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Hello, I'm Olek Netzer.  In the field of Peace and War studies I discovered Blind Areas in social cognition, without which self-justification of dehumanized attitudes would be impossible. This discovery could Change the World of conflict. I was able to make it taking the Direct Causation Approach, in contrast to the predominant Multiple Causation Approach. My psychological Theory of Dehumanization is radically different in approach and application from the established practices in the field. As and I am an independent researcher-innovator, with no backing of an academic institution, I need your interest and help in making my theory and practices known and accepted in the field and the world.  

This is the link to a 5-minute video presentation of my theory and myself:

http://youtu.be/vHZnLe5w8Pw   .  Follows a transcript of it.

My hand is extended to you for collaboration and partnershipOlek Netzer



Recorded on October 26, 2011


Hello, I'm Olek Netzer.  In the field of Peace and War studies I discovered Blind Areas in social cognition, without which self-justification of dehumanized attitudes would be impossible. This discovery could Change the World of conflict. I was able to make it taking the Direct Causation Approach, in contrast to the predominant Multiple Causation Approach.

The Direct Causation Approach is the approach of any natural science.  What would be the chances of survival for people infected with AIDS if researchers were satisfied with discovering the indirect causes, like infection through sexual contact, poor sanitation, poor nutrition, polluted environment etc.?  The chances of HEALING PEOPLE depend on focusing research on the Direct Causes, the virus or whatever it is INSIDE the person's organism that ruins the immunization system.  Why didn't Social Science take that approach to socially spread contagious diseases like Fanaticism and Racism? –      I had to struggle with the embarrassing notion "why me"? Why do I have to reinvent that wheel? – So I feel I need to tell you how it occurred to me that the Direct Causation Approach must be followed if we ever want to help healing Sociopolitical epidemics.

I happen to be a Holocaust survivor, the only one of my family. That childhood experience set me on my course to oppose racism and prejudice, so that such things will never happen again to anyone. However I adopted the Direct Causation Approach many years later, as a result of a war trauma. Again I was the only survivor, in an army ambulance hit by a missile. My fellows were torn to pieces around me, on me, and even in me.  I realized that I won't be able to get out of that trauma and live-on, unless I make sense of it and understand, but really understand, why that happened to us that afternoon. I got over my trauma when the Real Cause, with a capital R, presented itself in my mind. The Real Cause was the Syrian gunner on the other side who received an order to shoot, aimed well and pulled the trigger. If he did not want to hit his target he could have not to.

It was a total turnaround  of my earlier learned concepts about the causes of wars. And I never doubted it since, that the Real cause of wars are warriors. The links in the endless chain of causation leading to wars are  all abstract and past. If there is one link that we can touch in order to cut that chain, it is the living individual link.

My later research work followed  that realization. The research question was directly this: "How exactly do normal people manage to justify in their own eyes, and that means inside their hearts and minds, even the most fantastically erroneous ideas about other humans; and the most inhuman acts of mass-destruction - without running into an intolerable Cognitive Dissonance with their own highest values of Sanity, Truth, Morality, Justice?".

And I found the answer. The answer, my friends, is no longer blowing in the wind. It is Blind Areas on one's cognitive map of social orientation. Blind Areas make self-justification possible by DEHUMANIZATION of both self and others who are by that excluded from one's moral consideration. Without Blind Areas it would  be impossible.

And frankly, I did not invent the Blind Areas. They are the clear symptoms by which Dehumanization can be identified and diagnosed as accurately or more than any mental disorder. Blind Areas in the thinking and expression of war-oriented people and their leaders are as inseparable from the horrors of war as guns and bombs. So I believe any conscientious person needs to look into that Reality close-up before they make their judgment of my discovery.

This I see as the strongest argument in my plea for your attention.  THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.

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Dear Sir,

This is intresting. am a graduate student in peace and conflict trasformation. the common thinking here is that its difficult to determine  a cause-effect relationship in most social phenomena. your argument  changes all this, would like to follow the discussion.


Thank you. If you'd want to learn more about it or to apply it in your life studying or teaching I shall be happy to send you written materials - Olek (please call me by my first name)

Dear Olek,

     Your insights are thoughtful and relevant to everyday life.

     We imagine you will be quite interested in the insights of Nigerian educator Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba in the new, 2012 grassroots documentary film:


DIALOGUE IN NIGERIA: Muslims & Christians Creating Their Future



He speaks of roots causes, and cause-and effect of the disease he defines as worse than HIV/AIDS in West Africa,


He calls it HRV -- Human Relationship Definciency Virus, in todays world crippled by a "Poverty of Relationships" that lead to the ignorance and fear at the base of wars at home and beyond.


The 65-minute film is rich with graphics about this, and is available cost-free on DVD and also streaming online, linked from http://traubman.igc.org/vidnigeria.htm


Could you send me a copy? my email is msafirimsedi@gmail.com 

Postal Address: p.O.Box 984Mwanza Tanzania

I am interested to know in detail about HRV I wonder infact


Dear Olek

First of all, I salute to the courage you have shown in coming out of the trauma, and all that brings meaningful life for you to contribute towards this cause. Your theory is fresh air to peace work which requires plethora of disciplines in convincing those two warriors each on one side not to shoot.

Dehumanizing seems a difficult task to address and would require number of experiments to overcome. I would love to help you out where field work is required in my part of the world.

It will be interesting to keep in touch and follow your thread here and work elsewhere. Best of luck to you and all best wishes for your noble work!

Peace and regards!


Dear Arif, thank you with all my heart for your good words.

To convince those two warriors not to shoot, or better, to convince their leaders that there are better ways than giving orders to shoot for solving their differences, as their adversaries are as human as themselve - the most immediate application of the Theory of Dehumanization is in Education, if you are a teacher, or in university teaching, and publishing. If you'd be interested in any avenue of application in your life I shall be happy to send you written materials and then consult with you. I attach a short (500 words) paper about application in Education.

But please, I believe you could help in healing Dehumanization by first helping my message to reach the hands of people you know, who'd have the means and the will to apply it. I personally am in a position of one who has the formula and the blueprints but not the means to produce the medicine.   In affinity, Olek  


    Oh Olek your initiatives is interesting am a degree law student from a war affected Northern Uganda i need collaboration in field of education.god bless u and your work.

Dear ODA - thank you for your good words and your interest. Please help my message reach the hands of people who might be interested and could use it. I am attaching a short paper about ways of application of my Theory of Dehumanization. Best regards, Olek.


Dear Olek Netzer, your theory is interesting am I am a Sociologist from Tanzania i need to learn more on your theory since at university I majored in the subject of Conflict management and Transformation, I believe I will learn some new insights from your theory, in case you are able to send me more materials on this you can use my email: msafirimsedi@gmail.com 

It seems your ideas contain some religious perspectives? I am I okay, how can we help those whose heart of humanity is no longer in their mind they count a fellow human like a tree or animal and they can do this without any kind of thinking that it is dehumanization, putting into consideration those who use marijuana to change their mind from human to beast!! I am not sure if your getting my point? 

I am tired of secular humanist theories which are taking this world into just On & Off Human Beings in this advanced technological life. Olek and my religious perspectives are at odd still I have interest in his work because we can have a dialogue. New religions like secularism, 20th century humanism, liberalism and science actually are dogmatic and believe in monologues. And two monologues do not create a dialogue. It is sick to see that they will take this world into a place where less ethics and morals switch it Off entirely.

Dear Arif - you sent me that feedback "Your theory is fresh air to peace work which requires plethora of disciplines…" and then you write that you are tired of secular humanist theories. You come across a very conflicted person, and your confession that you are "sick to see" where my values - humanism, liberalism and science - will take this world is certainly not an invitation to a dialogue. Before saying final good-bye to you, I sincerely wish to help you clarify your views and feelings. Ask yourself with regard to each one of your statements, which are sweeping generalizations, "what in realilty I am talking about?". Secularism, 20th century humanism... "are dogmatic and believe in monologues"... Who in reality are you talking about? Have you ever met a secular humanist who said he or she believed in monologues? etc.  To me you talk as one who truly doesn't know what he is talking about, and that what dogmatism means. Please, do not reply at least for the next 3 months - Olek.

Dear Olek,

Your theory may have implication in my area of study as well, Bioethics.  I have expanded my interests from bioethics in general healthcare to bioethics as it relates to peace and the reverse, genocide.  What transforms previously caring medical practitioners into some of the most notoriously evil figures in history?  Your theory may give insights; therefore I will follow your work.


M. G. Bound


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