grassroots-driven conflict-management initiatives: please suggest examples



I am looking for examples of grassroots-driven conflict-management initiatives. I am particularly interested in those where civil society organizations have managed to involve the military and/or non-state actors in improving the lives of the citizens living in conflict areas.


This is for a comparative study that I am doing and could also be a chapter of a forthcoming book.


Please let me know



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Hi Norma,


I am very interested in what you do since the Philippines is definitely a key country for me. I have been reporting from Mindanao for years, my PhD will partly focus on the Philippines. Rido is a key interest of mine since I believe that the horizontal conflict is probably now the main problem for the locals’ human security. However, at the moment I am particularly interested in the role of grassroots/civil society organizations in filling (part of) the gap in the Philippines' government-driven SSR program. In particular I am looking at the following areas:


-          Establishment of “Zones of Peace (ZOPs).”

-          Monitoring of the government-Moro Islamic Liberation Front peace agreement

-          Provision of human rights and peace-building training to the military.



Can you suggest more organizations in Mindanao that are working on the above-mentioned? Please forward my email freely, to whoever wants to discuss this with me.


Thank you




In addition, I was also a prime mover in the establishment of Zones of Peace in some conflict prone municipalities of Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao. The ZoP strategy enabled the community residents to police and manage their localities using non violent ways of conflict resolution.


Thank you.

That is great Norma. We should definetly talk more. I would be very interested in details as to how you involved the military in this and on data as to the success rate of these ZoP. Also, is there anywhere a full list of the current ZoP active in Mindanao?

Thank you.


I will send you the list of active and operational ZoP in Mindanao. I will also try to look some of my files to send you some info materials.

thanks sir

Im working Community in Nepal Peace building Activities if you want i have many success Stories grassroots-driven conflcit management initiaitves in conflict zones in Nepal. im peace builder in Nepal. you send mail this id,


I sent you an email today. Thanks


Hi Fabio,


Please look at the website of the Interfaith Encounter Association (, working to build inter-communal relations in the Holy Land through active interfaith encounter.


Best wishes,



Hi Yehuda, '


Thank you for getting back to me. I have looked at your website and checked your 'project' section. I wanted to ask you if you have involved the security sector in your initiatives. The aim of my current project is, basically, to underline CVOs/grassroots intitiative that complement or fill the gap in SSR, especially when the government sees security only through the lenses of defense. In some such cases, CSOs have proved quite instrumental in sensibilize soldiers on concept such as human security and waging peace. Do let me know, please.

Mr.  Scarpello,

I'd be happy to get together with you on the internet to discuss work that the Quakers have been doing in the African Great Lakes Region.  They have over 300 trained community mediators working in dispute resolution in former and current areas of conflict where citizens have little or no access to law enforcement or legal systems.  Some of the mediators work in very dangerous areas where militias and guerrillas are still operating.  Others work in post conflict areas.  You can get some info by googling   "African Great Lakes Initiative".  My email is  I can supply you with some case studies if needed.  Lokks like you are getting good response to your request.  Good luck.     Sincerely,  George Brose


Dear George (let's be informal...)


I checked this, which I believe refers to what you mentioned. It seems interesting. I was wondering if in particular you have examples of grassroots initiatives that involved the security sector somehow. I know that it is more difficult, and CSOs often avoid the security sector, but my current project is, basically, to underline CVOs/grassroots initiatives can help towards a better security sector reform by introducing/stressing concepts such human security, human rights, waging peace and so on.  Especially in the developing world, SSR is often seen as modernizing the army and making the police more efficient—I am trying to underline examples where CSOs/grassroots have stepped in.  This may be by establishing ‘zones of peace’, training soldiers or mediating in conflict. Can you help?


Yes, the response has been incredible!



You may get the required information from WWW (Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Transformation) on Sri Lanka. This is a GTZ initiative. 


Rohan Salgadoe, Sri Lanka


I will do that, thank you.


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