Support the International Violence Against Women Act, Join Us in the Fight to End Violence Against Women and Girls

For countless women living in the developing world, a life without violence is a rare thing. Every day around the world women are beaten, raped, and even killed because of their gender.

But there's a way to help. This year, Congress will vote on the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), a comprehensive bill with bipartisan support that aims to empower women by giving them the tools they need to escape abusive situations and make a new start for themselves and their children.

IVAWA needs to pass, and we are running out of time. Please join me in 31 Days of Action, a month long campaign intended to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women, and build support for IVAWA in Congress.

Together, we can make a difference!

To join 31 Days of Action, click here

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I just wanted to note that violence against women is also a domestic issue in the US and not only a foreign policy matter. The picture above does not reflect this fact.
I agree. Domestic violence is an issue in all countries, but this particular piece of legislation is focused on US Foreign Assistance and helping to prevent violence against women in countries around the world.
Dr Craig,
This is a very important issue in Africa violence against women also in Nigeria my country .whatever the world body can do to put a stop to this criminality, i as a person will appreciate it.

prince korieocha
I think we certainly all agree that domestic violence is a global issue including domestically in the US. Its difficult to expect a photograph to reflect an entire program.

You may be interested in Dr. Bonita Myersfield and her work on domestic abuse as a human rights issue. She is a barrister for Parliament and has been published on this matter and has a wealth of material regarding US/UK/EU jurisprudence on this matter. She is a great resource for domestic violence issues on all levels.

In Peace,
Where do we place violence against women by their fellow women,in the work settings, homes, community badsed organizations, culture of male child preference.Are these forms of violence peculiar to less developed countries?
Violence against women and girls is now a culture that most people have lived and are still living. It therefore needs concerted efforts beginning from you and me to relfect on what this issue in our lives. A small change in mind can create a big impact to not only your family, society, nation but the whole world. We all need to take time to think about what violence against women and girls mean, what we as individuals both men and women have contributed by for example ignoring such cases as "those people's problems" by a slight change in the thinking that can make an a bigger impact.

I really support the initiative by different stakeholders but i think we need to change the strategies and it has to be now
Dear Adrienne!

I am so glad to find your comment in peace and collaborative development site about Dr. Bonita Myersfield's work on domestic abuse as a human rights issue.

I don't know if it is possible to request you for having her text about domestic violence. Our country that is male dominant society needs such a text and work samples to learn more and protect domestic violence.

A third of women are the victims of domestic violence - simply called "beating" brutal punishment by rejecting married off forcibly.

All women & children are equal, and have human rights such as the right to food, shelter, health care, education, and protection from violence, neglect and exploitation.
Women and girls are subject all over the world to many forms of violence and too often they are tollerated and justified by cultural, religious or traditional believes. This is no longer justifieble, no mather what country, religion, culture or tradition we are talking about. Campaigns should be started but mostly by women who are involved in first person everywhere in the world (Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe). The actions and campaigns should start from the bottom. In my eyes, there should be put FOCUS ON EDUCATION/ALPHABETIZATION/LITTERACY OF WOMEN. Investing in women and girls education raises in them the awareness of their value as individuals especially in cultures and traditions where they played a secundary role or where not even considered as human beings. I think this could be a first step to do!
There is a view in moral philosophy that holds that our emotions are what drive our moral actions. We are as this view would argue slaves to our yearnings,desire or passion. A contrary view argues that we are rational beings and our reasoning is what propels us to act. Sometimes however, I wonder what kind of reasoning drives a 50 year old man to rape a 3 year old girl, or father to rape his own daughter and even bear children through her. What on earth justifies a human to subject another human to acts that are degrading and so torturing? Why should they be spared at all when caught? I at least know why in Nigeria. Here some of our leaders marry 13 year old girls even when they are well above 50. I ask: Does intimate affairs such as marriage and sex not require the consent of parties involved, and are they not expected to be adults? Does a 13 year old girl pass as an adult in this sense and by this definition? Who will be a judge in this case? And why are women ngos not talking and fighting this course? There are silent voices crying for help and are not getting any. It is so sad
Yes I just also want to note that its true we all have to join our actions come together and say NO to gender based violence in specific violence against women in our different communities. women are a blessing a lovely gifts from God Almighty and they should be love, cherished and cared for, in fact they are special and precious so to those of you who violate their rights stay warned because the Father above is watching you and you will answer and pay the price for those barbaric behaviors against the beautiful creatures. women also should stop/end violence against their fellow women and to other men more especially at work, homes and at political levels.
This is a very important issue of Pakistan violence against women also in Sindh province my country .whatever the world body can do to put a stop to this criminality, i as a person will appreciate it. We are already working on violence against women in our district

Abdul Haque Banglani
The above displayed picture does not show Violence Against Women. Two days before a women was brutally beaten by her husband and brother and the most important thing is media project it and show the so called Drama on TV. Just thing we talk about violence and we ignore self respect. I strongly condemn on VAW, Gender based violence issue in Pakistan and Haque sahib its not the issue of Sind it exists all over Pakistan. Women has many loving roles, mother,sister,wife, friend and many other. i think we never give respect to women and never accept their roles. Domestic violence starts from home the day the baby girl born. In Pakistan after the birth of baby girl the family members starts crying ALAS- Why ????????????? I can't express myself on this issue just wanted to say and play my role PLEASE STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.


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