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As you may or may not be aware, you can now create sub-groups on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. Groups are designed for the following:

- Allow members with a particular interest to engage in focused interaction and sharing of resources.
- To encourage organizations to setup groups to facilitate interaction among staff, volunteers and interested individuals.

To establish a group on the site click on Groups and then add a group. You will need to give the group a title and then a short description. Groups can be setup a private (invitation only) or open to everyone.

All groups need to be approved by the moderators of the site. Themes that are related to the overall mission of the site (facilitation sharing, interaction on peace, conflict, development, and related themes) will be approved. Groups of a purely commercial nature or on topics not relevant to the site focus will not be allowed.

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I would like to start a group on this site. Would someone assist with this and guidleines. also there is mention of non profit and other groups which we are.. Thank you Diane

see It is easy to start a group, just click on groups and follow the steps.

We would like to start an in-depth dialogue/discourse regarding the unique advantage of sharing and learning about human rights as a way of life to every group and organization as related to the overall mission of the site, such as facilitation sharing, interaction on peace, conflict, development, and related themes. Such a group will move towards all joining in the effort, with in their scope, to having all  women, men  youth and children learn , know, own, plan and act, on every issue that they choose. This to engage in  the analyzing the meaning, vitality and mission  of the holistic human rights framework to their lives, hopes and aspirations, and integrate them as creative guideline for achieving their immediate and long term goals.

Thank you for listening-- Shulamith Koenig ; -

Greetings all! I would like to start a sub group about OST (Open Space) / World Cafe experience of this group's members. Sharing ideas, stories and appplications. How do I go about ding it? Best to all.

hello shulamith. would you email me I am on the board of direcotrs of the Vancouver island human rights coalition fax 250-902-0833 phone 250-902-0735 where are you located

It is easy to start a group, just click on groups and follow the steps.


Hi every body I'd like to ask our moderator to approve the creation from this group, every is invited to join us, our goals are bassed in the defense and protection of native people and our mother nature for a better future in this world. During centuries foreing invaders have commited genocides , destroyed cultures and values in the names of west civilizations, their kings and God. Now they continue their negative actions affecting our mother nature is time to prevent the end from the the human being on earth.

My personal email is contact me please and hoppe we can still do something creating a net for to prevent conflicts and more damages for people like you and me

Best wishes for everybody since Peru ( South America)


I would suggest to everyone to help prevent any potential spam that you do not list your full emails on the site or at least write them out at (at) instead of @

Thanks Graig it was useful, I will take in count


Can our group start a blog on PCDN? We have a community in Bangalore trying to get an environment blog running this week. We were going to use wordpress, but if this is easy to use, we can drive more membership from Bangalore to PCDN also.

Of course anyone can blog on pcdn

Dear Freddy

Please do let me know once you have started this (DEFENDING INDIGENOUS RIGHTS AND OUR MOTHER NATURE BY THE PEACE AND FUTURE OF THE HUMAN BEING: )as I would like to join in


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