Seeking Feedback on Impact/Benefits of Being a Member of the PCDN Network

Dear Colleagues

Greetings. In order to help to grow the network and to attract new members, we would like to start a page on the network highlighting comments of how members are using or benefiting from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. If you might have time to provide brief comments on how this site has helped you in your work/professional development, this would be very helpful. In your responses please also include your name, job, organization, location and if we have permission to post your comments on a separate page promoting the network. You can post in this discussion or send feedback directly to me.

Some possible benefits from being on the site might include:

* New Contacts
* Obtaining a Scholarship
* Attending a Training Program
* New Research
* New Information
* New Projects
* Other Areas

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Dear Craig,

Firstly I wish to commend you on having had the vision to create a network where all like minded people share a lot in common. 

As a Zambian Peace Researcher and through the new insights gained by being a member leaves me without a doubt that with the growing number of people seeking peaceful alternative ways of addressing conflicts we will indeed make headway.  Thanks so much for your courage and determination and no doubt it shows for itself what is to come.  Wishing you continued and renewed visions.

And if I might add I am proud to be associated with this network.  It spells out the need for more work needed in my country  to enable for a culture of peace to begin to take root  leading to a more equitable, just, and prosperous nation to emerge.  Well done.

Thanks for they very kind feedback
Craig-- It is useful to me for understanding what is happening in the field and meeting people from South Asia who are interested in peace. I also feel more empowered to provide assistance to others who may not use this network. (i tell them to join, or send them information from here.)

PCDN is a very influential net work and a vast flow of information. It is like being with the world professionals. Information on subject related conferences/workshops. training programms and  on helpful sponsors are of vital importance.

Thank you so much for your great ideas Craig.

(Mrs) Padma jayaweera

I appreciate this network it has really me in my oreintation


Dear Graig,

Your site is very helpful. Your creativity and imagination amaze me. With every new day I find something new to discover and learn. Antoine de Saint Exupery said: “If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea”. Through your generosity, I am learning how to learn to long for the endless immensity of the sea I compare to your interesting website, the Peace and Collaborative Development Network.

May God bless you!

Yves M.Musoni

Independent Researcher&Artist

Nashville, TN


Well, I am very new to comment on other parts but find it very useful for networking among the people who share more or less the same aspirations for future.

Serge Loode

Program Director, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Program

The University of Queensland

Brisbane, Australia


Dear Craig,

I am happy for you to use my comments to promote the network. 

The major benefit for me are the regular updates on developments and events in the field. There are many worthwhile discussions and blog entries which are promoted on PCDN. I also recommend PCDN to all of my graduate students for information on job opportunities and internships.


Thank you and your team for all the hard work that goes into maintaining this community.


Kind regards



Greatings since Peru I wish the best for this network helps a lot and permit Us about many opportunities of job, scholarships and interchange of information and investigation, I'd like to know if some scholarships can give us the chance for to improve our English, because we speak Spanish in Peru.


Conciliation Center APDI UYAI in Lima Peru

in Sede Lima, Peru




At Peace Direct, we regularly make use of the the PCDN to make connections with people around the world. I would like to share a couple of recent examples:


At short notice, we needed to find a consultant to help with evaluation of a peacebuilding project in Sudan. I posted a blog not on the PCDN to see if by chance we would find anyone interested. Almost immediately, I started receiving emails and CVs from a range of incredibly well qualified and interesting people around the world, whom we were able to follow up with.


Our website, Insight on Conflict, is based on the reports of 'Local Correspondents' writing about the conflicts and peacebuilding organisations in their countries. We recently posted looking for new Local Correspondents for several new countries we would like to cover. Very soon we had over 50 applicants, many of a very high standard.


Also worth mentioning that Craig sometimes forwards round blog posts from our site to the PCDN readership, and the impact on our visitor numbers is very clear from our site statistics, showing how popular the site is.


Many thanks!



This network has proven to be a total revelation. I cannot keep apace with all the contacts, networks, discussion groups, job opportunities across the creative and political divide. Thank you

Wonderful idea, Craig and more 'grease' to you. I have found it truly refreshing to share and exchange experiences on this network in a clear and unbridled manner that reflects the real-life experiences of PCDN professionals in the field.

I have been in Sudan since June, 2010, a time of transition like no other in the history of conflict and post-conflict peace making in Africa and have had the opportunity of sharing with members on this platform. I truly appreciate this! So this is one major benefit I've had on this network and I hope we keep doing it!





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