Trends in Education, Economics, & Technology: "Generation X" Gaining a New Reputation

Trends in Education, Economics, Entertainment & Technology


11-25-2011 “Gen X slackers?  Not so, says new study”

Michelle Healy, USA Today

“Most work hard and stay tightly linked to family”

Ali’s Commentary:  People in the age range of 30 to 50 are showing that they value family, career and self development.  There will be opportunities for youth who are making prudent decisions starting from middle school.  The balance between making a difference, being healthy, and making money will become more important.  Here are some excerpts from the article by Michelle Healy

1.  “The notion that Gen X won’t do as well as their Baby Boomer parents and the World War II era Greatest Generation ‘doesn’t seem to be the case,’  - Jon Miller, director of the Longitudinal Study of American Youth at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research.  The study was funded by the National Science Foundation.”

2.  “We have moved from a mechanical to a more information-based economy, and most of (this generation) can survive and thrive in this kind of environment,”  Miller says.

3.  About 84 Million Americans were born in 1961-81.  Now ages 30 to 50, they are the parents of today’s school-age children.  Increasingly they lead the nation in government, business, education, and social and cultural affairs so “it’s important to understand their values, history, current challenges and future goals,” Miller says

4.  The struggling economy has hurt Gen X, Miller says, but “not devastated them.  On the whole, it’s a pretty resilient group,” unafraid of extra work to get ahead.  “Previous generations would have been hurt even worse by this recession.”

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We need to Show students how to make informed decisions using knowledge of current events and trends that are effecting the life/career planning process.  This information will empower students to create realistic “smart” objectives to reach their goals and live out their dreams.”


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