Thomson Reuters Foundation asks – and answers – a seemingly impossible question: How to feed a planet of 9 billion people by 2050?

LONDON, May 2 (AlertNet) By 2050, the planet will need at least 70 percent more food than it does today as population soars, cities sprawl and climate change takes its toll. Will it be possible?
That’s a question AlertNet, the global humanitarian news service run by Thomson Reuters Foundation, put to experts the world over for a special multimedia report probing the future of food.
The answer: The planet can feed itself – but only with the help of myriad “green bullets” designed to change the way food is planted, watered, harvested, stored, transported, owned and shared.

From the slums of Nairobi and the ghettoes of New York to Philippines paddy fields and the fields of India’s Andhra Pradesh, we take you to the frontlines of innovation. You’ll learn about “sack gardens” in cities and hydroponic pods on skyscrapers; mobile-phone drought warnings and pest-proof grain silos; new varieties of “super grains” that can resist drought and inundation, often in the same season; steps to give rural women title to their land…
The AlertNet package of stories, videos, photos and animations divides solutions into four broad categories: smarter food, different food, urban food and fairer food.

For the full package, including stories, interviews, videos, info-graphics and commentary, visit

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If people . all people, learn, know an own human rights as a way of life they will be guided by this holistic and practical framework to participate , women and men alike, in the decisions that determine their lives.. and understand that social responsibility is the way to create a future free of hunger “ free form fear and want”  -- the way to belong and live in dignity with one another.. not exchange their equality  for survival – and most important MOVE CHARITY TO DIGNITY!! 

Top down decisions will not make it any longer.. we ave to ove power to human rights .. from Veticality to horizontality.. where people take charge .. and cave their future ..

Food experts can give advice and options and choices.. only if these  are accepted by he community will it have  lasting effect.

Lets tru to think of moving away form symptoms to look at causes and t

Let the people create the change needed to feed ten billion people .. without greed .. corporate profits.. and lack of respect and trust.

We have no other option.



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