i will start the discussion with the phraise that discrimination is the line of action  on which this world is existing and had been existing ,means every given time ,the world has been struggling to change this discrimination of the division of resourcesbut unfortunately it remained the same every time till the present time.when we discuss the whole world as a piece of land and we see the discrimination that are being done on different issues and on different levels.some time they discrimination is made colour ,creed and other time the level gets changed.But in the present world when the international organizations claim that they are do justice and trying to provide justice in the world ,injustice and discrimination is being done on the basis that the new organizations are not able to work ,they should have some time of experience and so on but this point is not considered whether the organization will have something to exist or it will end up just for lack of funds.

unfortunately i am of the opinion that this side of picture has not been seen and the international organizations are just trying to give finance to the older organizations and the older organizations having a monopoly on the screen of purposal making and other relavent field are having more and more funds but the newly born institutions are dying due to the neglegent attitude of the international organizations.

My point is that the international doner organizations should have a probe on this point and launch a special project for those ngos which are smaller and younger .The doners organization should make serios efforts to solve this problem otherwise an irreparable loss will entail in the shape of the ending of new ngos that have capacity to do work but they have a lack of funds and they are feeling great problems.

I am sure that by this network I will have my voice heard in the forum of international doners organizations.I admit that some type of check should be made while accepting the projectssent by the new organizations but my point of view is that the new organizations should be given a chance to show their worth and small finance should be provided to the organizations to give them chance to do work.

Today the world is connected by internet the activities of the proposers can be checked on the internent .I end my discussion with this hope that some attention will be given to my words.


Ghulam Mujtaba Ramay  cell no:00923216521092 email gm_ramay@yahoo.com

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I very much agree with your arguments Mr. Mujtaba. For me, however, it is not the age or the size of an organization that matters as much as its connection and commitment to the people that it serves. I advocate for more donor resources to be put behind local, indigenous organizations. Why should we invest in grassroots-up initiatives and local leadership?  

1) Local indigenous organizations are key to the elusive “scale-up.” WiserEarth.org conservatively estimates there are over 1 million grassroots groups and movements operating across the globe.

2) Local indigenous organizations have capacities that larger aid agencies just don’t have--most importantly, rootedness and embeddedness at the community-level.

3) Local indigenous organizations have vital expertise about how poor people cope day-to-day.

4) Local indigenous organizations are better positioned to make communities more resilient and adaptive.

5) Local indigenous organizations fill existing gaps in the government and international aid sectors.

Rather than being the lowest common denominator of international development assistance, it’s time to recognize local indigenous organizations as vital to supporting genuine, demand-driven development that can genuinely challenge power asymmetries and unleash social change. My blog explores how international aid can best support local leaders and organizations that are grown from the inside and fueled by the dedication and vision of the very people they serve. For a list of funders and organizations that are providing an alternative to "business as usual" and are providing small grants directly to small organizations, see: http://www.how-matters.org/2011/01/13/small-grants-part-2/

thank you very much for your interest that you have shown in my discussion.and bundle of thanks for refering me a website.


Ghulam Mujtaba


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