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Call for Partnership and Collaboration

Hello, I'm Olek Netzer.  In the field of Peace and War studies I discovered Blind Areas in social cognition, without which self-justification of dehumanized attitudes would be impossible. This discovery could Change the World of conflict. I was able to make it taking the Direct Causation Approach, in contrast to the predominant Multiple Causation Approach. My psychological Theory of Dehumanization is radically different in approach and application from the established practices in the field. As and I am an independent researcher-innovator, with no backing of an academic institution, I need your interest and help in making my theory and practices known and accepted in the field and the world.  

This is the link to a 5-minute video presentation of my theory and myself:

http://youtu.be/vHZnLe5w8Pw   .  Follows a transcript of it.

My hand is extended to you for collaboration and partnershipOlek Netzer



Recorded on October 26, 2011


Hello, I'm Olek Netzer.  In the field of Peace and War studies I discovered Blind Areas in social cognition, without which self-justification of dehumanized attitudes would be impossible. This discovery could Change the World of conflict. I was able to make it taking the Direct Causation Approach, in contrast to the predominant Multiple Causation Approach.

The Direct Causation Approach is the approach of any natural science.  What would be the chances of survival for people infected with AIDS if researchers were satisfied with discovering the indirect causes, like infection through sexual contact, poor sanitation, poor nutrition, polluted environment etc.?  The chances of HEALING PEOPLE depend on focusing research on the Direct Causes, the virus or whatever it is INSIDE the person's organism that ruins the immunization system.  Why didn't Social Science take that approach to socially spread contagious diseases like Fanaticism and Racism? –      I had to struggle with the embarrassing notion "why me"? Why do I have to reinvent that wheel? – So I feel I need to tell you how it occurred to me that the Direct Causation Approach must be followed if we ever want to help healing Sociopolitical epidemics.

I happen to be a Holocaust survivor, the only one of my family. That childhood experience set me on my course to oppose racism and prejudice, so that such things will never happen again to anyone. However I adopted the Direct Causation Approach many years later, as a result of a war trauma. Again I was the only survivor, in an army ambulance hit by a missile. My fellows were torn to pieces around me, on me, and even in me.  I realized that I won't be able to get out of that trauma and live-on, unless I make sense of it and understand, but really understand, why that happened to us that afternoon. I got over my trauma when the Real Cause, with a capital R, presented itself in my mind. The Real Cause was the Syrian gunner on the other side who received an order to shoot, aimed well and pulled the trigger. If he did not want to hit his target he could have not to.

It was a total turnaround  of my earlier learned concepts about the causes of wars. And I never doubted it since, that the Real cause of wars are warriors. The links in the endless chain of causation leading to wars are  all abstract and past. If there is one link that we can touch in order to cut that chain, it is the living individual link.

My later research work followed  that realization. The research question was directly this: "How exactly do normal people manage to justify in their own eyes, and that means inside their hearts and minds, even the most fantastically erroneous ideas about other humans; and the most inhuman acts of mass-destruction - without running into an intolerable Cognitive Dissonance with their own highest values of Sanity, Truth, Morality, Justice?".

And I found the answer. The answer, my friends, is no longer blowing in the wind. It is Blind Areas on one's cognitive map of social orientation. Blind Areas make self-justification possible by DEHUMANIZATION of both self and others who are by that excluded from one's moral consideration. Without Blind Areas it would  be impossible.

And frankly, I did not invent the Blind Areas. They are the clear symptoms by which Dehumanization can be identified and diagnosed as accurately or more than any mental disorder. Blind Areas in the thinking and expression of war-oriented people and their leaders are as inseparable from the horrors of war as guns and bombs. So I believe any conscientious person needs to look into that Reality close-up before they make their judgment of my discovery.

This I see as the strongest argument in my plea for your attention.  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.

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Dear MGB - thank you for your interest, but how? How would you follow my work unless it is published in English, or unless you'd wish to follow it by asking for additional materials that I can send to you. Regards, Olek

Dear Olek,

My apologies, I was unaware that you were not publishing in English.  Regardless, I would like to take a closer look at your work to see if it may fit (or even give rise to) a developing theory of why educated practitioners, during times of war, abandon their deep seated bioethics, and in the name of the state perform atrocities (liken the genocide of WW II and Bosnia), that they would otherwise reject.  Blind Area theory may hold some answers.





I could have understand few of your ideas but not as whole I will try to down load the video for understanding your notion regarding the theory you have presented and worked and experienced on that. Sir want to share that I am an normal NGO Worker despite of that I have I am keen to understand psychological matters, but do not have lot of knowledge of psychology. Hope after finding an association with your work hope that will be a support in my work , working with communities. 

would you sir extend your support for understanding the things 



Dear Nasir, I am sending you a Power-point presentation. I hope it helps you to understand, as you have written, what causes people be prejudiced, hate and kill people of other nations, tribes or any "others" without realizing they are wrong and commit crimes. And how we can help preventing that kind of believing.

Warm regards, Olek 

Hello Olek,

Its great that you have this passion of sharing your works collaboratively. I work with the youth and the community in Rwanda- many Rwandans have gone an almost similar experience as you did. Sharing these transformative life experiences is critical to healing.

I look forward to sharing more of these works. Let me take some times to read and understand before we have a deeper conversation.

Thank you

Thank you, I am looking forward to it. I am attaching a Power-point presentation that could be helpful in working with youth. Warm Regards, Olek


Dear Olek,

I a Rwandan and am finalizing a masters degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid but again am a professional mental health counselor. Besides, I have strong interest in peace and so far I managed to recieve trainings in conflict analysis, Negotiation and  conflict management, and interfaith conflict management from USIP (United States Intitute of Peace). True and true, humanistic approaches of settling conflicts (wars) have lost a place in today 's politics.  From my recent observations measures that are being used to settled sociopolitical crises throughout the world are dehumanizing in nature and that is why international community is sticking on coercive diplomacy instead of settling all conflict/crisis using negotiation.

So, I am quite excited of your theory, as it aims at addressing the root causes of dehumanizing array of "things" that are dominating today's sociopolitical world, if it can gain attention from scholars and profesionals, am sure it can be of great help in giving another way of solving conflicts in more humanistic approach than before.

However, I would like to share this theory either through teaching or discussion with my students and my coleagues (lecturers). Getting a copy from you will help me to practically approch them with something substential in hands.

Also am doing a work on "Impact of Governance for Development, Global security and Peace". I would enjoy to quote your theory in it. Please let me know if you can send me the copy and I would like you permit me to distribute it using all means I can, so as it can reach as many people as possible.

Thank you and I strongly embrace your endless efforts committed to peace

Dear Raphael, thank you for the good words.

You wrote, that if my work can gain attention from scholars and profesionals, it can be of great help in giving another way of solving conflicts in more humanistic approach. I naturally believe it too and I am making utmost efforts to gain that "attention from scholars and professionals". For example, you mentioned receiving training from USIP; I had sent my materials and calls for collaboration, and my theory as a contribution to some top professors at USIP - to no avail. They don't evern bother answering. If you have any influence there, I'd be happy if you'd try to use it on my behalf...

You wrote you would like to share this theory, please do freely, no rights reserved. I don't seek anything for myself, all I want is to see in my lifetime my works being used by able persons like you who have the means to apply them.

Finally, there is no one copy of my work. There is a book I translated myself into my sub-standard English, the one for the publication of which in English or in your  language I call for a partership. There are some academic articles and a Power-point presentation. I am attaching here the Power-point presentation and the analytical-diagnostic tool that is a list of symptoms of Dehumanization called Dehumanization Syndrome. I hope it'd be helpful to you. I can also send the manuscript if you requested, but please let us take our communication from here to my e-mail, olek.netzer134@gmail.com

Warm Regards, Olek    



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