In order to qualify to win the contest the first requirement is that you pledge to work toward resolving the multitude of conflicts raging on the Earth only by peaceful means and will only seek  and employ peaceful and nonviolent solutions to resolve these conflicts.  Waging war to attain peace is not the answer.



Please tell me about yourself, your academic plans, about the program you are attending and the courses you are taking and plan to take in the future.  


Please let me know how you intend to work toward the goal of helping humanity achieve a global truce and a cease fire.  What concrete steps do you think are needed to be taken by you and by others to move us in that direction and accomplish that goal?


If you are selected for a scholarship for this semester you will be notified through this website and will be given a certificate and a check. 


Please do not put your contact information on this website.  If you win I will reply to you through this site and give you my private email address and phone number to I can get the information as to where you would like me to sent the scholarship funds.  


If you win you may continue receiving scholarship funds for the duration of the program you are in for up to 4 years, if you continue to participate in the scholarship program.  To participate just share information about the work you are doing to help humanity secure a global truce with the other members of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network by uploading information on to this site. You may upload summaries of your term papers or essays and create a website promoting ways to secure a global peace and Cease fire.


How do we get humanity to vote on re committing to or reestablishing a global cease fire pact again is the question?  


I am offering at least one scholarship of $180 per semester to at least one student studying in the a field leading to Global Truce and Cease Fire.


If I see an interest of people applying for this scholarship I will seek further contributions from outside donors to offer a larger scholarship to the winner and possibly more scholarships to more winners so please apply soon!


To apply just reply to this site there is no outside link to the scholarship website. All entries will automatically be held over to be entered for an opportunity at being selected for the next years scholarship.


Thank you for reading this message.  Please inform others of the opportunity.

Go luck to you and to all of us!


"It is said that the present is pregnant with the future." Voltaire


What type of future do you think we will give birth to?



In 1928 after World War I most countries signed on to the Kellogg Briand Pact of 1928: Please see : for more information about it. The nations agreed to renounce war but they lost their way and got into World War II.  

The United nations was established to provide a foundation for peace.  The United Nations has been successful at resolving and averting many conflicts and wars but it has been unsuccessful at preventing the wars that we humanity has waged since the UN has been established in 1945. 

The Preamble of the UN Charter is as follows:


  • to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and
  • to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and
  • to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and
  • to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,


  • to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and
  • to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and
  • to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and
  • to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples,


Accordingly, our respective Governments, through representatives assembled in the city of San Francisco, who have exhibited their full powers found to be in good and due form, have agreed to the present Charter of the United Nations and do hereby establish an international organization to be known as the United Nations.


We have another chance now to return to the UN and vote to recommit to the principles of the Kellogg Briand Pact and the principles put forward in the United Nations Charter and renounce all war and call for a global Cease fire before we ever enter into a World War III.

Lets try to cease the moment!  The pact is still in effect today the. It is international law but it is not being upheld.  We need to discuss suggestions on how we can get humanity back on track, how to "get back to the pact" and back to the principles of the UN charter for all nations to recommit to renouncing war as a foreign policy and for utilizing a commission of conciliation and the United Nations, and a system of justice and international courts to work through conflicts.  

How do we get humanity to resolve conflicts through pacific means as agreed to in the pact and the United Nations? 

"There are only two means of enforcing a treaty. One is by war, the other is by the overpowering strength of public opinion."
—Frank Kellogg

Lets try for the latter!


Please See:

if your would like to help fund the Going For A Global Truce Peace Scholarship and Contest.


Announcing Our First Two Winners Of The Going For A GLOBAL TRUCE PEACE SCHOLARSHIP

This is to announce that two up and coming peacekeepers have won the Going For A Global Truce Peace Scholarship on Thanksgiving day as part of my giving thanks to them for their efforts at making peace in their area!  Although their work is focused on resolving conflicts in their local area rather than on being global in nature their work contributes to a shifting of the manner in which conflicts are resolved to that of a more peaceful nature.  All steps toward peace no matter how big or small contribute to humanity's achieving a global truce.   


Our First winner is: 1) Stany Nzobonimpa

Stany is intending to pursue courses at the University of Nairobi in Humanities and Social Sciences, beginning 2012.  He plans in the future to contribute to making peace in his region.  He realizes the work toward that goal is however not easy. Education is one of the very keys he needs.  He has created an Organization AJC asbl (Asociation des Jeunes pour la lutte contre le Chomage see: ) which, one of the aims is to live in a peaceful world, to overcome and say goodbye to the unlimited periods of wars and welcome peace and security in Burundi. He said he was believing with all my heart that this opportunity was his at the end and he was right.


The winners names are: 2) Willis Okumu: 

An MA student at the University of Cologne in Germany, who is currently working on Trans-local Peace-building among the Samburu and Pokot in North Rift in Kenya. These are pastoralist communities that have been at war with each other for decades mostly due to diminishing resources such as grazing lands and water. As part of his thesis he was there for 2 months between July and September, where he worked with community leaders and professionals to convene inter-community meetings to reduce tension and avert conflict. He will be going back in February for another two months. 


Although their awards are small right now they are meant to be a token of my appreciation of their excellent work in the field of peacemaking.  As time goes on and as we are able to raise more funds for the scholarships we will offer more and more funding to them and to more and more students of peace! This scholarship will offer them some financial assistance for up to 4 years.


We are still inviting people to continue to apply for the scholarship as we may have more and more winners still coming.


Please check our winners out by reading their replies to my contest at:



or see our other blogs at:


We will soon be able to raise donations to be able to offer larger awards.  I encourage others to do what ever you can to support the peace effort in any way that you can.  Lets be creative and think what we can personally do to further the cause of peace. 


I have set up a fundraising mechanism which will become active soon at indiegogo and I will provide the link as soon as it is activated.




Click on this link to see more sites of the Going For A Global Truce Peace Movement:  You may join our Going For a Global Truce Peace Contest as Well!



My Website Campaign was established to raise scholarship funds for the Going For A Global Truce Scholarship Grant which is up and ready now at:

Our Story

I established the Going For A Global Truce Peace Scholarship after hearing Jeremy Gilley's appeal for Peace One Day. I asked myself how can I become part of this effort and how can I help inspire world peace. I have set up the Going For A Global Truce scholarship, contest, movement and blogs to further the cause established for Peace one Day. As a result I encourage people all over the world to go into the field of Peace Making with the goal of achieving global truce in mind. With this effort I am thanking individuals for their efforts in this field and encouraging new people to join in the effort. I encourage students and all people to believe that achieving a nonviolent global truce and peace on Earth is possible. I am inspiring students of all ages to develop and implement a plan to achieve peace and a global truce in our lifetime! Please help us in any and every way you can! To sign up for our scholarship or contest please check out all of our Blogs at  Please go to to get involved and commit to peace as well!



The Impact

The impact of winning a scholarship from the Going For A Global Truce Peace Contest would be the bestowing of honor and recognition on the student of global truce.  We may be able to help students study in this important field of international relations who may not have been able to do so other wise.  We also just may become successful at achieving a Global Truce if the right strategies are planned and implemented.



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Hi Michelle, my name is Willis Okumu, an MA student at the University of Cologne in Germany, i am currently working on Trans-local Peace-building among the Samburu and Pokot in North Rift in Kenya. These are pastoralist communities that have been at war with each other for decades mostly due to diminishing resources such as grazing lands and water. As part of my Thesis i was there for 2 months between July and September, where i work with community leaders and professionals to convene inter-community meetings to reduce tension and avert conflict. I will be going back in February for another two months and i would appreciate any help towards this cause. Attached are some of the pictures of Pokot and Samburu warriors arriving at peace-building meetings. 


Kind Regards,


Willis Okumu


Hello Willis Okumu, Thank you for writing to me.  I read what you wrote and viewed the photos.  I hope your efforts are successful in reducing tension and averting conflicts.  I will inform you if you are selected of the scholarship assistance.  Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW

Dear Willis Okumu,

Today on Thanksgiving Day in America I would like to give my thanks to you for your peace making efforts that you are undertaking as part of your work in the MA program you have enrolled in at the University of Cologne in Germany,  working on Trans-local Peace-building among the Samburu and Pokot in North Rift in Kenya. I hope your efforts bring peace to the pastoralist communities that have been at war with each other for decades mostly due to diminishing resources such as grazing lands and water. I applaud your work with community leaders and professionals to convene inter-community meetings to reduce tension and avert conflict.


Please let us know about your efforts when you go back in February for another two months. Please inform us in a reply what your agenda will be when you go back.  If you like you may send some more pictures of Pokot and Samburu warriors arriving at peace-building meetings. I encourage others to reply to you as well to give feedback and ideas as to how we all can help you and be of assistance to you in your efforts.  Possibly some reader may have a good idea that you may be able to implement there.  


You are one of two of my first winners of the Going For A Global Truce Peace Scholarships!

Even though the grant is currently very small, of $180 per semester for up to 4 years while you are in school. Please accept it as a gift from me to you for your peace keeping efforts.  As the scholarship program grows the grant amount to you will grow as well.  Enclosed is my email address  Please contact me there so I can make arrangements with you to send you your award.  Possibly I can send it to your school on your behalf.  I realize this is only a small amount but I hope it can be of some help to you in your peace building efforts.  

Please take a look at my other blogs to see if you find any ideas that you can implement in your efforts.  

With each semester please keep us up to date with your peace building activities and what  you have learned in your class and field experience that may be helpful for other people to know.  If we share peace building activities and successes with each other it will strengthen the cause and get us that much closer to achieving a global truce!


When you finish school please help others get assistance to get some help needed for them to pursuit their dreams of securing education in peace building as well.


Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW


Dear Michelle,


Thank you for this award, am very elated by this recognition. In my work with the Samburu and the Pokot, its the small contributions, the little efforts that have brought peace among these pastoralist communities. Just last week, there was a raid; the Pokot warriors raided the Samburu and took away some 40 cattle and goats but i was so impressed by the way the Pokot and Samburu professionals handled the situation. An impromptu meeting of professionals ensured that community elders prevailed upon the warriors and the cattle were returned to the Samburu side. Right now our peace-building efforts are going a notch higher, a number of professionals from these communities have now joined twitter! so very often we can communicate and share information on the situation on the ground among the Pokot and Samburu, when i go back in February i plan to do biographical interviews of 2 young women and 2 young men. These are Samburu and Pokot Professionals respectively, am especially getting very interested in the young women since in Pokot and Samburu cultures women traditionally had very low status but now these young women all below the age of 30 are at the centre of peace-building efforts among the two communities; they do this every weekend when they address community meetings and preach peace! this is the work a head!

Dear Willis Okumu, Congratulations on your peace building efforts.  I am so happy to hear how you are incorporating Twitter and other methods of writing biographies of women under thirty from both sides to allow each to get to understand the other better.  Please keep us posted about your efforts, successes and share with others how they can also help create a climate of peace and eventually global truce!

I am Krishna Raman ,an advocate from Ramechhap, Nepal is a well established development practitioner and human rights defender. I have  been engaged in research and advocacy in poverty, human rights and Pro-poor development. I am    regular writer on human rights, development and poverty for National and International publications.Academically I have completed in masters degree in development studies from Tribhuvan University Nepal and professionally I  am involving in the field of conflict managemet so i wish to get further knowledge on humanity to securing global truce and cesefire.

Let me allow to introduce myself, I am young development professional having almost a decade long experience in the development field. I have very good knowledge on assessing proposals, evaluating the technical as well as financial proposals and examining their compatibility. I am excellent in social mobilization, co-ordination, collaboration and building partnership with various organizations. I am very much familiar with working with NGOs, CBOs and the community groups as I had worked with DLGSP/ UNDP, UNICEF and other UN organizations. I am strong in developing a monitoring plan with process and results indictors, monitoring the programme and extending technical support for the partner organization for result based management. I had work for the capacity development of the community based organizations while working in the past that have generated a high level of confidence on me that I can work effectively for poverty reduction and demonstrated visible results and modules on partnership for working with poor and marginalised communities.

In course of working in different positions I've gained professional experience in all aspects of the development/humanitarian works including developing strategy, protection monitoring and reporting. During my tenure with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and UNICEF my role was mainly focussed in IDPs/returnees, conflict affected people and child protection. Coordination and networking with other stakeholders, facilitation of training and workshop were parts of the job.

My Career in the field of law and humanitarian interest began as I joined the Nepal Law Campus and began studying international human rights formally in 2000.  Simultaneously, I was heavily engaged in public interest litigation issues like environmental pollution, Labor issue, special children court, special court against corruption case etc. As an advocate and a human right activist I have been involved in defense of human rights and peace building campaigns throughout my carrier.

My professional career began with the district level Decentralized Local Governance Support Project (DLGSP) run by UNDP. The project mainly worked on the local governance policy formulation and its implementation. During the course of the DLGSP I was involved in policy research, district level pro-poor development planning and capacity enhancement of local bodies and periodic planning and poverty alleviation strategies. The issues of women and children as cross cutting issues were always in the top priority of the project implementation.

While working with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) as a lawyer to work in its Information Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) project aiming to strengthen the protection of IDPs in Nepal. The project intended to increase their awareness on IDP rights and assist them to access and enforce those rights. ICLA also worked for identifying and documenting protection issues and legal obstacles to durable solutions and advocate for solution in the field. During my tenure there, I have closely worked with the conflict affected people of mid and far west Nepal and empathized with the weal and woe of the conflict affected people in the rural villages. As part of its protection monitoring activity, I have made interactions with many of the district level government officials, civil society organizations and political parties. ICLA, along with other key actors provided periodic and thematic report to advocate for IDP rights where I had deep involvement.

During my work with Social Awareness Centre (SAC), an organization working for the humanitarian and development field in mid/far west Nepal, I have had interaction with really vulnerable people who have lost their kins who are their breadwinners in course of the decade long conflict. I could smell the feeling of retaliation among the deprived rural people even after the peace process has passed two years. My interaction with civil society organizations, political figures and general public in course of different peace keeping activities have shown that this deep rooted feeling of revenge and deprivation from the state resources will not be wiped off easily. We need to pay attention in this field in an early phase and it is the time now for necessary actions in this regard.

Moreover in the next phase of my career I could work with the UN country team Nepal in the process of discharging the disqualified Maoist combatants from cantonment. The disqualified combatants were the combatants who were either minors or post recruited (after CPA). In course of the discharge process I could visit all the seven 28 cantonment sites of Maoist army nationwide and observed their grievances. After witnessing the scenario, I have an impression that the formal discharge from the cantonment is not a durable solution. These people may return in similar activities soon in the absence of appropriate social integration. The expressions and remarks made by the discharged combatants at the moment indicate something very serious and having long term adverse effect in the peace process, tranquility and overall development of the country. This made me more interested in the field of social integration of the conflict affected people.

As my involvement and experience in the field of IDPs says the spirit of social integration was going well forward while the government passed the IDP policy in early 2007. The speed came to a stalemate while developing a directive to give concrete shape to the government policy. In course of the work I have also realized that policy in itself is nothing more than a mere document, and the strength of it relies on the application of it in the field. A policy is not a binding document in the absence of a concrete directive. This is where I see my role as a lawyer of public interest laws and litigation.

Based upon all my past experiences and the need of the national context in Nepal, I am interested to work in the field of social rehabilitation and integration issues. My working area, the mid and far west regions of Nepal are very much affected by the conflict and the low level of education and awareness and thus have backward social status. The state of impunity being observed at national level shows very less chances of recognition that the west Nepal made in course of the popular peoples movement to establish republican thought in the nation.

Fostering humanity, enhancing the rule of law, constitutionalism and justice contribute to overcome the state of impunity and that is the need of the day. The work of social integration is equally important to stabilize the historic task of drafting new democratic constitution on time through the constituent assembly.  Addressing the people who endured the decade long panic of conflict is a key element for concluding the peace process logically.

The issue of integrating the minors has another facet of legal remedy. As guided by the UN convention of the rights of the child, the government should protect and care for children affected by war. They need special care and protection for ensuring that they have achieved their rights.

 Dear Krishna Raman Adhikari Thank you for writing to me.  I read all that you wrote Your efforts are extraordinary.  Thank you for all of the good work you have been doing over the course of your life.  You are helping to further peace in the world and should be thanked. Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW

Please see my contest called Going For A Global Truce Peace Contest.

I am Moses Lusamba, a Tanzania and working with Ministry of Home Affairs as trainer, and at the same time I have applied for An MA in Strategic and Peace Studies at the University of Dar es salaam for the coming year (2012) which will be fine on how the world  is needed  to live in peace, two weeks ago I have  undergone Security Sector Reform at UNITAR in Stans-Swisse, which added more interest on my career

Moses Lusamba

Hello, Stany Nzobonimpa.

Thank you for your efforts and for entering this scholarship.  I read the information that you sent and I will get back to you if you are selected.  I was impressed with your efforts and plans and I am confident you will make a positive impact in the world.  Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW

Just an update, I finally was successful in gaining an admission at the Africa Nazarene University as Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflicts Resolution, starting January

With Respects,


Attached is the Admission Letter From the Africa Nazarene University. I am so proud to have won this great scholarship



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