Seeking Feedback on Impact/Benefits of Being a Member of the PCDN Network

Dear Colleagues

Greetings. In order to help to grow the network and to attract new members, we would like to start a page on the network highlighting comments of how members are using or benefiting from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. If you might have time to provide brief comments on how this site has helped you in your work/professional development, this would be very helpful. In your responses please also include your name, job, organization, location and if we have permission to post your comments on a separate page promoting the network. You can post in this discussion or send feedback directly to me.

Some possible benefits from being on the site might include:

* New Contacts
* Obtaining a Scholarship
* Attending a Training Program
* New Research
* New Information
* New Projects
* Other Areas

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As a student I have benefited from new information provided. Education opportunities provided are very useful. The events organized also have been one that helps me learn and to actively engage in advocacy issues from wherever I am like the Hug party.

Great Job!

I am currently based in the Communication Partnerships and Advocacy Dept of Infectious Diseases Institute, in Uganda. I have a background in developement and humanitarian work. I have been able to meet new people and schedule meetings with people coming to carry out projects in Uganda. I have been able to share my experience with others. I have also had access to up to date trainning material. I am also learning about other areas in the field of Humanitarian Work. Thank you for this initiative.

Dear Craig;
Greetings from Nepal

Many thanks for your hard work on rich information and opportunities in regard of conflict transformation, peace and development. This has become a useful tools to all we peace and development prectioners. It is a resource bank indeed. May I ask a question? Ary you alone for this new endeavor?

Bishnu Pathak, Phd
(PhD on Conflict and HR)
First, I do thank you Mr. Criag for this great initiative; God bless you. I value both time and logistics you invest into this for helping us here. Though it might seem as if I am alone on my page but the truth is a great number of different stakeholders do equally benefit from Peace and Collaborative Development Network both directly and indirectly as in the following narration.

Right, my name is Robert Kibaya, a Ugandan born and do run a local NGO here in Uganda called Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (

Just a few years back I did hookup on this amazing network. One thing which amazed me was that, the owner seemed so kind to provide the same services the majority do without paying any token to him.

Before, I continue, I have a pleasure to inform everyone that my Justice Makers Project organized by International Bridges to Justice (Rural Communities Criminal Justice Awareness Project) won the prize and right now implementing the same in my Community in Kikandwa Village. See photos below. The advert about the Justice Makers Competition was posted on this network and I decided to give it a try for I longed to see justice services extended nearer to rural community people here in Uganda where the majority are so ignorant about the topic. Check on my website under Projects for more information about the project methodology and strategies.

A year ago, an advert was posted on this network about the Humanitarian Studies conference in Netherlands which I did respond to To my amazement, the Organizers chose my proposed panel topic and immediately I became a Panel Leader of the same (Refugee Life and Internally Displaced). The conference ran from 04th-07th Feb 2009 and I saw my self leading a panel of over five papers with such an incredible participants. I was of course considered for a partial scholarship which covered part of my air fare.

In Africa especially in rural communities, there is a very big information gap due to lack of up to date information infrastructures. The majority of the young people cannot access this very useful information posted on here due to lack of connectivity and I always feel so sad about it. Since I do get information here free of charge and more over genuine information, I decided to do something for my community to make sure rural people especially the youth access free information. I established a small Community Information Access Resource Centre within my Organization office in Kikandwa with some donated books especially from CTA and other donors. Information access is free of charge to every one. Though there no computers, but I feel privileged to see this happening. My plan is to have a very big resource centre established which can offer cheaper training in basic computing to all interested youth and children in the community in a well structured environment.

I know, pages can be typed on the benefits but I am very sure you can maturely value based on a little I have tried to remember.

I have no gift and I cannot promise but I pray to God to reward you and to give you all the protection, power and knowledge. I pray.

Thank you.

this site has made me more determined and contious of the fact i have to fight for peace, justice and against corruption,
am a student secretary/ personal assistant in a law firm (NGWAFOR & PARTNERS), in Cameroon, Yaounde.
i enjoy reading from here though i hardly make comments. atleast am asured some african countries and cultures are not left out and i feel at home here, well for me its wonderful being in a community like this.
Hi Craig.
Peace and Collaborative Development Network has and is an excellent site that has assisted our networking in Kenya we have been able to empower a majority of activist/groups and organizations that we work with in developing the country towards peaceful coexistence,from rural areas to urban.We are very much glad for what we share daily in this site.Thank you a Trillion times.
Patrick Githinji.
Baraza la Kitaifa Mvt.
Nairobi Kenya.
Dear Craig,
we are a training institution offering courses and trainings for civil peace service personnel. Located in Bonn, we are quite well known in Germany and some neighbouring countries. Being a member of the network helps us, to inform peace workers, scholars, and other interested people abroad about our institution and our offers who would usually be hard to reach for us.

In that way, the network creates benefits not only for us but also for those interested in acquiring practical skills for conflict transformation.

Best Regards

Fabian Schuttenberg
An excellent resource for me as a student and researcher in human security issues. The news updates, blogs and discussionS have really kept me stay abreast with current issues-a task that is a challenge in this day and age of information overload.

I do support Kadio Ali's suggestion on creating a facility to foster dialogue and exchange for International Volunteers. Their contributions would be valuable as are they are witnesses to political and social developments around the world in real-time...
Thumbs up Craig!
My name is Premshay Hermon.
I am a leading member of Cannons And Muses, the international collaboration for artists and academies regarding art's role in real-time crisis.

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network has been a valuable, irreplacable tool for our work to get familiarised with the scholarships, foundations and organisations in the world regarding matters of peace and joint work.

The forums on the website, the "How-To" guides, and the information recieved at the email each day, have proven to be very informative and important.

Interesting contacts have been made, contacts between Israeli and Palestinian people, which would have not been able otherwise.

And, perhaps most importantly, Mr. Zelizer himself is available to answer and guide through the website and this wide web of collaborations. He is truly a gift to us all.

No doubt the Peace and Collaborative Development Newtwork will serve us for years to come.

Kind regards,
Premshay Hermon
Cannons and Muses
Hi Craig,
This is network is indeed an excellent source of information on different events, oppurtunities and studies concerning the field of internaitonal development.
and particularly it helped me to have access to training materials which l developed to fit the Local Context.
Having joined only recently, I was delighted to receive an email from Nick Martin on the network regarding an extention of the UPEACE deadline application for this year. As this piece of news was not published on UPEACE deadline I would have never found out without this forum, and consequentially couldn't have applied nor been accepted.
Never anticipated seeing tangible results in such a quick time, which compels me to contribute and try to give back some day.


Hello Craig,
I am a Project Co - oridnator in Kenya - we are there to ensure there is accountability and transparency in the use of devolved funds and ensure improved service delivery to the citzens.
I have been able to inform my friends of the various opportunites you post here and they are very appreciative.
However, I have been hoping I can get scholarship to pursue Masters in Public Policy and Project Management in the UK..............but am still optimistic.
All the same keep up the great work and I look forward to more sharing.


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