Note on Applying to Opportunities Posted on PCDN and Also Posting Material from PCDN on Other Networks (Please Read and Save)

Dear Colleagues

Greetings. A short note regarding two things. First, individuals and organizations are welcome to cross-post material from PCDN on other networks, as long as the following is clearly listed:

This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network,

Anyone cross-posting materials should include this text. Individuals or orgs who do not do this may have their PCDN accounts cancelled.

Also, if you're applying for any opportunities listed on PCDN please always indicate in your cover letter or other materials that you found out about the opp on PCDN as this will help the site tremendously.


Dr. Zelizer



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Very important Dr. Zelizer. Thank you so much for the information.

Thanks Dr. Zelizer for this great message and I have been mentioning PCDN in most of my applications.

Hi Craig, thank you for this. I crosspost a lot of things from here on Global Notes and try to remember to cite PCDN unless I got the same notice from many sources, as sometimes happens.  The text you have above is useful to me and I'll cut and paste and keep handy for each posting I do.  You and PCDN are a global treasure, thank you for all you do to keep communications and connections going!  I'm a huge fan and mention PCDN to students constantly.   Best, Sherry Gray University of Minnesota

Thanks appreciate the feedback and support of PCDN. When are you coming to dC?

I Echo Ms. Gray's comments. I will definitely utilize the text you've included for the postings that I include in our weekly summary that do come from PCDN. - Lily Lopez-McGee, UNCFSP 

Dear Dr Zelizer,

Thank you so much for so regularly and faithfully sharing important information. You are doing a great job! God bless you and your work. 


This information is particularly helpful as I have been passing on information on fellowships/scholarships opportunities to people interested in peace building and conflict resolution.

Thank you again.


Dr. K. B. Rokaya


Dr Zelizer Thank you and we will consider that in minds. 

Craig you are a blessing and a treasure to me and the whole world. Thank you for your steadfastness and i will keep the referral to PCDN in mind always.

Thanks for your very kind feedback.

This is timely, Dr.Zelizer. Thanks for the network, in the first place, its a veritable platform and has been very useful to me.

Thanks. Would appreciate if you could let others know about the network.

Thank you so much Dr. Zelizer for all the great work you do. I always mention PCDN whenever am cross posting an info that is been posted here or applying for an opportunity/scholarship been posted here. I met great friends here whom some of them we met in person and others virtually. I will be in Virginia this summer to attend the Women's Peace Leadership Academic Cohort Program at CPJ at Eastern Mennonite University would love to meet you or other colleagues if you are near that area.




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