The XII Project Presents: Experts examine the Peacebuilding-U.S. Foreign Policy nexus

The XII Project, a non-partisan initiative, seeking to elevate the debate on the most pressing foreign policy challenges facing the U.S. leading up to the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, is  developing a comprehensive network of experts on Peacebuilding. Topics/Experts featured include:

Mitigating the Crisis: Inside Conflict Zones

David Steele, Adjunct Professor, Brandeis University offers a poignant commentary on the violent uprisings throughout Africa and the Middle East.


Uprising In Libya

Dr. Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, Professor, George Mason University, offers a poignant analysis of the latest uprising in Libya and how the current crisis will impact n U.S.-Middle East relations and the already fragile peace process.


Peacebuilding: A New Way on U.S. Foreign Policy

Dr. Hrach Gregorian, President of the Institute of World Affairs, speaks about the Republican Study Committee’s recent proposal to make major cuts to U.S. foreign assistance; what a comprehensive peacebuilding framework could look like; and offers his thoughts on ways U.S. agencies can collaborate more effectively with Civil Society and NGO groups on the ground.


To learn more or to view the videos featuring these experts, click on any of the titles here or visit us at:


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President Dos Santos is killing Cabindans to obtain Cabinda's Oil with which he bribes China+G8


Legitimacy of the Cabinda People's Political Claims


Since the United States remains the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth; since the role of the United States, France, and Portugal in the ongoing Angola's belligerent occupation of Cabinda (1975) and ensuing maintenance by force of colonial domination is self-evident; since President Obama claims that what is required of Americans now is a new era of responsibility - a recognition, on the part of every American, that you have duties to yourselves, your nation, and the world; and since we, People of Cabinda, are both victim of the world biggest robbery ever and victim of the most serious crimes of international concern as referred to in the Rome Statute and which, as a result, fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC); we respectfully urge "Washington" to be aware of the fact that this is the time that those who have been deprived of justice must receive justice. For additional information with reference to the Cabinda Issue, here we put some links at your disposal. In advance, much thanks for your time and help in this matter.


Bartolomeu Capita (Mr.)

Chairman, Cabindan National Movement



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