Rebuillding Hope by film maker, Jen Marlowe (Darfur Diaries), chronicles the homecoming journey to Sudan of three “Lost Boys” who fled the decades-long Sudanese civil war that ended in 2005, killing approximately two million and displacing four million, placing it among the worst human rights atrocities of our time.


As small children, Gabriel Bol Deng, Koor Garang and
Garang Mayuol fled their villages in South Sudan due to civil war. They became a part of a group of thousands of other boys with a similar story, nicknamed “The Lost Boys” upon
resettlement in the USA in 2001.


In May 2007, Gabriel Bol, Koor, and Garang, now in their twenties, embarked on a journey back to Sudan to discover whether their homes and families had survived, what
the current situation is in South Sudan, and how they can help their community
rebuild after devastating civil war.


Along the way, the young men assessed the hopes, dreams and fears of the Southern Sudanese people nearly three years after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. They explored the connections between the conflict in South Sudan to the conflict in Darfur, probing the larger questions of identity and ethnicity in Sudan.


Rebuilding Hope is a powerful record of Gabriel Bol, Koor and Garang’s quest to find surviving family-members and rediscover and contribute to their homeland; it also sheds light on what the future holds for South Sudan in its precarious struggle for
peace, development and stability.


All proceeds from the film will go to support the health care and education projects initiated by the three young men the film features.


For more information on the film email me or visit

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Thanks Cynthia,
This really sounds even more fascinating. I am more than inpressed by the hope and dreams of these three young and energetic men.

I am as well working on similar issues of education for post-war young people in Sierra Leone and I will be more than happy assist in terms of expertise.

Furthermore I would like knowing if there is any way one could access a copy of the film.

Cheers and keep the fre burning.
Thanks so so much for responding. You can definitely get the film. You can order it directly on the films website by going to and clicking on "Store" Let me know if you want any other info. These men are good friends of mine and the story is truly inspiring. You can do a screening with friends too. Sorry for my late response. My computer went down yesterday. Would love to hear all about your work too!
Encouraging. I love seeing young people at task
Thank you so much for your response. The more young people we can expose to this story and others of inspiration the more positive action we will see in our young people. Ny friend Gabriel Bol speaks to many young students and after hearing his story they go out and do many inspirational things as a result. Thanks so much and I hope you get the film.
Bul maluk lueth,
as young man of this newly nation south sudan. stability of this country will provide the meaningful rebuilding of the country in all sector.
most of us born in war and grow in war like me was born on 18.aug.1985 and in southern sudan currently.
we the youth of today encourage our Government of Southern Sudan to work for separation so that we can try our own leadership as southerners.
Hello Bul,
So glad to get your message. I am here working with my sudanese friends to help as much as I can to raise awareness of the need for a new government in Sudan. I am praying for all of Sudan and also for the people of the South to have the fortitude to separate and govern themselves. That's why I am so involved in the school project with Hope for Ariang and also raising money for wells so girls can attend school and children can have a future and South Sudan can see the results in years to come. Knowing these three men has opened my eyes up to all of you who have suffered and what you young people make of yourselves when given the opportunity to become educated! I am a huge supporter of the Sudanese people and and trying my best to understand more about the culture, government and people.I want to see stability in all areas. I had plans to come last winter but did not make it and now am just waiting to see the outcome of referenda and then will make a trip someday soon. Where are you located. Are you in Warrap State? Thanks so much for writing.
I am in juba currently. my state is Jonglei state, Bor
i am happy for ur reply too. we really need this country to be stable so that the young people can further their studies, the health facilities can be extended to rural area.
Rebuilding hope in this country will be fully determined by the out come of referendum which is due soon.
i personally supporting ur program and like to get involved in any topic concerning the program mision and vision.
I can personally put you i touch with our founder Gabriel Bol. There may be things in the area he will need help with and you should talk to him. Would you like to do that?
This is great,as a Southern Sudanse i am encouraged to do more for our people to have hope,faith,love and peace as even we look forward to referendum in 2011 to achieve independent. And thanks to Peace and collaborative Development Network.Since i became a member i have broden my knowledge on peace isssues and is working for peace in our community in order to restore hope and dignity of our people.The people of Southern Sudan.

Rev.Angelo Ben Ingi
Hi Angelo,
So nice to talk to you. I hope you can read my reply above to Bul. My three friends are Dinka and I have been studying about their culture because I hope to visit their families someday soon. I am also praying for stability in all areas of Sudan. At the very moment, my 17 year old daughter is sitting in front of the local grocery store with her friends with posters for Sudan and raising money to put the roof on the school we are helping to build in Ariang, South Sudan. We are thinking of South Sudan and all of your people everyday and trying to put what small effort we can to raise awareness of the atrocities that have occurred and how we can support and give strength for the future. Please stay in touch.
Hi Cynthia

Thanks lots for this documentary, its an inspiration to all those who have a vision to see a stable and developed South Sudan.

Thank you. It is my goal to find Universities and communities that will screen the film. If you have any thoughts for places to screen, please let me know. Blessings to you too!


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