Seeking Feedback on Impact/Benefits of Being a Member of the PCDN Network

Dear Colleagues

Greetings. In order to help to grow the network and to attract new members, we would like to start a page on the network highlighting comments of how members are using or benefiting from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. If you might have time to provide brief comments on how this site has helped you in your work/professional development, this would be very helpful. In your responses please also include your name, job, organization, location and if we have permission to post your comments on a separate page promoting the network. You can post in this discussion or send feedback directly to me.

Some possible benefits from being on the site might include:

* New Contacts
* Obtaining a Scholarship
* Attending a Training Program
* New Research
* New Information
* New Projects
* Other Areas

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Hi Craig
You're a truly amazing active cyberguy for the 2009 and beyond. I always put high value on your informative network. I will write you soon re the internship program in 2010 we discussed in Thailand.
Happy PIPO!
(pipo=peace in..peace out!)
Ping Ping
Peace Revolution
My dearest colleague Craig I wish you a merry christmas and happy New Year 2010. And I will not forget to say happy new year also to millions of the members of the Peace and Collaborative.

Infact, to the best of my knowledge, the Network news that you used to provide to me has helped me alot and my young Organization very much. So Iam praying to the May Almighty God to increase your years, so that you may continue informing the other generation about peace. And if the World Leaders have realized the importancy of your struggle, then I hope they could have been supported you physically, materially and finanacially. Because without peace nothing can be done on the Planet Earth.

Emmanuel Adu Cole, President of the Bill Clinton Foundation For Peace BCFP
Human Rights Activiste
Kinshasa,Democratic Republic of Congo
Dear Craig,

I am very new to this network. I am still to experience real time benefits. But the tremendous potential is clearly reflected in the many who have found it truly of great benefit. I too look forward to being able to connect across countries and continents, to interact with others with similar interests.

I would like to appreciate your passion, your dedication and your committment to making such a forum available for the multitudes who find it a treasure trove of opportunities.

I wish you and all members a very special 2010, and hope each and every one of us will find the means to realise our dreams, and achieve peace and harmony, where ever we are, within ourselves and around us.

Dr. Usha Devarajan,
Mediator and Conflict Management Trainer,
Kingdom of Bahrain
Hi Craig ,
I want to Say happy new year to all the members of the network.This is like a family.I am enjoying your good messages ,
happy New year .& thanks very much

This Network is a great one, a lot of people have benefited from it!i have also recommend to other colleague's.Thank you very much and keep it up...
Hi Craig,

This network is of great importance for anyone working in the field, in particular for it has provided with in-depth analysis and information about the trends of peace and conflict resolution. Similar to the comment from one of previous folk I would advise if there weekly digest that compiles all pertaining to the week or so.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to you and for everyone associated to the network.

Hi, thankyou so much for giving us an opportunity to advance our knowledge on conflict resolution through this great network. The network has given great research links, scholarship and job opportunities. keep up with the good work.
hi! craig,

greetings of peace!

this network is very important. it inspires me to know what are the activities of my fellow advocates, promoters, workers for peace. it also deepen my thoughts and sharpen my mind as i read concepts, notions, ideals of my fellow Peace Lovers in this network. Keep it up, next year after these busy days of christmas, I will communicate and be engaged in many of your networkings. Happy new year. God bless you. Keep this network moving and the world shall be filled with peace lovers and eventually in this world peace will reign again.


Rev.Fr.Teresito Larroza Soganub
hi craig and all memebers of IPC,
dear craig you are opening penifitable discusion network i became a member in 2 weeks ago and i got new contacts and information because information is the best you have i want to got a knowledge and information about peace and conflict resolution it's my feild that i am busy recently and get involved in somaliland country we are peace youth campaigners and connect somaliland goverment and student how to keep their peace and manage their study, this newtwork encouraged me to continoue my strungle, and i want every one who coloborates this issue because together we can make positive difference

SOYADO Executive Director
suleiman abdisitaar dubad
hargeisa somaliland
I found this site to be extremely helpful within the last year that I have been a member. It helped me discover the opportunity to become a facilitator for Soliya, assisted in helping me become aware of the non-profit organization Viva Nicaruaga where I did my internship after completing my masters in Gender and PeaceBuilding at the University for Peace, and most recently helped me be aware of the oppportunity to submit my thesis to The Broker where it was published on Dec 17, 2009. So would say that hands down it has been an amazing resource for discovering opportunities.

I do wish that it was a little easier to sort through all of the information (perhaps several key category words would be displayed in the blurb email that leads you to the link with more information like "masters", "scholarship", "journalism", etc so that it was easier to identify if the information was applicapable to your interests, able to apply for, etc).

If it is helpful, you are more than welcome to use my comments.
Morea Steinhauer
Director of Pavek Hall
Department of Residence Lfe
North Dakota State Unviersity, USA

Thanks for all of your efforts. They are greatly appreciated by me!
This is a great plat form for the development professional to be linked with a wide range of professionals, resource links and overall knowledge enhancment of develoment modality globally.

S.M. Tofazzel Hossain
Programme Coordinator
Rights Jessore
Good work, keep it up Craig. This network has really tried to bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge, information and lack of it. It tried to link the experts with the amateur in the field but hardly connect them in the real sense of it. My attempts to connect and ask to know always ended in futility. But i don't know why most of our questions and requests are never answered by some members of the network. Pretend to be an African(Nigerian), your requests would be silenced upon! yet, i personally owe you deep gratitude because you have taught me how to catch fish but not how to eat it. W e have really improved and we are here because of your creativity. thanks



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