Seeking Feedback on Impact/Benefits of Being a Member of the PCDN Network

Dear Colleagues

Greetings. In order to help to grow the network and to attract new members, we would like to start a page on the network highlighting comments of how members are using or benefiting from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. If you might have time to provide brief comments on how this site has helped you in your work/professional development, this would be very helpful. In your responses please also include your name, job, organization, location and if we have permission to post your comments on a separate page promoting the network. You can post in this discussion or send feedback directly to me.

Some possible benefits from being on the site might include:

* New Contacts
* Obtaining a Scholarship
* Attending a Training Program
* New Research
* New Information
* New Projects
* Other Areas

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Dear Craig

I have initiated Indian Psychologists yahoo group on Nov 19, 2006. And it has 4665 members as of today.And it is moderated. Wishing to make it a network like PCDN.

Dear PCDN Network:

Some suggestions on improvements and linkages for the PCDN Website and newsletter.

  • What could be done to improve the site? Additional listings of linkages to resources on nonviolent direct action training like Training for 
  • What are new features that might be worth adding?
  • Are there new resource guides that PCDN should develop?  Waging and and the Global Nonviolence Database at

  •  If yes, in which areas (see the current list of guides at (
  • Do you have a suggestion for someone who might be appropriate for a PCDN interview?  My recommendation for someone to interview would be George Lakey.  He is the author of Powerful Peacemaking: A Strategy for a Living Revolution, co-author of Moving Toward a New Society, Strategy for a Living Revolution and co-author of A Manual on Direct Action.  George is at Swarthmore College and works with the Earth Quaker Action Group.  He help create the Nonviolence Database based on the 198 different methods of nonviolent action of Gene Sharp.
  • How can we help improve the impact of PCDN? Add more events and announcements of campaigns, demonstrations and interventions.
  • Other ideas.  Adding a timeline for nonviolent actions in every country.  Add profiles of pioneers of organizers and leaders on nonviolence.

Thanks. George Lakey is a great idea for an interview. We do try to list as many opportunities as possible, but also this depends on organizations/individuals posting directly. 

I don't think creating a timeline right now is something we have the capacity or time to do, but something that an individual on the site could undertake.

Hello Everyone...

Many things in life we take for granted... These things just happen to always be there, so they become the least of our worries. We never imagine not having them, so, I suppose the less we contemplate how we are enriched by them. PCDN is there before I turn on my email - at least five to ten times daily informing me of something I didn't know – news; current events about our world, the UN, world peace, the practice of conflict management and peaceful resolution… For me, PCDN is ‘fraternal’... it informs us of our profession - giving us world views on many perspectives... Think about it...what professional association can you join for $19.95? Common! This is a pretty damn deal...






I am  member of many professional associations but to speak the truth no one of them are satisfying me like PCDN in terms of feeding very live and up to-date information regarding different  opportunities like; Training, Jobs and different thoughts posted by members and interviews with people of special achievement. Hence, i benefited a lot being member of PCDN and also advise others to be part of PCDN and exploiting the opportunities that really scales up our professional competencies.

Many Thanks for Craig and other supportive members of PCDN

Zeru Fantaw

Program Manager, Save the Children Denmark, Ethiopia

Dear Zeru

Thanks for your very kind feedback, much appreciated. Perhaps you can also do some writing or blogging about your work related to peacebuilding in Ethiopia?

As a busy professional, i always fail to know the current activities of peace movement by searching web. but PCDN helps to make me up to date about peace activities. thanks PCDN for its tremendous effort .

Dear Craig,

the benefits of being on this network cannot be quantified.

I have met and made new friends across the continents which has enhanced my networking capacity and to learn from across board. The training announcements and the Calls/Request for Proposals cannot be under-estimated. I have been exposed to several opportunities that have got me thinking out of the box and reaching to other sectors anad fields to improve my knowledge base.

I can go on and on, Craig but words will never be enough to tell... I have greatly beneftitted from this forum; it is the richest blog and source of information and I commend you for the initiative and for creating that space for many to relate and interact at ease.....

Thanks for your very kind comments. Feel free to also suggest ways to improve or new features you would like to see. Also would appreciate if you could let others know about PCDN

Craig  You are really doing fantastic job. As a PCDN member, I received full scholarship to attend Women Deliver conference 2013. Which is really great opportunity and PCDN made possible it for me because I could not have heard for the conference .... If I were not a member of PCDN

HI Qamer

This is great news. Congratulations. Perhaps you can do some blogging on PCDN about the conference as I am sure many members will be interested. Would appreciate if you could let others know about the network.

Hi Craig,

I wish to register first  of all my admiration and deep  appreciation which is beyond words. PCDN is very important to my life as a  professional, researcher and student. I find  lots of new material, innovations in the field for my studies and research, alerts for  conferences and scholarships are all invaluable. The job  alerts are also eye openers to see what is needed in the field and in fact a touch on the many organisations out there who are working for sustainable peace, human rights and towards building a better world. The video clips from the different interviews with prominent pople that you host are very powerful and useful. Thank you very much for the great service you render to all of us. You  make a wonderful contribution to the field as you empower others in so many ways.

I am Eve N. Mayanja a Ph D student  in peace and conflict studies.


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