What affect would it have if hundreds, maybe thousands, of individual stories from Palestinians and Israelis who have been impacted by war (using ID#s for security) could be listed on a website, enabling Palestinians to personally send a note of caring and compassion to an Israeli and vs---Israelis could send notes in return? PLUS afford every single peace-promoting person in the English speaking world to be able to add their messages of encouragement and maybe small, homemade gifts.

Wouldn't that help to create an atmosphere of peace at the most basic level?

To make it happen, we could use existing infrastructures:
1. One or more organizations whose members already talk to Palestinians and Israelis. By adding specific questions to their conversations, with their permission, those interviews can then be posted on the website.

2. Translators to translate the stories and responses from the website.

3. One or more organizations who already distribute to the communities, could receive, sort and distribute messages and maybe gifts (hopefully).

4. International media - which shouldn't be too hard to get.
For the last 7 years my husband and I have managed a similar website---except it's for the homeless: www.homelesspartners.com. This peace project uses the same template but the same mechanism for exchanging messages of caring. The result, we hope and pray will be an environment that is conducive to peace.
Please expound, make suggestions or criticisms on any aspect. At this point it is in the gleam in our eye stage.
Grateful, Jennie and Daniel Keeran

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Thanks. There are already many efforts like this (not there isn't room for more). SEe mepeace.org, Parents Circle FAmilies Forum (they are doing a new project called a Crack in the Wall) and Also see Jerusalem Stories

I think there is a need first to do a mapping to see what else is out there and then see if there is a room for something else and/or how would fit with existing efforts.

Wow Craig this is EXACTLY what I was looking for--no need to reinvent the wheel--should have been asking for who's doing what-another reason this site is so useful!

but couldn't find the seemepeace.org. Is it at another site?
You said "many" efforts like this--are there more? What search terms can I use to find them?
Any other suggestions for how to "map"?

individuals can support the peace process by speaking out

the initiative is good and needs to be supported by all interested in peace in Palestine-Israel region

Dear Sohail, Your encouragement is very highly valued.
I've discovered an organization who is already doing this and I hope I can add to their work. They are FAR MORE equipped to take this on and have already set up a sophisticated communications system.
I have emailed them and am hoping that I will be able to work with them to add a component to make it more well-known.
It's part of the well known and highly respected organization--- Parents Circle Family Forum and the program is called "Crack in the Wall" www.crackinthewall.org

I feel like it was an answered prayer--I think this is one of those "100 monkey" things. Thanks to Craig for letting me know.


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