The Alliance for International Education invites YOU to Submit your proposal on human rights education, peace education, teaching tolerance, and international education. The conference is July 5-7 in Melbourne, Australia.

Feel free to contact me (Cheryl Duckworth) with any questions.

Visit this link for complete information

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Dear Cheryl,
Have you any travel grants?
Good luck,
Petru Botnaru
Hi! Ali, yes, the deadline has been extended until Feb. Botnaru, we alas do not have travel grants that I know of (I will double check).

I hope this answers your questions. If not, please post back or feel free to email at

Warm regards,
Of course!
Hi Cheryl, would love to do this, but, alas, don't think I could make it to Australia. So sorry. I'm sure it will be a great conference.
Warm regards and Happy Holidays,
No worries, Carolyne! It's a long journey, I know. :)
Hello Cheril,
Any possibility yo have participants from Morocco?
Thanks a lot.

Dear Younes,

Proposals are welcomed from Morocco, indeed! Please do submit a proposal and we'll see you in Melbourne!
Hi Cheryl,

I wonder if you had participants from Iraq to your meetings. It would be interested to know who managed to reach your end and how did they benefit from such wonderful apportunities.

Hi Hala! I may misunderstand, but to be clear, the meetings and the conference have not happened yet. It is a wonderful opportunity indeed, and we'd love to hear from a participant from Iraq, so do submit your proposal!

Warm regards,
Hi Cheryl, I have just read your announcement and hope to send my proposal very soon.

Thank you,
Wonderful news, Abdulai! I look forward to it!
Hello Cheryl,
The conference is wonderful idea because its will give us opportunity to share experiences and ideas, also learn new innovation. Is there any grant or scholarship opportunity for participants. I hope the invitation letter is strong enough because I learnt that the Australian visa is difficult to get so how do you tackle this?
Anusi Doris


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