continent. . .appreciating PCDN more.

Libby and Len Traubman  -  San Mateo, California USA

DIALOGUE IN NIGERIA: Muslims & Christians Creating Their Future

Thanks for your very kind feedback as well as the many years of pioneering work you have been (and continue to do in the dialogue/peacebuilding field)


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