They promote democracy but not if it brings Islamic fundamentalists to power… They call our states rogue /undemocratic states when it comes to human rights violations but violations are tolerated under the umbrella of supporting self-determination and freedom… They are watching when their intervention is needed but intervening when watching is better… They preach non-proliferation in Iran but not in Israel… They massively repulsed aggression against oil owning Kuwaitis in the 90s but not against non-owning oil Bosnians… They consider Afghanistan the way is ruled by Taliban a threat but not Saudi Arabia the way is ruled by monarchy…
They call us the south, the underdeveloped but who is exploiting, our resources and our countries -with the consent of our governments-? … They call our religion-Islam- a violent and hostile faith, since 9/11 attacks. Did the revolution in Tunisia-99% Muslims- showed you how Muslims topple dictators using civil disobedience and non-violent resistance? Maybe you should deeply read the Quran and learn that peace is a cornerstone of our religion and values… They call our culture a backward culture...  Maybe you should read history to know that  women, in Tunisia, have voted while women in the US were still struggling for that right…We are Tunisia not Indonesia... we drive cars not camels... whatever backward means to you, try to find us on the map first.

They even call our revolution-Tunisia’s revolution-, the Jasmine Revolution. Excuse me; we call it the Revolution of Dignity!
They call people dying for freedom in the Arab region “the Arab Spring”. Did you really understand why Bouzizi set himself on fire? Are you really aware of how many bouzizs exist in the world? … They have even published a book entitled The Arab Awakening. When will you stop using words of propaganda and start calling things by their names? 
They decide from now and then to add a country to what they call "the Middle East". Then, they call this Middle East the "conflict zone". I wonder who made it a conflict zone! Who have established the state of Israel at the expense of Palestinians? 
And… they call us the uncivilized…
Mr. the civilized,
Let’s explore together what the states, which are classified as the developed, the North, the democratic and the civilized are doing,

To read the full article:

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Dear Emi,

you wrote very much right but they all are sleeping and they can only see their own interests i mean the shiekhs of SA. I personally visited to war zone for many times and also remained in Taliban captivity in 2006 in Afghanistan, but i cant forget the behavior they did us , they gave us respect and honor but when i was covering story on ground realities of Afghanistan so they felt me in intelligence cell with out any reason, and after on the time of releasing by the Afghan Government they told me that we dont like to any story about the common people living standard and developments works by NATO, because there was no any development work on going. 

  i would like to have your email and messenger ....and we can share stories  

qamaryousafzai yahoo messenger

phone +92-333-7817511

Qamar Yousafzai

Editor Daily Islamabad times

Islamabad -Pakistan

Thank you Qamar for sharing your thoughts

Have you read the full article? you can find all my contacts on my blog

Dear Emi

I am sorry for late reply as i was away from my home town, i am requesting to send me yours Skype ID and Yahoo messenger ,,,,

than it will easy for communication



( Qamar Yousafzai)

Isalamabad -Pakistan


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