Video, photography and theatre for conflict transformation and reconciliation

I am carrying out my PhD research project on the impact that participatory media can have in post-conflict settings to initiate processes of reconciliation.


I am beginning to organise my fieldwork for next year and looking for projects using methodologies of video, photography and theatre to get community members involved in media productions that engage groups in telling and exhanging stories related to their experience of war.


I am interested in projects (also those that have already taken place) being implemented in post-civil war African countries. I would like to conduct an evaluation of those activities.


If you are carrying out projects in this area (or know someone who is) and you are interested in my research, please get in touch!


Thanks a lot,


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Hi Valentina-


I would recommend you look at this website:




Hi Josh.


My research does not look at journalism reporting, but rather at the way the media I have indicated can engage communities in a process of story-telling and sharing experiences of war in order to initiate processes of reconciliation. Yet, it was very interesting to learn about the Tiziano project. I have enjoyed watching the video and reading about its concept. I strongly believe in the importance of giving a voice to those whose lives are affected by conflict.


Thanks a lot for sharing this!


I am so intereted by what you plan to do by using modern media sets to help solving and cleaning society where war causes many   hates between poeple.I hope to involve but my english is yet poor so I can't do more.I'm living in Ivory Cost county  which face a war with many consquences for those who are not have  even foods to eat.I can provide  tesmonies about consequences of war in may ways.Depending on your own will to go ahead.Yours.

If you know of any project in Ivory Coast that has used video, photography or theatre to create stories in the aftermath of the conflict, I will be happy to learn more about it.


Thanks, Valentina


What an exciting project. You may be interested in this project am interested in the resources you compile. Might you be sharing them on Peace and collaborative Development Network?



Thanks Arthur. The PPR2011 has reminded me about the power of poetry as a form of media. I have been working with communities living in extreme poverty and with high level of illiteracy in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is probably why I have not thought about poetry much in my work. But it is interesting to see how it's being used in certain countries.


I will try to share as much as I can. I usually upload my publications on my Academia profile. You might want to keep an eye there as well:




Very interested in the project, although my interest is focused on Afghanistan along the New Silk Road

Hello Valentina,

Search for common ground was working to set up community radio stations in post-civil war west african states. I believe some of the stations were doing community workshops to create potentially transformative radio plays. See


Sam Diener

Hi Sam,

thanks for your post. I have been following the work of SFCG with great interest over the past few years. I know that they carry out community consultations in order to develop their radio dramas. I also know that - besides radio - they are involved in some participatory theatre activities, but I have not heard of any project related to video or photography.

If you are aware of any of their activities with these media, it would be great to know.

Thanks, Valentina

Hi Valentina,


I'm moving into documentary filmmaking with a focus on human rights and my first project will be in Liberia.  My focus is on child labor, so while not directly related to post-conflict issues, might be of interest to you?  Just let me know if you'd like more info.




Hi Piper,

thanks for your reply. Your project sounds very interesting, but in the type of media I am looking at through my research, community members are the film-makers. With participatory approaches to the media, people are given basic video traning and they film the story they want to tell and share with others. They have complete ownership of the video output throughout the whole production process. This is the crucial difference with regular film-making.

If you are involved in this type of activities, happy to know more about it :-)

Hi Valentina,

Interestin! I am working on participatory community theatre that mutates to video, in Cameroon, focusing on how the Anglophones articulate their cultural identity through these media, to enhance development in the social, economic and political spheres.

My Blog:

One of the videos that is subject of my own PhD is on conflict resolution amongst sub-cultural groups in a common geopolitical sphere. 



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