Is world peace possible to achieve? Please, I am interested in hearing what others think about my position on this issue.

World peace is possible but it is crucial to understand that it is not an easy process to achieve. There are many reasons why world peace can be possible like they are also tones of other reasons why world peace can be difficult to achieve. The reality that we experience and see in the world that we are living in today, makes a great many people to argue that world peace is not possible.

From an idealist point of view, world peace can be achieved, as it is clear that wars, conflicts can be prevented. But the real question to worry about is how we can reach a global consensus or a world order to prevent wars from happening. Because we still have world leaders (world policymakers) who believe that wars are inevitable as the powerful can still show his muscles when need be, it is more unlikely to be talking about world peace. However, I am certain that though wars can happen at any given time, whether it is motivated by the notion of self defense or motivated by the notion of inappropriate behavior manifested by a state, we still have the responsibility to prevent the escalation of a war during it early stage.

In my understanding, what has made it impossible to prevent wars from happening is the inability of those who have the power in global politics to exercise their influence, or use that power to stop conflicts from happening. Bear in mind that what causes a war to happen can be much more known but the negligence and the reluctance to prevent that from happening is always politically motivated. Unless we change this stand, world peace is not possible to achieve.

Like what Crandall R Kline mentioned in his book Peace Within Our Grasp, “There will be no better global order without a global ethic”. It demands the responsibility of each and every one of us especially the one coming from the world policymakers to ensure that we have the moral obligation to prevent wars from happening at the time they arise. However, if those who have power to exercise their judgments to prevent wars from happening, do not do it the right way, each one of us can play his/her role by being an activist of peace to denounce the wrongdoing.

As long as we still have states that carry nuclear, biological and chemical weapons under the umbrella of defensive weapons, and later use them as a leverage to intimidate other states. As long as states still put much emphasis on national and strategic interests as the way of conducting state affairs, world peace is not possible to achieve. We need a more cooperative and flexible world to bring about world peace.

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