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Country Conflict Analysts to perform desk studies (work remotely)

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Cure Violence (formerly CeaseFire Chicago) is an international non-governmental organization working to interrupt and stop the spread of violence using disease control and public health methods that have been used by the World Health Organization and other organizations to address AIDS, cholera, diarrhea, and other leading causes of death in the world. The Cure Violence Strategy has three core activities that work in concert to disrupt the transmission and reduce the prevalence of violence in a community. These activities are interrupt transmission; identify and change the thinking of highest risk transmitters; and changing group norms. Additionally, data and monitoring are used at all levels to measure and provide constant feedback to the system.

The Cure Violence Public Health Strategy has been successfully applied to violent communities throughout Chicago and has been adopted in several other cities in the United States as well as in other countries including Iraq and South Africa. The approach is designed to shift community norms away from treating violence as an acceptable behavior and instead use these norms and social pressure to stop violence before it occurs.  Each replication of the model is specifically adapted to address the type and level of violence and to take into consideration the cultural, political, social, and other aspects of the local situation.   


Cure Violence seeks to identify experts to produce country analyses based on existing and available documents and the expert’s existing network within the country in question.  These country analyses would be used to help understand the local dynamics that influence or drive violence (type of violence, key parties involved, key individuals within these parties, key individuals who can reach those involved in the violence, historical/cultural/political context, potential sources of information on violent events, potential partners for working to interrupt the spread of violence) in all countries where there are high levels of violence.   A detailed understanding of the local situation and large network of personal contacts will be required to carry out this research properly.

These studies will be an important part of Cure Violence’s adaptation of the methodology to address the specific situation in each country.  While we are interested in hearing from experts for any country experiencing high levels of violence, we are particularly focused at the moment on expanding our work in the Middle East and North Africa and Central and South America.


The desired output would be a report, in Word format, no more than 25 pages in length, providing a detailed review of the local dynamics that influence or drive the violence in a particular country. 



The consultant will undertake desk research from his or her home office.   



This consultancy is expected to take up to a maximum of twelve consultancy days from time of engagement.  At this time, Cure Violence is collecting statements of interest from potential experts in order to have a roster of experts available for short-term consultancies as and when the opportunity arises. 


Application procedure

Interested candidates should submit the following to jobs_cureviolencedc(at)


  1. Expression of Interest in the form of a letter (no more than 2 pages) outlining their relevant experience, suitability for the consultancy, and countries of interest;
  2. resume;
  3. Expected fee (expressed as a daily rate) justified by previous earnings;
  4. Contact information for two references for similar work.

NOTE: All materials should be submitted IN ENGLISH. 

The closing date for applications is Friday, 28 February 2013.


For more information about Cure Violence, please visit our website:


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Kindly let me know if it is okay for me to apply this research consultancy and work from my home in Nigeria.

Thank you!



Hi - yes, absolutely.  Right now we do not have any specific plans to work in Nigeria but that could change any day and we'll need to have someone that we can turn to for this type of research.  Thanks for your interest!


I was wondering if Afghanistan is a part of this project.How can I get to you?


Hi - We are interested in collecting resumes and references from anyone who thinks they could do this type of research for us.  This is all in preparation for future funding opportunities, not something specific right now.  So, yes, Afghanistan could well be a focus country.  The application instructions including email to send everything to is included in the posting. Thanks!  

Hi Karen,

I'm Syrian who lives in Brazil. Both countries are currently under violence circumstances.

I wonder if I could do this or that. I reported many cases in Syria as my part of work with Global Voices Online, is it applicable to your request?


Hi Rami - Yes, absolutely.  We may have something in both countries relatively soon.  Please submit your information per the instructions.  Thanks for your interest!


Hi would you be interested in Zambia, ( southern africa)? the violence here is during elections but the rest of the time its reletively peaceful....


Hi Maria - thanks for your interest.  We are interested in building a network of consultants who can help with this particular type of research.  If you feel that you could help us understand better the situation related to violence in Zambia (even if it is election related as in Kenya), we'd like to hear from you.  Then, if/when we have the opportunity to do something in Zambia (in this case), we already would have a contact.  

Hello Karen,

Attached please find my CV for Afghanistan.



Hi Archiwal - nothing attached but more importantly, please follow the instructions for applying and send everything to  thanks!

Thanks for the responce Karen.

i do feel this type of violence deserves some research as most violence occurs during and after elections, due to several factors...i would be more than willing to carrry out this research.... elections are around the corner in Kenya and i am sure we can all remember how that went the last time!

Hi there, I am researching on the program focus on education and training against violence in the community based in Asia and Pacific. I am interesitng in the work. I can cover the story of varieties in violence in Korea. 


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