Dear Colleagues

Greetings. We know that some days a fair number of emails are sent to site members. We do try to limit what we send, but given the significant amount of info posted on the site many members would miss opportunities if we didn't send blast emails.


There are currently several options you can use to manage how you receive emails on the network (none of these are perfect and we hope that in the future to add additional options)


1) STOP RECEIVING EMAILS - If you are receiving too many emails one option is you can choose to stop receiving messages from the network. We don't recommend this as this will likely mean missing many opportunities, but some people prefer this (or if you go on vacation this is a great option). To do this login into the network, click on settings and then email and then go to the bottom of the page and click on TURN OFF ALL EMAILS and then Save.


2) DIGEST MESSAGES - NING currently offers a very limited digest function that only sends a brief summary of postings on items you're already following. For example if you have posted a forum discussion and other people have responded the digest will send you a summary of postings for a particular day. The digest DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM RECEIVING BLAST EMAILS OR PROVIDE A SUMMARY OF EVERYTHING POSTED OM A GIVEN DAY. Currently the only way to stop emails is turn off emails as outlined above. To sign up for Login, go to Settings and click on Email. At the top under email frequency select daily.

Hope this is helpful. We are hopeful that Ning (the platform that this site runs on) will develop additional options in the future.


the PCDN Team

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cool,but for me so far so good

No problem, really. I think every bit of information disseminated is good for someone in PCDN. I don't mind receiving an "avalanche" of messages; a glance will give us the clue of what the message will be about any way.

Thanks. Some people have asked about adjusting settings, that is why we provided this info.

Very well my brother Craig, I may not have taken due advantage of this various opportunities but the fact remains that I will do so some day favourably! therefore, I totally agree with you and further strongly advise that all mails should sent to members as this are life's opportunities.

May I seize this opportunity again to say million thanks for a job well done to a destiny builder (Craig Zelizer Phd) and greetings from Nigeria in this month og August.


Warm Regards Bro................

Barr. Julius Atanawhemera DIP.

thanks for your kind feedback, would appreciate if you could let others know about the network.


I'd just mailed you on this precise topic and then returned to your wall to find the answer. I only joined last week as a token of respect to the late Patrick Mac Manus (Copenhagen). I was familiar with his Facebook postings but hadn't investigated his PCDN blog till recently. I'd been searching for the right blog for my anti-war and sustainability postings and I guess Pat's spirit lead me here. 

Keep up the good work


Thanks for the comments. I was very sorry to hear about his passing for both the peace community and of course his family and friends.

Dear Craig, you are simply good at doing the good job you are doing. Cheers.

Thank you Craig,

I am really happy with every single mail.But Iam sure this will be useful to other users.

I believe the stuff is good and useful for most members. We can further structure the subject before we send the blast email.




Prof: Sajjad Haider Rizvi-Pakistan

Thanks Craig.

The Nutshell Digest is a great option, as the PCDN really floods your inbox with emails... (all interesting though!). However, I have just tried to go for that option and the page when one has to register their email address does not seem to work. I know you mentioned that the Network does not deal with technical issues related to that, but you might want to point this out to someone ?


Thanks. We know that Nutshell has some problems for some users and have communicated this to them. Not sure if there will be a fix as this is outside our control.


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