Dear All,
I would like to raise this crucial question: "Can Transitional Justice be employed half way into a coflict and before it turns violent where there is a mass execution or civil war"?

Some of you may have heard of the situation in the country I am from: Fiji Islands. We now have an interim dictatorship regime headed by an army commander that disposed of the democratically elected government by the people.

The issues at hand are:
1. Whilst he has no majority support, he has been able to continue because of his police state leadership
2. The people are begining to suffer and the severity increase each day and they will say enough soon
3. Popular action and reaction to this regime's autrocity has been the "soon they will be stopped and all thrown intpo prison" - a product of the old criminal justice system
4. There is little knowledge and appreciation of Transitional Justice
5. So as there is little appreciation of the need for Peace and to Move forward as the focu is on retribution
5. The regime are aware of this and may not surrender power as they too only know of the retributive criminal justice system
They have given themselves "indemnity" through an "Immunity Decree" which they too know is unacceptable in International Law

With the above hanging over our head, the idea to pursue research into the introduction, promotion and advocacy for TJ in Fiji NOW and not after there is mass violence is very much an appeal to me and I am sure to most others

Whilst I conduct research in this arae for Fiji in the next 4 months, are there people and institutions out there that could:
1. Facilitate the establishment of a Non-State Actor in Fiji to introduce, promote and advocate for T J at local domestic family and community level and then offer it at national level?
2. Expers that could come together and facilitate the establishment of such an NSA?
3. Funding which could facilitate the operations, logistics, administration and programmes of such an institution?
4. Consider a wide use of the principles of TJ and offer it as an option in any conflict which does not have to be violent conflcit but to include mediating environmental concerns, climate change, democracies as well as human rights and the rule of law

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