Please provide Suggestions for Improving the PCDN Network (Creative, Small and Big Ideas Welcome)

Dear Colleagues

Greetings. Thank you for your ongoing support and participation to the PCDN network.  We would like to encourage members to help improve the site in a number of ways. First please, continue to invite colleagues to join the network and benefit from the site resources. The site has reached almost 29,000 members, is attracting approximately 300,000 hits per month and has truly reached a global audience. Members can also follow the network on TWITTER or FACEBOOK or LINKEDIN.

We would welcome any of your suggestions for new features, resources and other items you would like to see on PCDN (creative ideas especially welcome) in any of the following areas

  • What could be done to improve the site?
  • What are new features that might be worth adding?
  • Are there new resource guides that PCDN should develop? If yes, in which areas (see the current list of guides at (
  • Do you have a suggestion for someone who might be appropriate for a PCDN interview?
  • How can we help improve the impact of PCDN?
  • Other ideas.

As always, if you have benefited from using the network, please provide concrete feedback to help us measure the impact of the Network at


Thank you for your continued support


Dr. Craig Zelizer



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I think it'd be really helpful if users could bookmark pages that they want to find and come back to more easily.  There are so many great resources on the PCDN and I think being able to bookmark and un-bookmark would facilitate use.  Thanks!

A great suggestion. Ning (the platform we run on) doesn't have this feature, but will suggest it to the company.

Thanks. We are hoping to launch online and perhaps offline events sometime this year. Any topics you would want to suggest

Hi dear Craig,
I have been receiving your mails for the last one year.You have been a very effective and effiecient sources of info for me and even for my friends, whom I forwarded some of them to.
So, you have always done wonderfully well. I am confirming your services delivery to humanity via the provision of viable links and information "on sensitive, life threatening and development issues; and building a network for same that has made you only concerned about knowing what more you could add. i wish you take time to congratulate yourself as well for "standing in the gap"; and this i say on behalf of all of us who rely on you for valuable info." as one of other readers has put in his comment.
In peace,
Hotak, from Kabul, Afghanistan

Thanks fr the very kind feedback. Would appreciate if you could let others know about PCDN

I want to add my congratulations for the site, as it is a really valuable source of information. I recomment it to all our students to be informed of all the grants, research and field work opportunities. And discussions are very valuable to me.

As a user myself of the site, I wouls suggest to create big categories of items to be added in the tittles of the posts, so that it would be quicker to identify the kind of information it is: discussion, publication, job, course...

Anoher way to improve the submitted infromation I can think of would be to try to broaden the geographic scope. A high percentage of offers are from the US, and it would be great to have more diversified information. Maybe this could be done by having regional responsibles? not sure how to manage that, but it would be great!

In any case, the PCDN is already an excellent tool.

Thanks for that! 

Thanks. We do work on having clear titles, but agree this can be improved and will try to improve. Regarding posting of materials, we have members from over 170 countries, but we can only post the information that we find or is posted directly. We are always trying to diversify and increase what we post, but this is also up to members.

Suggestions: perhaps it's worth subtracting the "Check out" from every e-mails' subject line. It doesn't really add anything and cuts off the pertinent subject line.

Out of curiosity, why does every PCDN email come from Craig Zelizer rather than "PCDN?"

Thank you, Craig Zelizer and your PCDN team, for all that you do!

Thanks. It is an automatic part of the system, but will see if we can change it somehow. Perhaps at some point we will setup a PCDN general account, but for now I send out the individual email blasts. Keep the suggestions coming.


i am a member of the network from the binging. Many of my friends including me feel that if you can add an option/ new feature in the profile to let other people and organizations to see who is looking for a job. since this network has a a very good talented people who are looking for any opening in peace field and also many people are belongs to organization where they need suitable people, so we can net work here if we can start a new option or feature where we can see who all looking for job opening. 

Dr. Craig, I have to thank you and your team for valuable information about conflict management and peace building. I personally have found a lot of information which helped me in one way or the other to solve the Immigration issues for Somalia refugees.  Kindly you can share with your readers some links on tool kits and case study on Somalia and South Sudan in order to widen our knowledge and skills.  In fact, being in marginalized country we need this kind of support in order to reach our project objectives and goals. Good work Craig keep it up.

Mariam, Nairobi

I think, it will be great if the messages can be classified, as jobs, trainings, conferences, workshops, research, calls for grants submissions, partnerships, lectures, Summer school, youth opportunities, professional work, etc..

this can be placed as a first word/sentence int he message title to avoid checking and opening each one.

Nevertheless, the work you are doing is great and excellent, well done and thanks for all


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