Emily Hiatt, WFAC Advocacy Consultant, has worked in politics for several years, including the Office of Global Communications at The White House, and also U.S. Congress, CNN, and in international affairs. She currently works in healthcare policy.

Emily is a 'lobbyist by trade', and has kindly offered to help with policy analysis and advocacy in the US and the rest of the world.

She is helping to organise a Women for a Change survey to find out the main issues affecting women across the world. Do tell us what your major concern is, This is the beginning of a wider project to help create platforms for change.

The bigger response to this survey the more effective it will be.
So this discussion is addressed to all women on the Business Fights Poverty network:
You are invited to leave a comment here to let us know what your #1 issue is...

The WFAC International Foundation is an NGO registered in the UK.

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i would like to contribute to this particular issue.HIV and AIDS and reproductive health diseases are among the issue affecting women especially in the african continent.In the African society women are charged with major issues in ensuring the success of a family and with the mentioned challenges its very difficult to make it work for the women.
if the HIV and AIDS issues can be properly addressed then the difference can be experienced to greater margins.
Effect of the climate change on women especially those in a Post conlict setting.
the mostly affected members of the community are women, after being in the internally displaced camp for more than 20 years, returned home and cultivated food for their families but the long drought affted them the most, they do not have food for their families, others have died, while others eat poisous food and engaged in prostituion which is a risk to their health and for the family welbeing.
Women in detention facilities are facing very harsh conditions. Am wondering whether the right of a woman ceases when she enters prison. A woman gave birth in prison and was denied bond so that she could go and deliver. I would like to talk about women's rights, when do they start and when do they end? Women are still been discrminated based on their biological make up.
My major concern is the continued exclusion of women from roles of religious authority. Women are excluded from ordained ministry in the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and other Christian churches. The same happens in other monotheistic religions such as Judaism and Islam. In fact, the pattern of male domination is common to most religions worldwide. My concern is that this has a nefarious social impact and inhibits human development psychologically and spiritually. I believe in my heart that this is not what God desires.
Very much agreed, indeed!
Thomas Sankara once said; 'may my eyes never see & feets never take me to that society where half the people are heard in silence....'
amazing! now is the time where women have to speak up in the face of human greed, not like one who attended beijing but like one who knows what she worth.

any way, in relation to my nimber one issue; i am a young woman who do her best to bring out the best for the welbeing of our society, so how, to an extend my greatest problem comes from religion & customs which seem to be influencing some state decisions thus creating a gender bias atmosphere.

The fear of men towards feminist women! instead of encouraging women to come up, women are not allowed to speak up and raise their voice that has been silent for decades and decades..why can't educated men or intellectual lot men understand the plight of many women who have been kept in the dark for so long.. we educated women speak for ourself and for others, who don't hav access or opportunities to raise their voice, even if they want to... We know that if educated or intellectual lot of men start supporting in raising women's voice, issues and concerns, then there could be effective change within the society.. without changing the mindset of patriarchal society, it's very difficult for women to come up.. men should know that we are not fighting against them...we love them and we need them! but we are fighting against the gender inequality that has shattered many lives of women...
Reply by Mugisho Ndabuli Theophile. Indeed, this is a good initiative to motivate women for change because majority of them are still unaware of their capacity fossilised in their brains. They need strong and sustained support as to spring up for self development. To this my main issue is to see all the women of the world be involved in different sectors of development because there is no development if some categories of people step forward while others are left behind the wall. But any change must first come from the concerned individual because any supporters will need to build on the individual's own effort and thus propel them. Women have to be confident, trustworthy and committed to change. Thus the fire will burn higher if each of us without exception and segregation is involved courageously to its making.


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