Call for Abstracts: Women Steering Innovative Leadership in Africa Conference 2013, Urgent Action Fund-Africa, Deadline May 31

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Call for abstracts: Women Steering Innovative Leadership in Africa conference 2013

Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa) and its partners are convening the inaugural Women Steering Innovative Leadership in Africa International Conference, scheduled to be held in September 2013.

The conference objectives are:
  • To contribute towards the development of a new generation of transformative and visionary leaders in Africa;
  • To appreciate the multifaceted meaning of leadership and the roles and responsibilities of transformative leaders;
  • To examine successful models of leadership and adapt them for the revitalization of the African women’s movement;
  • To enable cross generational learning through the interaction of young leaders and selected current successful and experienced leaders;
  • To make the link between gender equality, good governance, and sustainable development.
The conference is intended to contribute towards the development of a cadre of well rounded, visionary and gender sensitive leaders who are able to engage comfortably in and influence issues of national, regional, or international nature. The conference aims to bridge the gap that obstructs women’s integration into leadership, contribute to the process of bringing gender equality issues to the centre of national priorities, and build on the expertise of African women to impact on significant social, political and economic issues affecting communities and nations. Conference participants will include leaders from different sectors of the economy, including the media, the corporate sector, policy makers and influencers, the arts, traditional leaders, entrepreneurs, the faith-based realm, political actors, civil society actors, and academia. The forum will be fully representative and include men and members of marginalized communities such as persons living with disabilities and other groups.
Call for Abstracts
Urgent Action Fund-Africa and its partners invite relevant and interested organisations or individuals to prepare and provide abstracts based on the following themes:
  1. The “Moment”

This paper should explore contemporary issues obtaining in Africa today, focusing on poignant socio-political, economic and cultural perspectives whilst pointing out the opportunities and challenges facing the continent. It should examine the status of leadership on the continent and map out development actors and initiatives that are seeking to address the leadership quagmire Africa is struggling with.

  1. Leadership in Africa

The paper should focus on the type of leadership Africa needs today, ensuring that issues such as gender sensitivity, shared and inclusive leadership and re-orientation of current experienced leadership are included. Emerging, innovative and forward thinking leadership training methodologies should be explored.

  1. Women’s Leadership

This paper should explore ways of giving visibility to women’s leadership, costing and valuing women’s contribution as well as leadership in the women’s movement. It should analyse the challenges facing women’s leadership and suggest a way forward towards transformative leadership for women.

  1. Nurturing New Leadership (Special Session)

This paper should focus on the essential elements for transformational youth leadership. It should focus on mentoring and nurturing the youth into a leadership that will create a continent with sustainable resources, and address current issues facing youth in Africa, including unemployment, HIV/AIDS, involvement in social unrest, and high drug use amongst others.

  1. Private Sector Leadership

The private sector is often touted as one of the key drivers of economies. This paper should examine what facets of private sector leadership makes it successful, highlighting lessons that can be learnt and adopted to invigorate women’s leadership on the African continent and how we can take advantage of prospective partnerships, philanthropy and the private sector’s support of transformative leadership. Successful private leaders contributing to the development of Africa should be showcased including successful entrepreneurs who exhibit the type of leadership Africa needs.

  1. Ethics and Values of Transformational Leaders

Researchers have conducted some comparative studies about leadership in various countries but more is needed in Africa to enhance understanding of how leadership is transformed from social, political and cultural perspectives. This paper should examine the state of ethics and values among leaders today, explore the concept of leadership management in African communities and the impact of transformational leadership in varying cultural, political and social contexts, stating the expected outcomes of a transformed leadership in terms of ethics and values.

Submission Guidelines
  • Abstracts should address current issues with a special focus on the main themes of the Conference
  • Each abstract author is allowed to submit a maximum number of two abstracts as presenting author but can be co-author in more than two abstracts
  • All abstracts must be submitted online. Upon completion of submission, you will receive a confirmation of receipt
  • Abstracts should be no more than 300 words in length and written in English
Schedule for Submissions
The deadline for submission of papers is 31st May 2013 and all papers must be submitted in electronic form in MS Word format to info(at) written in English and prepared and submitted according to the guidelines posted on
Deadline for submission of Abstracts 31st May 2013
Presenter Notification 1st July 2013
For further details, please contact Ms Nerida Nthamburi of Urgent Action Fund-Africa:
Telephone: +254 732 5777 560

Urgent Action Fund-Africa is a consciously feminist and women's human rights Pan African Fund established in 2001. As the first rapid response fund in the continent, UAF-Africa adds value to the work of activists and civil society organisations focusing on women's active socio-political participation and visibility by leveraging resources and opportunities for critical engagement that advance women's human rights.

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