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Were should I send a check?

How do we star a group..? How could you put up as you did for the Peace Academy - a very special call to your members .. our Modest Proposal as below?

Shulamith Koenig

May 2012

A Cause to Support all Causes and achieve meaningful peace

-a gift for the future – knowing and owning human rights as a way of life.                        

A modest proposal 0ffered by PDHRE, People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning.

The “gift” we share was presented in 1948 to the people of the world, two billion of us at that time, seven billion now! --50% under 25 years old. Most people have not even opened the wrapping of this precious present let alone learned about its extraordinary significance to re- imagine, redraft and recast our lives, framing a new way of life going forward.

This call is for all women, men, youth and children to take a journey making human rights a living reality. When Voltaire was asked: “what could we do about human rights?” He   answered, “Let the people know them!”

More than sixty years ago, a woman of commitment and great inspiration, Eleanor Roosevelt, called on people from eighty nations to join in articulating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights- UDHR. People inspired by prophets, thinkers, community leaders and ordinary human beings…from different regions, religious and cultural movements… - -women and men, driven by the optimism to achieve justice for all and attain economic and social equality without discrimination, free from fear and free from want.

The first step in achieving this holistic vision and very practical mission is to “gift,”over the next five years, to one billion people, the simple yet powerful One-Page of the well articulated “short version” of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (See enclosed Version now in process of being translated to local languages in words and images.)

For people to Learn, know, own and act, guided by the UDHR, they will be encouraged, community by community, to meet and read aloud, together, the short version – article by article- of the well defined 30 articles of the UDHR.  This may be facilitated by local Corps and community leaders who will recite them, together, in public squares, religious places, workplaces, the marketplace, homes, schools and wherever people gather. Community leaders and local organizations will hold ongoing discussions as an integral part of the “reading and learning” within the community.

In this creative process people will be encouraged to map the realization of human rights in their lives as a way of overcoming current and future violations, joining in making plans to achieve human rights as a way to bring about a well defined, universal, new , yearned for, future. 

Homage and respect is due to the many committed hard working local and global human rights organizations that defend human rights by answering the call of the UDHR. They are charging ahead in full force to eliminate human rights violations around the world, giving voice and support to the abused and joining in the struggle of installing democratic values. Organizations of women, minorities, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, LGBT and more, have joined in a powerful movement to claim their equal space in society guided by the human rights framework. The Elders proclaimed: “-every HUMAN has RIGHTS”, but do the people know them …--as a life line and foundation for peace?

In the words of Nelson Mandela: --develop a new political culture based on human rights.  

Furthermore, in this important global process the meaning of human rights was narrowed, understood by ordinary people as an international legal paradigm and a litany of violations and not as a way of life. This dichotomy added to the confusion and the ability to decipher on the road to change between symptoms and cause essential in the discussions. The imperative for all people to know and own human rights and to join in critical thinking and systemic analysis about economic, societal and cultural concerns were painfully ignored.  Most people do not know the real meaning of human rights as inalienable, inherent and as related to their daily lives. Neither were they challenged to fathom them as comprehensive, holistic and practical, interconnected, interrelated and indivisible, a powerful organizing tool..a strategy for economic , societal and human development.

Our call is to initiate a force, in every corner of the world, at every level of society. We look to facilitate a creative process of ongoing learning and integration of human rights as a way of life. Such a process is essential to achieving the hopes and expectations of all people yearning and clamoring to paint a new future for humanity.  All women, men, youth and children must join in learning and integrating human rights, taking a practical journey to make them a living reality. Internalizing, socializing, and integrating human rights in their lives, enabling people to participate as equals in planning and acting to overcome all forms of civil, cultural, economic, political and social discrimination 

People must know that food, education, health, clean water, housing and work at livable wages are fundamental human rights for women and men alike… --Human rights as the right to be human…--Democracy as a delivery system for human rights, a fully comprehensive guide for being and living; moving charity to dignity.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela,  Aung San Suu Kyi, and now people in public squares around the world call for decency at all levels of society. They summon the world to eliminate oppressiveand cruel regimes, to eliminate poverty and discrimination of all kinds..—break through the vicious cycle of humiliation and move to a horizontal human rights way of life.. –a space where new horizons can be freely chosen, moving from slavery to freedom—to know and own human rights as relevant to our daily lives. e.. .

Together we must put the short version of the UDHR into the hands of one billion people, so together we can learn and integrate its wisdom that will initiate a consequential process for women and men alike to join in a well-informed community discussion, a worldwide dialogue to examine historic memory, legends, religion, culture and economic concerns. And most importantly to know that:  It is not Capitalism! It is not Socialism! --Neither is it Patriarchy! It is Human Rights as a way of life.The three “P”s; Patriarchy, Power, and Politics must be eliminated and life should be moved to where Dignity, Trust and Respect reign. 

This can become a reality through an ongoing, never ending process of learning and integration.  We must accept the basic yearning of all human beings to belong in community in dignity with others.. --to never gain exchange our equality for survival.


The translation of the short version and outreach effort has begun. We call on all who work for peace for added dedication to make the distribution of the short version a part of every person’s ongoing commitments. This needs to take place in all fields of social and economic actions. This will enrich change and benefit us all walking together towards new horizons. We have no other option!! This cause will support all causes, to be achieved and sustained.

Shulamith Koenig – Founding president, Recipient of the UN Human Rights Award and  recently a  gold medal and citation by Mikhail Gorbachev  pdhre@igc.org ; www.pdhre.org Also see UN , Dec ,2011 Rsoution: A/C.3/66/L.53/Rev.1  


Short version of the UDHR:

Into your hands, a document we should learn and integrate into our daily lives Read it out loud to re imagine and re craft a meaningful change for a new future

MOVING FROM CHARITY TO DIGNITY - Free from fear and free from want

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Unofficial short version )  

Adopted by the United Nations on December 10th 1948

Article 1 All human beings are born free and equal.

Article 2 Everyone is entitled to the same human rights without discrimination of any kind.

Article 3 Everyone has the human right to life, liberty, and security.

Article 4 No one shall be held in slavery or servitude.

Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6 Everyone has the human right to be recognized everywhere as a person before the law

Article 7 Everyone is equal before the law and has the human right to equal protection of the law.

Article 8 Everyone has the human right to a remedy if their human rights are violated.

Article 9 No one shall be arrested, detained, or exiled arbitrarily.

Article 10 Everyone has the human right to a fair trial.

Article 11 Everyone has the human right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Article 12 Everyone has the human right to privacy and family life.

Article 13 Everyone has the human right to freedom of movement and residence within the state, to         leave any country and to return to one's country.

Article 14 Everyone has the human right to seek asylum from persecution.

Article 15 Everyone has the human right to a nationality.

Article 16 All adults have the human right to marry and found a family. Women and men have equal

         human rights to marry, within marriage, and at its dissolution.

Article 17 Everyone has the human right to own property.

Article 18 Everyone has the human right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Article 19 Everyone has the human right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Article 20 Everyone has the human right to peaceful assembly and association.

Article 21 Everyone has the human right to take part in government of one's country directly or through free and fair elections and access to the public service         

Article 22 Everyone has the human right to social security and to the realization of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for dignity.

Article 23 Everyone has the human right to work, to just conditions of work, to protection against unemployment, to equal pay for equal work, to sufficient pay to ensure a dignifiedexistence for one's self and one's family, and the human right to join a trade union.

Article 24 Everyone has the human right to rest and leisure.

Article 25 Everyone has the human right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being including food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary social services.

Article 26 Everyone has the human right to education including free and compulsory elementary  education and human rights education.

Article 27 Everyone has the human right to participate freely in the cultural life and to share in scientific progress, as well as to protection of their artistic, literary or scientific creations,

Article 28 Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which these rights can be         realized fully.

Article 29 Everyone has duties to the community.

Article 30 None of the human rights in this Declaration can be used to justify violating another          human right.    

--Human rights are Universal, Indivisible, Interconnected and interrelated   -With equality and without discrimination for all women and men, youth and children  --Democracy must be a delivery system of human rights  --All must know, own, organize, plan and act guided by human rights as a way of life.

Prepared by : pdhre@igc.org   www.pdhre.org, PDHRE, People’s movement for Human Rights Learning     


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