What happens to the NGO-UN Development industry when the US runs out of money?

The older affluent donors are leaving us. Are we ignoring US economic indicators of the home. Wall Street is not the US kitchen table. Not even close.

What if the party is going to end?

As I read the documents of sustainability programs on this site, it seems we have our heads in the sand on the US economy and what if it looses its economic war with China. We are being drained.

The vast sea of retirement assets that were in every home are gone with our second mortgages. City and town homeless shelter are currently over flowing with people that work in retail store whose total month salaries
are less that a month’s rent. In Fairfield Country Ct the rescue mission in
Bridgeport has gone from 12,000 to 49,000 meals in three years. We have people who
were donors now in food lines.

The US is now living with a middle class poor and the 60+ year old bid donors are dying off. Our communities are filled with homes for sale and foreclosures. Two pastors I know sent by their Kenyan churches for US for funds
just went back empty handed. 

Ask your field staff' "What is US party may be over sooner than we wish?"

I could go on for pages. But the message is clear. NGO and governments need a different set of strategies of the changing economic climate. In this now Global economy other players will push labor costs to near zero with child labor as we are seeing now in Africa.  Congo
children mining to slave labor shrimp fishing. In America deferred cost strategy
is practiced in the retailing with less than rent salaries and zero benefits.

Perhaps a global outcry for wages that will realistically sustain a family is the only defense when the helping hand is no longer there. Perhaps that was what we should of done to begin with. The time for deferring costs
of production goods onto those with open heart needs to stop. Perhaps is stoping now? Why are the NGOs
paying the medical bills of mining and manufacturing companies?

I write this as a corporate strategist looking at the risks of any market. I am currently developing an NGO. What would you do with zero budget? Could you meet you objectives with what you have already? Can you do eLearning at a dollar per student? Can you function without any US funds?

We (and myself included) must face a difficult choice. How do we face our key donors to support reasonable wages when they profit by near zero wages? Were is the balance?

So call the development people in with the field and ask? How will you plan and act for your organization when the money runs out? 

What would you do differently?

What if the only thing you had was you wits and courage and the local people who trust you?



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