I am in the process of initiating a NGO which will focus on International Youth Development for young adults in conflict areas of the world. The NGO will be based in Washington D.C. and will have an international board and advisory council. 

I am overwhelmed by the wealth and breadth of online information on 'how-to' incorporate an organization, etc. I seek advice, support as I proceed in this endeavor. If you have any resources which are focused in nature that you would recommend, or are willing to provide suggestions/advice, I would warmly appreciate it!


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Thank you everyone for your passionate willingness to provide support and insight! I appreciate your replies and will follow through!!!


The NGO is Young Adults Supporting Peace (YASP), International. Our website is




I am passionate about this daunting adventure and I am emboldened by your collective support!

First identify a suitable coordinator to establish branches of your organization in selected conflict affected countries. Then guide them about your vision and mission, future programs, facilities which you hope to give, benefits to them. You must be clear in what you are going to do, you must have a funding source as well. Then give world wide publicity, organize international Conferences/Workshops involving professionals. Launching few Piolot Projects in selected countries would be better.


(MrS) Padma Jayaweera

E-mail: padmadjayaweera@gmail.com

I am also into NGo formation.i am a nigerian and will be glad to be part of your iniative.i just want to be part of a group of people that caters for human need and a better world.
Hi my name is hussein from somalia I would like to know more about NGO start and our local NGO based in Mogadishu Somalia known Somalia Youth Peace and Right Organization
Thanks for this,,i am also seriously in thinking that the youth needs a separate ngo for the their own development.i will utilize all my energies when we start a youth ngo.alam_khan85@yahoo.com
I, too we like to help. If you need information about how NGOs works in Nigerian society, I can volunteer. I've been in the NGO world for the past 10years now. Kudos! Olugbenga Adeleye, National Coordinator, Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria (an NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations ECOSOC since 2010)
This is a very good development, I will be happy to be a member  of staff in your Non- Governmental organisation.
Thanks you very much for this initiative. I'm ready to give contribution and be a member for your organzation
I'm now a national coordinator of International social Actions who care of young problems such as conflict resolution and peace building.
For further contact, we write me directly to

National Coordinator

I am Premshay From Israel, where wev'e established the Activism festival organization, led by young people and determined to link between organizations and activists around the world, and specifically the middle east, towards mutual empowerment and success in goals.

We hold the "Activism Festival"  every year on the month of may - in which moer than 80 different organizations participate in workshops, lectures, music, theatre and dance shows, and works of art are exhibited.

I would love to find a way to collaborate and be of assistance in spreading the work being done by all the wonderfull people responding in this thread!

We are also working on establishing a youth educational program to create empowerment in communities.

Please, be in touch with us!


Activism festival website (launch in 2 weeks)


Thanks for your good initiative. I am Umo J. Isua-Ikoh working with Peace Point Action(PPA) a local NGO based in Calabar, Cross River State-Nigeria. We are currently not financially stable to support you but we are open for partnership as youth development is one of our focus area.

E-mail: ppacanopy@yahoo.com   

Hi Everyone,

I've enjoyed your wonderful thoughts that you have towards need people arround the World.

I'm ,Heshimah lives in Canada. I'd like to start small NGO that would focus on the youth in the conflict areas.

I need your help,  mean more ides, and advice are mostly welcome.



Thank you very much for this info.

am coming from one of the war torned district of Kenya -Marsabit District

I have started a small CBO which mentor the lives of small children

due to the problems that the Pastoralist people we have started some programme which will help children access education.if you dont mind we can discuss this and share with you all our programmes



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