Peace & Conflict Planners Canada Inc.


Position: Research and Analysis Project Intern

Term: 3-6 months

Remuneration: Unpaid internship; potential for future employment

Location: Virtual, and/or Ottawa, Ontario


Project Description:


Project Identigenesis® strengthens and enhances local economies and cultures to counter the negative results of state failures, including transitioning economies, weakening cultures and identities, and failed institutions. Democracy is supported through Project Identigenesis® because it provides a voice for people. Part incubator/innovation centre, community public space and online portal, Project Identegenisis® is a world's first that creates physical/virtual architectural spaces representative of the advanced technological era in which we currently live. Project Identigenesis® incorporates the logic of "Effects Based Approach to Operations" designed with stability, peace and economic strength as the end-state objective.


General Description:

Interns will work via distance and alongside executive staff to implement Project Identigenesis. Interns will research, analyze and write on specific topics as described in the project’s plan. Topics include business startup, economic development, genocide, post-conflict reconstruction, reconstruction and stabilization operations, monitoring and evaluation, peacekeeping, and uses of social media for genocide prevention. Interns will be involved in activities such as social science research methods, interviewing, writing funding proposals, working with a dynamic team, consulting, writing and thinking. Other activities will depend on the status of the project and opportunities presented by partner organizations.


Project Intern Duties and Responsibilities:


-         Build a project outline that can serve as an implementation strategy or for a funding application

-         Implement the strategy

-         Apply for project funding

-         Develop a project blog/e-zine

-         Develop a sophisticated digital project presentation

-         Develop and write multiple publications

-         Help transition Project Identigenesis into a product

-         Use social media to build and engage the market to drive donors, funders and clients to the product

-         Undertake directed research and analysis

-         Present findings to manager in Microsoft Word and powerpoint presentations

-         Assess new standards, technologies and trends, and formulate plans for future application

-         Enhance the company research strategies. 

-         Research, write/edit and create layout for new articles and features. 

-         Interface collaboratively with the research team to insure cohesiveness between ideas and project(s).

-         Perform other duties, as assigned. 




PCP Canada seeks interns who are self motivated, take initiative, have integrity, are creative problem solvers, and who work well alone and in a team situation. Must thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment. Must be proactive and have a strong desire to improve, learn and apply practical skills to enhance research and analysis for PCP Canada and related companies. Interns must be flexible and willing to adapt according to the needs of the project(s) and be able to handle a demanding work load. A background in social sciences – in particular, geography, anthropology, and sociology – as well as contemporary fields of study such as international relations, security and defence, peace and conflict studies, peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction, reconstruction and stabilization and cultural studies are preferred, however other field will also be considered. The intern must be computer and Internet/search engine savvy to perform online research. PCP Canada also takes into consideration the applicant's writing, publication, analysis and research examples, as well as their international experience. Must work in virtual environment. Undergraduate university student preferred. Intern must be fluent in English.

Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities Required: 


* Knowledge and understanding of current editing, authoring tools, and related software and technologies. 
* Ability to utilize computerized word processing, presentation software and internet software. 
* Knowledge and understanding of internet operations and functionality 



* Enhanced research and analysis skills

* Proofreading and editing skills. 
* Ability to analyze data, write up research findings, and edit written materials while conforming to various academic and journalistic styles


Business Acumen

* Solicit feedback from company executives 
* Understand mission of company 
* Assist management in identifying opportunities, based on new developments in related fields of inquiry
* Maintain high ethics with daily work tasks 


Submit your cover letter and resume to John Meharg, Director of Research & Innovation


About PCP Canada:


Peace & Conflict Planners is a social enterprise company, with a focus on economic growth and cultural successes that accelerate the development of communities in transition within the peace and conflict cycle. PCP was incorporated in 2001.


We apply international best practices through innovations, research and development, analysis, planning, implementation, management, and evaluation to improve the results of client projects.


Peace & Conflict Planners offers products and services supporting the full spectrum of operations from peace to conflict. The company has its roots in Armour Development, a large-scale land development and Real Estate company with over 40 years of success in Markham Ontario Canada. The company pioneered culture and economic development projects, such as exceptional residential complexes, shopping courts, industrial parks, and recreational centres. Such pioneering helped transition Markham Ontario into an economic powerhouse and provided PCP with our foundational knowledge and praxis.


PCPs President, Dr. Sarah Jane Meharg, leads a consortium of globally-based expert practitioners with expertise along the spectrum of operations, including international development and humanitarianism, defence and security, reconstruction, peacebuilding and economic development.


Our service sector encompasses the spectrum of intervention operations and we are active in many aspects of our client projects' lifecycle, including innovations, research and development, analysis, project planning, implementation, management and evaluation. We apply advanced web-based communication processes and new-use technologies in all our projects.


Our mission is to improve quality of life in Canada and abroad through cultural and economic development along the spectrum of peace and conflict. We are growing our company and building national and international partnerships.


For more about PCP Canada, visit

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This sounds like a very interesting position. What application materials are needed, and when is the deadline?

Interesting internship. You mentioned wanting an undergraduate student. I teach and administer graduate programs and wondered if you might have an interest in graduate student interns.





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